Willie Hantz Kicked Off Big Brother 14

Contestant expelled after production halts Live Feeds

Willie Hantz Kicked Off Big Brother 14

It's been a crazy week on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds and things just got crazier. Willie Hantz is no longer in the Big Brother game.

Earlier today Willie was going a little crazy on the Live Feeds and he was threatening people and saying he wanted to get thrown out of the game. The feeds cut out and were down for several hours.

(Game Spoilers Ahead) When they returned around 7:56 PM BBT, it was confirmed that Willie was gone. Britney, JoJo and Shane were talking in the HN room and Shane said that after Thursday, Britney would be down to one player. That means JoJo and Shane were put on the block and Willie is gone.

From a conversation Mike Boogie was having with Frank on the Live Feeds, Willie got his wish and was expelled from the game.

“Everone is so on edge about Willie, and the getting kicked out and stuff, we would've been playing with fire,” Boogie said.

Willie's departure leaves only 9 new house guests and a whole lot of weeks left in the game. It will be interesting to see what production does to make up for the fact that four house guests will be gone by the end of the second week of production. Find out what Willie did to get expelled here.

No one has had quite the exit from the Big Brother game since Chima Simone in Season 11.

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What do you think of Willie's exit? What do you think production will do? Comment below with any new info and we'll update thi




  • http://twitter.com/brian25j Brian

    Even if you had the feeds, you wouldn’t have saw most of the drama since they cut away. Like most of the fun stuff, we don’t get to see the event; only the aftermath.

    • BeReal

      This whole season SUCKS….. Why the hell have coaches???? STUPID….. They already had there seasons….. It’s messed up to have groups. Let the NEW people have there season. ENOUGH with bringing back the old people…. Tired of it…. Not fair to the new people…. This is the worst season, ever………

    • Moonie

      Thats one of the reasons I never order the seasons. Since i’m already a Showtime subscriber, Big Brother After Dark, and reading the Live Feed recaps is enough for me. Heck, even with BBAD, we get to see some things that the feed subscribers don’t.

      As for Willie being kicked out…I believe the man just made it to his breaking point. After he had been lied on in the house, and then having CoachBritney being so hard on him…he just couldn’t handle it.

  • http://twitter.com/jordguitar jordguitar

    We should be getting Kara back.

    • Tra

      Jodi definitely deserves to return to the game. Kara could return as well, but atleast this time she needs to act like she really wants to be there, and campaign for herself. But I still say out of all the new contestants, Jodi got the raw deal, all because TPTB wanted to bring back previous players.

  • http://twitter.com/TheReallyRick ReallyRick

    The HG’s confirmed that Willie head-butted Joe 4 times.

    • Gayle

      I don’t condone violence, but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person! Wait until Willie sees what all was being said about him, and all the things he was accused of saying and doing!!

      • Yep

        It’s a game…people lie and say that other said things when they didn’t…that deserves yelling or getting nominated…not getting physical attacks!!! I suggest that you joke real life and break away from the tv!!!

        • Anne32612004

          Well…people should realize when they lie and say things that aren’t true there are consequenses. LOL I hope he got four really GOOD headbutts in. I would PAY TO HAVE SEEN it. Joe is a DOUCHEBAG! Couldn’t happen to a NICER guy. LOL NOW…….can I PAY to see it?????

          • Gammie Hamm

            That’s just it Anne. People DO pay to see it, but they DON’T get to see it BECAUSE CBS CUTS THE FEEDS.

          • TraLa

            The thing is, when it comes to lies….if its game related i’m sure a person won’t be so upset. But Willie felt his credibility as a person was being stepped on when they said he mocked Wil. I saw the video of his supposed mocking, and he didn’t make fun of Wil, because he was gay. The main thing he was saying was that Wil said he didn’t want to talk about the game, but minutes later would be seen having game talk. I didn’t find that offensive in the least bit. Willie was just an easy target.

        • Nek54

          Just because its a game is no reason to lie and slander someones name.In my opinion anyone who think its ok probably thinks its ok anytime. Case in point , it was only Willie in the BB house .yet people are putting down Russel and Brandon as well as other members of the Hantz family that were never on a reality show .Tell me how you can justify this and live with it .

    • Poisonivy2828

      and those houseguests never lie…lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

    LOVE IT! But I would much rather have him in the house to cause drama down the line. What a sore loser… BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/islandgurl74 Desiree Sanpere-Padro

    I am hoping neither Shane or Jojo will go this week that BB has something up their sleeve to keep them in the house since 3 players are gone in the first week and ahalf.

    • Mscan24

      I agree Dee. They have to come up with something. Let hope its not another stupid repeat something. Geez I wish they would get a creator :( Reet

  • http://twitter.com/ChelsiaHart Chelsia Hart

    I think this confirms that we will never see the Hantz family back on CBS…

    • Unicornstoy

      I hope not I hope he comes back

      • Divrdwn41

        He was not voted out. He was ejected for physical assault and that dont allow returns. He knew the consequences of his actions and that is why he took them. They wouldnt allow him to quit which he wanted, so he resorted to physical assault which he knew would get him ejected. Afterall, he needed to represent the “Hantz family reputation”

        • Twostepj

          Honestly I was hoping that Willie was going to represent the Hantz family in a new light. At first he was ok, and decidedly my favorite of the new cast. That didn’t last long though. As far as his game play, he was so-so, but as far as his “Hantz-play” well… He was a Hantz.

    • Rose

      One can hope and pray! Bye bye Hantz family

    • Michaelrgiangreco

      lol keep dreaming. Probst is STILL on Russells ass about coming back for another all stars season

      • Anne32612004

        And I for one would watch it!!

    • TruthTeller

      …and I hope this confirms that we will never see any interviews with the Hantz family, taking up any space and wasting everyone’s time on Reality Nation or SuperPass!! Please don’t give these people any more attention.

      • Fanaticy

        Actually Russell was just interviewed yesterday about the whole ‘Frank Argument” and he “of course” had his little crazy brother’s defense. He had the nerve to say that Willie was the only one playing the game. I think Mama Hantz was doing cartwheels while pregnant with them boys!!!!

        • Tasha Savage11

          “with them boys” haha!! Nice English!!!

    • Waywardirish

      As Boogie said….”Maybe it’s time for the Hantz’s to get a new gig…they are now 0 for 5 in reality television”. Perfect!

      • Anne32612004

        Err……Umm……Coming from a piece of SCUM like Mike Boogie I wouldn’t put too much stock in that. I think it’s PRETTY SAFE to say that Russell Hantz has a HELL OF A LOT MORE FANS than “THE BOOGER”.
        LOVE how he loves to “coattail” off of Dr Will on his own claim to fame but the truth be known Mike Boogie is NOT a reality star. Most of us just put up with him BECAUSE of Dr. Will. I LOVE Dr Will. Mike Boogie? uh……NOT so much……

        • Mackielouis20

          Sounds like a disgruntled waitresses remark. hahahaha
          What’s wrong “Anne” ? Didn’t like getting fired?

          • Tiffches

            I agree that Will Kirby was the best to play the gme but it is because he played the game. He told everyone both times that he would lie. He never got HOH or Veto but he played & I loved him & thought he & Boogie made a great team. Mike has a child & does not talk & act like he never stepped inside a school. Plus if Mike gets mad, he does not have a temper fit. The whole Hantz family acts the same way, or the ones we have seen. If they lose, they cry or throw temper fits.
            I would love Boogie & Janelle to hook up. Janelle lost All-stars because she did not listen to Will & Boogie. But she listened to the other girl instead. Mike & Will told her that. Mike did not cause Janelle to lose All stars, Janelle did. If she had listened, it would have been her & Boogie as the final 2. But she decided not to trust Will & Mike.

          • Donna

            Tiffches, you need to re-watch all-stars, then correct your ridiculous statement!

          • Tiffches

            Hi Donna. I watched All-Stars & enjoyed it. I have watched every season since it began. I guess we can disagree. Mike was never my favorite. But to quit before you lose is childish & not worthy of a true Big Brother player. And while I may not agree with you, I will respond to you with respect.
            Best Player ever Will Kirby

          • Mandles

            @Tiffches… I TOTALLY agree w/you on how Janelle did herself in by trusting Erica… I am a fan of Boogie and Will and Janelle should’ve stuck with their plan and voted Erica out, and most likely SHE would have won. I am glad at the end that she didn’t trust them, b/c that led to Boogie winning! YAY! Boog’s & Will are the BEST team in BB history.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/MI4YFAPJNRLF2OYWORTN6INAVY Davidfirst name Chrisner

          Uhmmm., Boogie won Big Brother All-stars. He also had a reality show about his restaurant in LA, the Lemon Basket. He is very well respected in the reality-star circles, unlike the dirty cajun russle…he and his family are TRASH. I know of them in Houston. Nothing but TRASH.

          • AngiesWW

            He only won All Stars because of Dr Will.

          • Mark

            …how he won is beside the point.

          • Kamandi

            To me, that means he was able to work well, get to the final and win the game.

          • Tinabrouss

            You can’t possibly know of them in Houston , they are not from there nor do they live there now!!! And as far as TRASH, you could not be more wrong, Here in the REAL world of REALITY, they are very much LOVED and RESPECTED. Stick to what you really know, REALITY STAR CIRCLES………………

          • Tasha Savage11

            That “trash” has more than you could ever dream of!!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/kurt.ergen Kurt Ergen

          At least when Boogie acts like a loser, it’s because there is a well thought out plan of strategy. He doesn’t go around trowing a childish temper tantrum and irate rant that costs not only him, but 5 other people their chance at $500,000/$100,000. Trust me, Boogie has many more fans for that fact alone.

        • http://www.facebook.com/kurt.ergen Kurt Ergen

          At least when Boogie acts like a loser, it’s because there is a well thought out plan of strategy. He doesn’t go around trowing a childish temper tantrum and irate rant that costs not only him, but 5 other people their chance at $500,000/$100,000. Trust me, Boogie has many more fans for that fact alone.

          • AngiesWW

            You must not of watched All Stars Kurt. Boooger got pissed at Howie and pissed in his water for his medical equipted me. He got in Janelle’s face and called her everything under the sun. Booger can not handle his alcohol, and thru Mike Booger comes out. He hates women and has disrespected the on all prior season. He does through fits…

          • PAAP

            Yes, Mike is a obsequious jacknut at times, and he’s pathetic the other times, too!!

      • Aubrey

        Boogie drives me insane-i cannot stand that man

    • Anne32612004

      I hope you’re not holding your breath! They bring the drama. They’re fun to watch. Sorry….not ALL OF US like to watch a reality show where they all sit around and sing “Kum-Ba-Yah”. LOL

      • RealityNation

        …. maybe if more of you did there would be less hatred and violence in our daily lives.

    • Browneyedgirl959

      Thank the good Lord for that!

    • AngiesWW

      Chelsia, don’t forget how on your season you acted like a slut and threw fits everytime you drank and also sober. I never thought I would see you again on CBS or SuperPass again. But here you are.

    • http://twitter.com/ashleytaylor76 The Dose of Reality

      From your mouth to the head office at CBS. Please, oh, please can we be finished with the Hantz family forever??!!

    • Aubrey

      i have rather enjoyed the hantz family-russell was epic on survivor-makes this reality stuff actually worth watching-boring people(shows) suck

    • Chuckanddenise

      Yes, we will, unfortunately. Brenden Hantz already spoiled the fact that he will be on Survivor Season 27. Enough, already!

      • JLM4175

        I just ran across an article that said Russell & Evil Dick was going to be a team on the next Amazing Race. Anyone else hear this?

    • Chuckanddenise

      Loved Willie, though, I would rather watch him than Russell or Brenden.

  • Shannon Clattenburg

    Nights like these that we should have live feeds? WRONG. The live feeds were cut for hours today, and we didn’t get to see anything. We pay for the live feeds for this kind of behind the scenes action, and then when it does happen, they cut it.

    I wish I never ordered them.

    • Mscan24

      It’s not the feeds fault. It’s CBS and A Grodner that controls it and it SUCKS big time . Feel bad for real networks

    • Josh

      Any form of violence is typically cut off from any live feeds from any version of Big Brother. In the UK, back in 2004, there was a massively violent argument in the BB house that resulted in security coming in to calm the situation; it was infamously known henceforth as “Fight Night.” The live feeds were cut for several hours; this was done to avoid any controversy or fines from Ofcom (the British version of the FCC). I’m pretty sure the feeds were cut for the exact same reason over here.

      • PDAloisi

        but the live feeds are on the internet not live TV. It’s ok for the house guests to drop the F bomb every other word and talk about everything they have ever done sexually but the minute a fight breaks out we loose the feeds. I don’t get it.

        • Bostongirl25

          Excellent point!

        • JohnsAngel

          lol or sex in the house they sure dont cut them for that … but yea i agree if i wanted to only see bits and pieces i wouldnt waste 30 dollars every year …. cbs we want the fightssssssssssssssssss :)

        • Kamandi

          PDA, dont forget everytime person A mentions something about person B did outside the house. Or if Person C says something ‘not related’ to the game and it gets blacked out. I am not happy with how CBS runs this and yes, paying for to watch it at times online. But why do all of the feeds have to go off when they can still be showing a different room where a big argument is not going on. And this taking 7 hours? still does not seem right. CBS needs to not have it go offline so much. Good way to lose viewers instead of getting more to watch as things happen, when in turnwe CAN’t watch as the feeds may be off for 3-5 hrs or more.

        • http://twitter.com/jordguitar jordguitar

          When they did the streams over in the UK it was still on the internet but Ofcom could still fine Channel 4 over it. In the end CBS has to protect their ass and the asses of everyone else in that house and that is why they killed the feeds for 4 hours.

    • Barbnroy

      I agree with that..As soon as Willie started losing it,we had the damn trivia questions and were lied to that the HG’s were playing a game..I would have liked to see the drama–

  • Eeena

    His exit? He was kicked out! As for production they have to do something to make the show prolonged and interesting! If not then glass house will be looking a lot better lol

  • Mhugo

    I’m looking forward to seeing his temper tantrums at kicking doors, throwing pork rhines at Janelle and calling her a c-nt . Heard he yelled at Frank but didn’t catch what

    • Tinker1962

      He headbutted Joe also…

  • gma

    We don’t see competitions, and votes, except for the live eviction. Someone going berserk would not be in their best interest to put out to the public. At the same time the feeds were off they did the nomination ceremony, which we would not normally see either.

    • andreaazure

      I think they might end up showing some kind of footage – probably the verbal parts of the incident. They have with past expulsions. They showed the pg clips from the knife incident on BB2 and showed the whole Chima situation in BB11, although there was no violence or anything, so that one made sense to publicize.

      • Neighmeow10

        Um, have you people been watching and listening to this “Willie” freak? He is a hobo, red-neck, uneducated dumb-as s that never would have made it on the show, if it weren’t for his stupid brother. I think he painted himself a little calmer and less alcoholic in the BB interviews. This guy just couldn’t handle getting evicted the proper way (the way the game is played) Remember this is a social game that has rules. Willie is an alcoholic too and wanted to go drink Vodka in the fu c king hotel room. If they didn’t give it to him, I will bet money he went and got it himself. He talked about drinking Vodka or just talked about getting drunk all the time. LOSER, should have never been let on the show.

        • http://twitter.com/cocopebbles63 PAULA VIRTS

          I love this show but not this year! I wait all year to see what will happen and they keep bring back old people leave them off the show they played the game eighter won or lose leave it at that. I dont like the team thing you can’t get to know all of the players. it realy don’t matter if I WATCH OR NOT THIS YEAR. SO UNHAPPY ABOUT THHIS YEAR

        • andreaazure

          How is your response related to my comment in any way? Lol.

  • http://twitter.com/bbsupergeek bbsupergeek

    BRING BACK KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PDAloisi

      Kara has to be the most forgetable player I’ve ever seen in all 14 seasons of BB

      • erinnyc

        I keep forgetting about Shane, and he is still in the house. So I have to disagree with you on that one.

        • Corndogger

          Boot out Shane as well but keep in Danielle. It sucks that they didn’t sequester Jodi as she actually wanted to play the game and is a fan. :-(

          • TraLa

            I agree! She was so disappointed about being booted, before a real chance at playing the game. If they’re going to bring players back, she should be at the top of the list.

  • feedogg810

    man thats crazy..what are those hantz eating down there….so they should bring that blk lady back that got kicked out first nigt…giver her a chane

  • http://twitter.com/bbsupergeek bbsupergeek

    Bring Back Kara!

  • Sid

    Feeds cut. Chat is still not functioning. Save your money. DON’T buy the feeds!

    • heather0382

      I got the free trial and cancelled in time, but as long as I stay loged in, I still have them. I refuse to close out my last browser I still have them in, but I agree, not worth the money if they cut out everytime something good happens.

  • Shootingstarbeads

    See Ya Fool!

    • BBdaddy

      What I am thinking too

      Only about you, not willie

  • Bhsbandmom

    I hope he kicked Joe’s ass before he left. Smacking Boogie wouldn’t bother me either!!

    • BeReal

      YESSSS….. Boogie is a 50 year old loser, trying to live his youth AGAIN…. Which noone want’s to see…. Seems like this year the houseguests have BABYSITTER’S… aka COACHES……. Sooooo dumb…. They can’t play there own game. So unfair….

      • Tinker1962

        Willie did headbutt Joe and threw porkskins on Janelle…

        • Anne32612004

          Joe deserved a headbutt. LOL Can’t STAND him. And while I’m at it….I NEVER thought I’d say this………….but I’m really not digging Janelle this season. And I was a BIG fan prior. So I can’t manage to squeeze out a tear for the whole porkskins thing. Matter of fact………..had I seen it I would have probably laughed out loud

          • Ohcarriebear

            I was a big Janelle fan as well, but I’m not anymore. I’m also not very happy with Britt. She should’ve kept her mouth shut about the whole key thing and none of this would’ve ever happened.

    • Boneswilson22

      me 2

  • Marie_Oy

    I think Willie got a RAW DEAL !!!!

    • Fanaticy

      IT’S A GAME PEOPLE!!!!!! You can’t go around threatening people and/or putting your hands on them in this forum. Big Brother already gives you total freedom to say just about anything, (minus anything unconstitutional, of course)!!! This game ALLOWS FOR YOU TO LIE…..Willie even said in his pre interview that he planned to do nothing but lie, which should be just fine, if that is how YOU CHOOSE to play YOUR GAME! Hey if you can’t take the heat….get your @ss out the kitchen!

      • RealityNation

        agreed fanaticy! And, since we all know now that this lille boy named willie hantz does not understand that concept, we should not reward him with any type of follow up interviews.

  • http://twitter.com/muddythecat Chris Kelly

    Brittany said it best when she said Willie is from a different culture…

  • Unicornstoy

    He made the show in my book !! He made it exciting !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1512190186 Rosa Maria

    i really liked him and so sad he didn’t know how to keep his cool, so he was expelled and didn’t quit..wow WILLIE I will miss you

    • Anne32612004

      Agree….Let the SNOOZEFEST begin

  • Marie Oyler

    Me to they need to let him come back it’s not far he got a raw deal they all pushed him to it !!

    • TruthTeller

      If you can’t take it, then you don’t belong there in the first place! Little boy willie, can dish it out but can’t man up and take it, which is very typical of men from Louisiana.

      • Browl

        what do you know about the men from louisiana???? nothing like grouping an entire state of people together as all the same. total ignorance.

      • Ohcarriebear

        What was it that he dished out?

      • who dat gal

        Hey back off I am from Louisiana and the men here are not like that. Willie is like his brother a whiner if he doesnt get his way. But you have no right to make a general statement about all men in Louisianna

  • Reedcharissa88

    dont matter if you do have live feeds, i do and they was off for 6 hrs, 24/7 my butt

    • Crzyprncss

      Agreed. I don’t understand why the author said, “Don’t have the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds? Uh, well, you should – nights like these confirm that!” When nights like this only make me wish I hadn’t gotten them. They were blacked out for hours. At least with showtime you get to see SOME of the fight. Today they cut the feeds before anything happened.

      • JT

        Cuz they get paid if you click that link and order!

  • Srandall2

    Live feeds don’t show it all it’s cheaper to just read jokers updates

  • BeReal

    Why are the “coaches” even there???? There trying to run the game… It’s NOT there season….. Get rid of them….

    • BBdcrfan6872

      get rid of them or throw them in the game and make the newbies run for cover haha

  • North407

    feeds suck needed to see that

  • http://twitter.com/spicypants Spicy

    He ruined it for himself!

    • http://twitter.com/ItsJ0E Joe

      Absolutely! No respect for the game.

  • Barbnroy

    I kind of liked Willie at first–thought maybe he was different from Russell and Brandon. oh well.
    Now it looks like he totally lost it.,and is like the rest of his family. I hope CBS stops bringing in Hantz’ family (and Brenchel by the way) into our lives..

    • Gwrey62

      i liked willie until i heard him say he will knock a Ni**er out the N words on showtime when they were in the hoh talking about frank turning the whole house aganist him.

      • BBdcrfan6872

        the dumb thing about his comment was that he made that comment in regards to defending himself against being called out for mocking the guy/girl Will ! i dont think Willie realized it was a racist slur even .

        • JT

          Youre just as bad. Wil is a MAN..not a guygirl…jeez

  • Ogreeley

    At some point the coaches will be players

    • BeReal

      Which is NOT FAIR….. They already had there season…. They are taking away the newbies season….

      • JT

        Plus immunity for weeks…I hate the coach thing..theyve had way too muxh power & influence already..Created ‘forced teams’, decided immunity, have nits & an eviction…Did Cbs do research saying we wantef more returnees including two playing a third time & Brit whos over her head. Boogs disgusting & fame whore wanting to prmote himself & his restaurants

  • Ken Ewan

    I hate they keep bringing back old players. This is going to get me to stop watching the show and live feeds!,,

    • BeReal

      ME TOO…. Can’t stand the old players anymore…. So not fair to the new ones….. Worst season ever…..

    • MoonChild

      That’s what hurts it for the new players. We saw this when a new player was evicted without having a chance to play the game. I’m almost positive that was to benefit a Coach(or two) to join the regular game. These Coaches have become a little too involved with the game, that its taking away from the current players. IMO, they are at a disadvantage based on the way the Coaches have had such influence in their game play. Then they also see that they can’t be put on the block, they can save one of their team members from eviction, and choosing which group becomes HaveNots. Just a little too much control for those that aren’t receiving any real punishment. Anyway, I see this as a way for Big Brother to allow them to eligible to enter the game. Wouldn’t be surprised if they sway the game for one of them to come out the winner.

      It happened last season With Rachel(who had already played the game the prior season) winning the big prize.

  • Guest

    He was throwing pork rinds at janelle and head butting joe a few times. People had to drag him out of the game. Producers ordered a pizza for the house guests and the HNs were allowed to eat it too.

  • Gulfdrafting

    The fact that we never get to see what “production” tells the HG in the DR is enough to know there is nothing “real” about big brother. Take 12-16 simple minded people and let the producers work them into a frenzy and you get big brother… They thought Willie would be cool with having everyone turn on him and I guess Cajuns dont play that…The only person i hate worse than Willie is Joe, why does he always sound drunk???

    • Anne32612004

      Yeah…that’s the thing. On Survivor I get the feeling they really ARE left alone to socialize and work their fellow castmates any way they want. NO tip-offs etc. That is what probably worked in Russells favor.
      And I have NO words of wisdom as to his brothers son who went on the show after. Honestly, if I were Russell I’d have been embarrassed by THAT kids performance. But you can’t really hold Russell accountable for THAT.
      Big Brother is a different game though………Willie would’ve probably been a pretty good player on Survivor or something. But Big Brother is a different beast. The producers manipulate the show in a big way. I’m sure that was more than Willie was expecting or able to put up with
      Allison Grodner has screwed the pooch SOOOOOOOO many times on this show. They took a good concept and have just ruined it every year.
      The “concept” is taking total “STRANGERS” AND PUTTING them in there together. But unfortunately, we don’t get to see that anymore. All we get anymore is total REHASHES of past seasons players playing over AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Ugh……….
      It’s like Big Brother is the stepchild to Survivor……If I were Julie Chen I’d be embarrassed at what this show has become

  • http://twitter.com/SilkAndRain Bee Silk

    I actually think Jodi should come in. Give her a chance to play and give her experience that make having 5 step-kids a breeze.

  • Tinker1962

    We need excitement back in the house..We live feeders didn’t get to see any of the fireworks.24-7 is really 18-7….They are off sooo much…I would have loved to see the headbutt Willie gave Joe..The look on Jani’s face when Willie threw the porkskins on her…LOL…..Loved Willie…

    • Anne32612004

      I liked Jani in her season………………Actually in BOTH of her seasons……she’s proved to be a real idiot so far this time. Makes me wonder if she wasn’t a dumb blonde made to look smart in PAST seasons. I”m not sure. But she sure has been a disappointment this time around. She’s just a “pro” at “getting played”. She starts out playing smart….and then she gets all caught up in the “game” and turns into a blonde dingbat. I just don’t get it.

  • Mike

    Thank you, that’s some of the best news I’ve heard all day :)

  • Chris

    In my opinion they should bring back Jodi since she did not have any chance in the game which I felt was unfair to begin with. They probably will at some time make the coaches players. I had figured after they lost 4 houseguests then the coaches would play, which again I think this is unfair but expect the unexpected! You have to admit that Russell was good on Survivor even tho a lot of people did not like him but he stayed in for quite a while. I am sure Willie is in for a good talking to by Russell because he would have turned the whole house around and stayed in the game!

  • Boneswilson22

    I think from day 1 he was treated bad its not right i hope Jan and wil and Joe gets theres and Boogie they are 2 face 1 in this game

    • Tiffches

      Willie would have done so much better if he told who he was from the bginning. Everyone knew but he denied it. If he said who he was and that he was a different peson, things may have been different.
      Plus if he was going to turn around & tell all the players what Britney told him in confidence, it showed his lack of skill in the game. He should have at least waited until much later in the game.
      But having a temper fit or crying because you are losing does not speak well of game skills or sportsmanship.

  • Ttonton5

    I still say with the right attorney we could sue since its says live 24/7 access inside the BB house. Those trivia questions are not live inside the house! If they dont want use hearing production they could always kill the mics to the live streaming. That goes for during comps also!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tmwalkerm Michelle Walker

      It wouldn’t stand up at all, the fine print in the feeds state that it is up to the show’s discretion as to what to show and not show. You click accept on the terms and conditions, that’s what you get. Sucks, but that’s the way it is.

  • guest

    I think willie got a bit of a raw deal. He tried a few time to get into the diary room, which also there for players to cool off and have someone to talk them thru their frustrations. Production should not have kept him locked out. If he had the chance to go in and cool off, I think it would have turned out different. I think Production was looking forward to the drama and wanted to push Willie.

    • Ruckass0069

      totally agree, he got a way raw deal. Willie took the blame for everything that happened and they all saw that what he did was coming from Britney and Janelle.

  • TXcharmy

    Unless Kara was sequestered, I don’t think she can come back…same thing for Jodi

    • http://www.facebook.com/tmwalkerm Michelle Walker

      Jodi has been tweeting that she’s at home with her family, but there’s a strong possibility that Kara is being sequestered, she’s only done one interview so there’s a good chance, hope so anyway.

  • Bme5628

    Glad Willie is gone. All Hantzes are alike…must run in the family. Wonder why stupid networks keep bringing them back…Do they think we like them? Same with Brendan and Rachel..so sick of them too. Seems like if they want to make TV stars why don’t they use DECENT people.

    • Anne32612004

      Hate to tell you this but the “networks” are constantly polling and receiving feedback. Just because YOU don’t like the “Hantzes” as you put it doesn’t mean that other don’t. I for one LOVE Russell and will watch any show he’s on. As for Brenchel???not so much……but hey, that’s just ME. Obviously there are numbers out there who enjoy them.
      So while “YOU” may not like certain members ………….you may want to keep in mind that the REASON they keep some around is because you are VASTLY ounumbered as far as YOUR opinion is held. Sorry….but that’s a FACT.
      PS….while I cannot STAND “Brenchel”…. absolutely LOVE Russell (minus the other Hantzes”). Sorry if that make me NOT a decent person in YOUR eyes.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MI4YFAPJNRLF2OYWORTN6INAVY Davidfirst name Chrisner

        The Hantzes are known all over Houston as being white-trash. These dirty cajuns need to swim on out of our Bayou City and go back to the swamps in Lousianna.

        • Mo

          Hahahhaha – you said that right, Holy Smokes!! Maybe they’d do better on one of those white trash alligator trapping shows hahahahha! Too funny!

  • Mo

    Russell, I mean Willie should be ashamed of his bad behavior, owes the women an apology for being a pig, and ashamed for carrying on with his blathering nonsensical reasoning and self indulgent ego.
    I hope he not only gets nominated for the boot, but ends up eating slop and sleep on those horrid beds, only to leave the house once an for all. Good riddance.

    • Anne32612004

      What does he owe the women an apology for? Are they supposed to be treated with kid gloves because they’re “WOMEN”??? tHIS IS BIG BROTHER….If they can’t take the heat they need to get the hell out of the house!

      • Mo

        Guess you must be used to that kind of treatment — get help lol

        • Mo

          JoJo has been calling Willie a sociopath repeatedly today so I looked up the definition. Up came this definition for: Antisocial personality disorder.

          It says that it is characterized by at least 3 of the following:
          1. Callous unconcern for the feelings of others.
          2. Gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations.
          3. Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them.
          4. Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence.
          5. Incapacity to experience guilt or to learn from experience.
          6. Markedly prone to blame others or to offer plausible rationalizations for the behavior that has brought the person into conflict.

          By my count Willie has AT LEAST 4 of these characteristics

  • BlessedBB_Fan

    Willie was a good man he was just hot headed. Just like a Hantz..he couldn’t keep his cool. I think they should now bring back Jodi and/or Kara.

  • Ruckass0069

    I love what hypocrites Frank and Booger are, No bullying huh they both have threatened coaches and other players. but Willie trying to convince someone to vote his way is a bully at least he didn’t tell them they had to or else!!!!

  • Anne32612004

    Aw..c’mon! The shows going to be even MORE boring now. I mean……freaking MIKE BOOGIE! What a LOSER…..his ONLY claim to being ANY kind of “player” is riding Dr. Will Kirbys coattails. And WHY does this show keep INSISTING on bringing back FORMER players. It’s getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFREAKING OLD. This is the FIRST season of BB that I’m honestly not much interested in. Same old formula. Get back to what made it GOOD.

    • CBS’s Boston Robber

      I agree, Boogie’s success is all due to Kirby’s exceptional skills, and his arrogance seems to feed into his own love for himself (would that be an ego-mance?). Plus what is up with his clothes? How many people do know who dress up like a rodeo clown?

      • Fifi4u7

        Allstar’s was handed to Boogie. Will even said that he only agreed to come back IF they let Boogie come back too. IF he is that multi-wealthy then why isn’t he living in a mansion and enjoying the finer things in life? As for Willie,he is responsible for his actions as we ALL are BUT if Britney could have just stopped nagging for a few minutes and given the man a break! Geez! Her poor husband must be enjoying the peace and quite! I have never seen any woman NOT let anything go the way she wouldn’t in the bathroom. He kept apologizing, others even rolled their eyes from annoyance……….nag, nag, nag, nag nag! She freaked out and made Willie paranoid which he already was coming into the game being a Hantz anyway! What is it with her and having a man’s attention anyway? Her season she was like this and even as a coach she chooses the best looking male and the most manly looking {Lane} one to be on her team to dote on her. I really enjoyed her humor but this year she is at the bottom of my list!

        • Corndogger

          Sounds like you don’t have the feeds. Willie was going paranoid on his own long before Brit mentioned the possibility of the Coaches coming into the game to play.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MI4YFAPJNRLF2OYWORTN6INAVY Davidfirst name Chrisner

      Booger-boy won Big Brother All-stars. He also had a reality show about his restaurant in LA, the Lemon Basket—isnt that where YOU were FIRED from Anne??

      He may not be very well respected in the reality-star circles, but the dirty cajun russle, well, as we see, he and his family are TRASH. I know of them in Houston. Nothing but TRASH.

      • Anne

        LOL Where in the WORLD would you get the idea that I’ve ever even HEARD about that restaurant (OR that show…..must not have been very popular btw)…….much less ever WORKED or got fired from it.

        & btw WHERE did you get the idea that I even LIVE in LA (I don’t)

        Boogie does NOT have many “fans”….he was creepy on his first “big brother” and the older he gets it just gets worse.

        Yeah….he won “All-Stars”…..but ONLY because Dr Will Kirby practically HANDED it to him in a nicely wrapped package complete with a nice BOW on the top.

        As for Hantz……again……TWICE voted America’s favorite. He’s a GREAT gamer…..and he has the track record with the public to PROVE IT.

        • Waywardirish

          Mike “Boogie” has plenty of fans….

          • Grangerfan_12

            Very much agreed. (:

        • idid donajue

          Anne….we don’t care.

  • Anne32612004

    At least Russell knows how to PLAY people. LOL Obviously his relatives don’t. Before you guys cast stones….PLEASE remember he was America’s FAVORITE 2 years running so you are in the MINORITY on that when it comes to RH

    • CBS’s Boston Robber

      You’re probably right about Russell’s relatives, but we’ll probably never know if they can play or not. Thanks to Russell, they will have gigantic bulls-eye on their backs the second the everyone find out who they are. Even Russell was less successful his second time around.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MI4YFAPJNRLF2OYWORTN6INAVY Davidfirst name Chrisner


  • Anne32612004

    I’d pay GOOD MONEY to see a video of Willie HEADBUTTING Joe! LOL…..And for that matter…Headbutting that pansy FRANK…….OH…..and DOUBLE THE AMOUNT for headbutting BOOGIE!!! LOL
    sERIously……..WILL BOOGIE……………….ugh…..enough already AG

  • Anne32612004

    You WILL see the Hantz family back (at least Russell). Because whether YOU like it or NOT….he’s one of the most popular players to EVER play the game of Survivor. He was TWICE voted America’s Favorite at playing the game. Sorry you can’t “handle” that reality but that IS the truth.

    • idid donajue

      Must be related to them, That’s the only way someone would type the crap that Anne32612004 would type. LOL

  • Anne32612004

    Oh…and while I wasn’t TOTALLY team Willie on Big Brother this year…..I DID like the drama he brought to the BORING show it has become. Sorry….but stomaching another season with Will Boogie is just too much to take. He’s CREEPY. NOT to mention he pretty much SUCKS at playing BB.
    The ONLY way he won “All Stars” was by having the ULTIMATE BB player prcactically HAND HIM the game. Dr. Will is the MASTER of all Big Brother on so many levels. The only thing I DON”T like about him is his friendship with such a creep like Will “Boogie”. ugh….

    • guest

      its mike “boogie”..not will

  • Apjw29

    JOE ARVIN told everyone he named “I CAN”T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER” What an idiot to say on National TV When it can be easily confirmed to be a lie….check the flashbacks…at about 3:15-3:20 am Central time…so 1:15-1:20 BBT…then google it…It was introduced on the Market in 1981…JOE ARVIN is 41….he would of named it at age 11….BIG LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crzyprncss

    Watch them make Jodie’s dream come true and bring her back.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OBVCHSYSKSHETDZCB2NCATEV6U Richard E

    Uh, Live Feeds cut out for several hours when things get nasty, and that’s good reason to get Live Feeds? Sounds like you got a referral code, when the reason to get something is not a good reason at all.. And on closer inspection, you sure do.


  • Neighmeow10

    Um, have you people been watching and listening to this “Willie” freak? He is a hobo, red-neck, uneducated dumb-a ss that never would have made it on the show, if it weren’t for his stupid brother. I think he painted himself a little calmer and less alcoholic in the BB interviews. This guy just couldn’t handle getting evicted the proper way (the way the game is played) Remember this is a social game that has rules. Willie is an alcoholic too and wanted to go drink Vodka in the fu c king hotel room. If they didn’t give it to him, I will bet money he went and got it himself. He talked about drinking Vodka or just talked about getting drunk all the time. LOSER, should have never been let on the show.

    • Cor7099

      Your right I am so sick of tv making stars out of relatives of people who have gotten fame. This is like Bristol Palin getting a show because of her mommy.

  • S Mulheron

    What I want to know is why did we lose live feeds and yet if you read jokers update it has a minute by minute of what happen how did jokers update get this info and keep live feed??????????

  • Billy2willys

    Willie & CBS are both assholes. Why can’t we see this stuff? We pay for it & get nothing for hours. What a bunch of BS. 24/7 my ass!

  • Sgleiner

    no interest in watching the feeds anymore. will only watch regular show during the week. go Ian!

  • Larry

    I would bet that they will let that black lady who was the 1st one out, come back in.

  • Tbusch

    I think its bs because bb knew that Joe took the nicotine patches and they couldn’t smoke and Joe was pushing Willie over the edge. Nicotine is addicted. A addiction is a medical condition. The producers should of got after Joe for doing that you cant do that to someone. What they did to Willie is bs.. Imo I think its the producers fault because they didn’t jump in to stop Joe…..

  • Trinaowens

    they advertise falsely. that it’s 24/7 live feeds. i can get the same information from reading jokers page as i get from watching the feeds.

  • tracy

    I order bb live feeds every year and I’m getting tired of the feeds going down all the time. I pay money to watch the live feeds. The live feeds are suppose to be 24/7 anytime and see the the hy are doing not when they want to turn the live feeds down and show us only what the producers want to show us. Its all becoming bs its not worth it..

  • Katies2

    So Willie decided to leave by fighting to get kicked out on purpose instead fighting to stay and win.

    • Rahaynie

      I agree! Willie should have stuck around and fought to win the POV competition. If he won, he should have left himself on the block and taken off whoever was on the block with him. That’s how he should have attempted to make his exit. I liked Willie, but with his hot temper he wasn’t a good player for this game.

  • Joe

    Bring in Willie’s brother!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001267111059 Kat Summers

    This is Exactly the reason why I stopped buying the Live feeds. I used to buy them every year. No more. I have not had the feeds for 6 years now and thanks to all the update sites I haven’t missed a thing. Why spend my hard earned money on trivia and FOTH? No Thanks.

  • Daisyrlh_5

    We weren’t even able to see anything. NOT a good time for feeds. On showtime they don’t cut as much as on the feeds. You guys say the feeeds are 24/7 access that is so not true. We should be able to see everything.

  • Bravzgrl

    Reality Tv =’s real life experiences. I really liked Willie and feel that he was short changed. He really had a great chance of winning BB. I don’t agree with what he did last night but sometimes people are pushed so far that normal people loose it. …… I would love to see him come back but believe that will not happen since he turned to violence. I liked russell also. They do bully somewhat but they do have a good idea or russell does of how to persuade people to think like they want them to.And that is what makes BB tick that would spell a WINNER as that is what it takes to win. I thought until last night that Willie was pretty good and he kept things interesting, he was a strong competitor . I LOVE BB but feel that most of the other cast are very boring. This is my first year to get the live feeds and was dissapointed that the feeds were cut. When I had BBAD It played everything, even people having sex. arguements that got pretty rough as well. And on BBAD you could see the HOH competition as it played out so the feeds are dissapointing on that as well. I don’t mind them bringing back previous players but they need to pick the popular ones ….. BOOGIE ……. REALLY !!!! BOOGIE BB WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ?????…. who the hell likes coatail BOOGIE ??? IF THEY CAN BRING HIM BACK HELL BRING BACK WILLIE AND MAKE IT INTERESTING. LOL I will watch next season but still on the wall for the remainder of this season….. I just don’t see it getting interesting now all the others were boring the same when EVIL DICK left last year I stayed b/c of Jeff and Jordan and Jordan/Rachel Rachel really grew as a person once Brendon left and she could stand on her own and join Jordan in the fight. I was rooting for Jordan to win again but was ok with Rachel at the end.
    She overcame the others and won. I know she is not popular with most but I liked her last year.

    hmmmmm…… will have to watch a week or two and see where it goes.

  • Ststiers

    We found a report that said he kicked a door, threw pork grinds at Janell, and head butted and chest bumped Joe in the bathroom…Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they show Chimas freak out in season 11. I pay for a service and I expect to get that service, I’ll be quitting my service now CBS has made all of us the victims of over censorship, that is exactly the opposite of what we pay for.

    • AngiesWW

      They did show Chima’s fit, them telling her to go to the Dr 100 times and finally Allison getting on the mic telling her to go to the DR. They showed Capi’s fight where he chest bumped a houseguest but he was not kicked out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506044810 Amber Blaszak

    Seeing as how Jodi & Kara are only doing ONLINE interviews, it seems they are sequestered. They had planned to bring someone back all along, now they might have to bring back 2 with this willie stuff happening. There arent enough weeks to get by on the players they have now, unless they do a double eviction and really let the coaches enter the game once its down to only 3 coaches.

    • andreaazure

      Jodi has mentioned that she is already back home with her family and has been keeping with feeds, as well as interacting with fans on Twitter. Because of all of that, there’s pretty much no chance of her returning into the game, since BB wouldn’t think it was fair for her to know all of the background info from the outside world. Kara is most likely still in sequester though, since there was a shortage of players to begin with, so she might come back after the next few evictions.

  • Donna

    I liked Willie and now have no interest in watching BB now because everyone else is boring>

  • Donna

    I liked Willie and now have no interest in watching BB now because everyone else is boring>

  • Lady

    Very glad he is gone. He caused his own downfall and he proved he cared nothing about his team. He couldn’t handle being a “have not” after believing in his own mind that he was the top dog in the house. BB is full of lying and scheming and he should have known that yet he could not handle it when others did it. Did he really think that “he” was the only one who could lie etc. The funniest thing is that I think he just spewed stuff as he continually said “I never said that” when it was on the tape that he did.Definitely a “stupid” player! Had he cared about the game itself he would have attempted to prove he could play it as being HOH the first week does not mean he was great especially since it was a team effort to get there and Brit gave it to him. This week would have showed if he could cut it and he once again threw a temper tantrum forcing them to get rid of him. Definitely not his brother Russell, whom I liked, as he at least played the game Survivor till the end! I can hear Willie now saying that he never stood a chance because he was Russell’s brother…once again blaming anyone and everyone else for his poor playing and basic stupidity!.

  • Bart

    Willie is a punk. Flat out nothing else need be said.

  • Fanaticy

    I saw the argument on the live feeds and what lead up to it. I think that Willie brought everything on himself that night. Instead of going outside to confront Frank like an animal, he should have just pulled him to the side and took his concerns to him that way. Bottom line is…..Willie boy basically played four weeks of Big Brother in one weeks time, he was too anxious, too bossy and definately had bullying tendencies. He lied to everyone, he tried to make deals all over the house and he JUST GOT CAUGHT UP! Those Hantz Boys look alike and act alike, I’m convinced it’s genetic! However, with all that being said…..I am a bit dissapointed that he is gone so quickly because I was looking forward to seeing the majority of the house gunning after him and trying to get him out of the house, THE RIGHT WAY….through game play! Oh well, I personally never thought he had even a remote chance of winning the money anyway. So long Mr. Tankerman!

  • Guest007

    Why get live feeds when the cut out at the good parts? Lol BB AD is enough.

  • Marrianne

    willie a big bullie glad he gone. he knew he would be going thrusday.

  • Angelface4

    I was bummed out that they cut feeds hours yesterday,yes there are worse things in life but this is what we pay for and we should have gotten a chance to see at least some of it,They’re probably saving it for the show on Sunday or Tuesday but It’s still BS in my opinion,maybe we should switch over to the Glass House,Hmmmm>I don’t think they’d like that very much now would they!!

  • Tiffches

    I am glad Willie is gone. He is just like Russell, a legend in his own mind. He is the 4th player kicked out of Big Brother. In a much earlier season, a guy was kicked out for throwing a fit & throwing chairs. Then he refused to go to the diary room. On another season a guy was kicked out for making a signal like he was cutting another contestants throat. Then Chima was kicked out. All 3 times, it was due to temper fits & bad sportsmanship. Willie knew he would be voted out. So, for some reason he thought to get thrown out, was better
    I cannot defend anyone so afraid of losing they can not play the game. Plus only cowards threaten others, especially those smaller. Ian was so afraid of Willie & his threats to beat someone up, that Boogie & Frank & Joe were going to bring Ian to the HOH room.
    People not smart enough or skilled enugh to play, so they resort to violence, should be kicked out.
    We have been to Louisiana. We have never met people like Russell & Willie. If they lose, Willie throws a temper fit & quits even before the outcome & Russell cries.

  • Gfj1256

    but I think some arguing is good for ratings! who wants to sit and watch a bunch of people get along. If you remember everyone hated russel on survivor but he won the favorite player. Maybe they should bring russel back to take willie’s place, now that would be fun to watch! lol

    • dealooooo

      Bring back Willie ………AND Russel.

  • dealooooo

    I hate BB bringing back prior players….. and coaches? Really? Please, I’m begging you to stop doing that. Another waste of a season/summer. But since they cant seem to shake the habit, and in the spirit of BB production being able to change the rules at anytime…….BRING WILLIE BACK TOO!! And BTW…..Willie, in NO WAY, bashed Wil’s sexuality. His impression was equilivent to Wil impersonating Willie with a Southern accent. Birtney’s constant birage of cutdowns and ridicule was painful to watch. As a coach/athority figure, you NEVER beat a person when they’re down. DONT FORGET FOLKS…….BRITNEY CHOSE WILLIE FOR HOH!!! I’m so over the rest of this season. Good job for getting out the most colorful personality. I was lovin the Willie feeds. Hilarious.

  • Bronxside

    I agree with what’s the purpose of live feeds it must remain uncut. Then BB advertises the story with Willie and give you a link suggesting if you want live action get the feeds. That is false advertising I’d like to see a class action suit against this.

  • Maya

    You shouldn’t be tempting people to buy the live feeds by leading them to believe they would actually be able to see this stuff. The feeds are always cut when ever anything really interesting happens and this year is probably the worst ever for blocking feeds. This is false advertising. The feeds are not 24/7 and those of us who do have them did NOT see what happened to Willie or know what happened to him for hours after and by that time everyone was over it and eating pizza.

  • Tiffches

    When Britnany & the others talk about the coaches comming into the game, I wonder if the coaches are going to be playing a separate game from all the others. It may not start until there are three of them but that would even out the weeks & the final bewtween coaches could happen right before the final 2 between the players. I do not want the coaches to play the same game.

  • murlut

    Willie couldn’t control his temper and it was the right thing to do to evict him from the game. From the start of the season, Willie could never adapt to the house and the pressure. I am sure having a female coach even set the triggers lower. Sad but true, Willie should have never been in the house. It was hours of entertainment watching the volcano getting ready to erupt but then again this is a person who couldn’t handle the game. He became like a caged animal. I don’t mind that CBS or the big brother staff cut the feeds. Look, he had a melt down. We don’t need the details and he doesn’t need it plastered all over youtube. Its a game. I would hope that Willie would apoliguize to all the fans of big brother, CBS and his former houseguests. Be the bigger person that Chima never was.

  • BBFan14

    my problem with live feed is that it is not live and they still control what we see after paying $40 this is not right if we cannot see everything we should note charged

  • Bronxside

    Willie was like Evil Dick he made the daily story interesting and tune in. Now looking at the rest of these people who all get along so well. I am losing interest. The best BB was the one with Evil Dick. Some people may choose not to watch a blow up but since I’m paying for live feeds I’ll make that decision not BB.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4NIBX4A5OUEN4W2UE345GKYXAM yahoo-4NIBX4A5OUEN4W2UE345GKYXAM

    boogie is a wasste of man him and Joe are troublemakers. Joe with his loud mouth and Boogie with his stupid remarks. Willie was right the veterns are controling the house newies need to realize they have a mind and they are not puppets. newies have no spin

  • tootie

    Willie acted like a jerk, we all agree on that! Am I the only one that thinks the rest of this season is gonna be worthless??? Why do I waste time watching Booger sitting covered up in a bed, shivering like the old man he is?? Janelle?? really the only thing that is REAL on that hefer is her oversized EGO, go home and take care of your baby!!!!!! This has been the biggest disappointment for me….I count the days down to the start of this show every year…make the whole summer my “staycation”…..and this is without a doubt the worst year ever!!!!! Stop bringing back veterans to play against the newbies…it wasn’t a good idea last year and it certainly SUCKS this year!!!

  • party boy

    Wikkie is the only one that was good . Now a bunch of whimps . This season sucks

  • yeahitsme

    willie did get a raw deal! i don’t condone violence and apparently it came to that, but yes production should have got him into the dr-the’re partially to blame. but prior to this, frank is a trouble maker, he competely blew the whole ‘making fun of wil for being gay’ thing out of context. willie was making a point that wil was lying and would have mocked anyone in that situation it was so NOT intended to be a gay slur!! then joe and his wanna be young again self…everyone was talking about him so why target willie. seems that people just got on board to add to the drama and keep it away from themselves. ashley the airhead, are you kidding? she only chimes in with repeated comments trying to act as though she is all in the game…a waste of bb space and they are using her and will boot her soon. don’t get me started on boogie who thinks he is a superstar-he is an overgrown child and only got where he is by coattails. janelle…how disappointing-she was a good player but she is such a b* now, going from zero to full blown backstabbing b* in 3 days!! she thinks she is all that and then some and hope britney takes her down!! wil is so full of himself…don’t make any gay comments but let him throw it in your face-i hate that he is just so fake and has no identity so he plays his gay to the fullest-it makes me sick. did like jo jo but now she is so trashing willie to try and get in good graces…get a backbone. i wasn’ crazy about willie but i do think it was like a witch hunt and everyone got on board to avoid it coming from them…the lies and twisted comments were unbelievable! but he’s an ass for not controlling his temper…he could have recovered if he played it smart. so now hoping the show won’t be boring!!!

    • murlut

      Its a game, you sign up for a game. If you can;t play the game, then pickup your toys and go home. He could’t control his temper and no one set him up. Come on, thousands of people line up to play this game and try for the money. Willie couldn’t handle the GAME. I am sure Willie has temper issues outside the game too. Who cares what these people do or don’t do. If you like the game and respect the GAME, watch. If not, DON”T WATCH. There is no rules in Big Brother that say you can’t lie and manipulate people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrnormalguy Michael Lowe

    bring back the girl that got evicted first night

    • MoonChild

      If anyone deserves to come back its her. I keep hearing people saying she’s at home. I wouldn’t care if she is at home. She was unfairly kicked out before the game even started, so I’d much rather see her return over Kara. Similar to Ian she was a genuine fan of the show, instead of someone doing the show to further their career in the biz.

  • wg

    I suspect that Willie has an alcohol problem (Janelle mentioned this) along with a horrible temper. He definitely needs counseling for anger management. Willie doesn’t fall from the tree and is much like his brother and cousin. I suspect as many others, that the coaches will be entering the game sooner than later.

  • Mo

    Russell, I mean Willie should be ashamed of his bad behavior, owes the women an apology for being a pig, and ashamed for carrying on with his blathering nonsensical reasoning and self indulgent ego.
    I hope he not only gets nominated for the boot, but ends up eating slop and sleep on those horrid beds, only to leave the house once an for all. Good riddance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1175276026 Michelle Holder Register

    I paid for Drama-Dang It BB-DO NOT lie to your paying viewers…I feel a lil ripped off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mo

    JoJo had been calling Willie a sociopath repeatedly today so I looked up the definition. Up came this definition for: Antisocial personality disorder.

    It says that it is characterized by at least 3 of the following:
    1. Callous unconcern for the feelings of others.
    2. Gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations.
    3. Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them.
    4. Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence.
    5. Incapacity to experience guilt or to learn from experience.
    6. Markedly prone to blame others or to offer plausible rationalizations for the behavior that has brought the person into conflict.

    By my count Willie has AT LEAST 4 of these characteristics

    • Curtis Williams

      Forget 4, I’d argue all 6.

    • Sparkle

      Jo Jo is just trying to fit in. When Willie was still in the house, I saw her repeatedly talking with him about others in the house, The coaches, etc. So now that he’s gone and she’s insulting him, not buying it. Sad to say this house is full of followers, and thats what bugs me about the new way of casting that BB does. Whatever happened to casting a wide range of different types of people. Too much of the cast is 20somethings that are more alike than different.

  • John decker

    i wish i could see “what the “went down and not just read it later, i love the bb show.

  • Thumps

    I agree, we pay for the live feeds and they should NEVER be cut! We paid to see everything, the good, the bad, the boring, and the ugly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pati.dee.1 Pati Dee

    good ridance to bad rubbish!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pati.dee.1 Pati Dee

    obviously there is a NASTY gene in Willie’s family blood lines … good that he is GONE; i’m sorry i MISSed his departure … i just subscribed to the feed, but i canNOT get it to work … O well.

  • BBdcrfan6872

    Its a shame that Willie got himself thrown out because although alot of people dont like him or the rest of the family members that have been on reality tv , they are entertaining and we will see them again soorner or later ! I would have liked him fight to stay in the game and possibly survive the eviction like Rachel did last year when it was win or go home ! I dont care what anyone says , Russel deserved to win his first survivor game , he might have played dirty but he made it to teh end and they handed the money to the girl that he controlled the whole game ! I think he played dirty but openly dirty and he didnt pretend he was nice , he went in full blast and took no prisoners . Everyone has to admit that for Willie to even go on BB it took guts because he was targeted with in minutes of entering the house ! I dont like that he couldnt control his temper because if he could have had self control he could have used his fire to go alot futher in this game . LIke i said , like him or hate him , he was entertaining and I hope it doesnt get boring now ! Turmoil in the BB house brings viewers and higher ratings . They brought in Willie to spice up the game , unfortunatly his head got to hot and he blew his chances !
    On the live feeds issue , I agree , why charge us to view behind the scenes and then cut us off the moment something happens ! We are being robbed on that part as fans and as paid live feeds customers !

  • Elizabethspinnato

    What concerns me the most about Willies removal from the game is the effects it has on his team. I believe it is unfair for Brit to lose a player at no fault of hers or her team and not be given at the very least a week free from her team ( shane & jo jo) being able to go on the block. As production has set this game it was a TEAM game not just the regular play. Janellie or Mike both still have their players. This puts Brits team at an unfair advantage and the other team having the benefits. I believe she should have been given a new player or as stated before a week free from the block. Last season when Evil Dick left Danellie was given a 4 week pass free from eviction. How is this situation any different that that one? A player left to no fault of the teams. Do others agree?????

  • Guest


  • Robyndlane707

    Wow what a Russell way to act………..I don’t think it’s fair to pass judgment on him like the housemates did, they did the right thing releasing him from his anguish, he was tormented trying to live up to Russell, and his type of gameplay.God bless Willie in the name of Jesus. Now…..they should give the housemates a choice, to bring in a new mate with a game advantage,or to have an eviction as usual ,giving a game advantage to the evicted housemate to be used later.new guy(gets to have immunity 2 weeks or gets to be you)eliminated player(gets to come back as h.o.h,gets to take a player out with them,or becomes a member of the jury).Grace and Peace to every reader.

  • Robyndlane707

    Sorry, I forgot to put in my periods the new player gets to be h.o.h

  • Bostongirl25

    I agree! This is why we paid for the live feed. I didn’t even watch yesterday because everything was cut out. I agree with Shannon….I was going to cancel yesterday but realize it was the 4th day.

  • Disgusted with Feeds

    Live feeds should be just that………. live feeds. For those that say “enough drama” BS flag…….. we subscribe to see the drama. We should have been able to watch the “drama” it’s why we pay for live feeds…….. not to watch them sit around or sleep.

    I certainly do not condone his behavior, but we had the right to watch what happened and comment accordingly.

    He deserved to get the boot, of course, however…… They had NO idea if he was going to be physical, they cut feeds before that happened.

    Will they start editing arguments now as well?

    At this point,I feel like all I am doing is paying to watch “the show” a few days before it goes on air. We watch feeds because we see more ( in theory) and are getting the dirt that non-feeders don’t see!

    Feeder vs non-feeder, at this point……. we all see the same thing……………

  • Regionalpainting

    As I understand Willie is sorry for the outrageous tactics insults and fowl behavior!! TMZ has posted that Willie is sorry and wants to start the game over…….. Hmmm lmao

  • http://www.realitynation.com/author/charlie-toft/ Charlie Toft

    CBS has now had three members of the Hantz family on its various reality shows, and it turns out Russell is the closest one to being normal.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000487181900 Kelly Munro-Belden

    I am furious that they censored us out. What do they think we’re paying for? I’ll never buy into this again. I’m done. BB live feed management blew it with my subscription next season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000487181900 Kelly Munro-Belden

    I wondered why the cameras were off so much. I was getting madder and madder being censored out like that. Screw this next year. KMA bye-bye.

  • Yernotme

    the only thing that made me happy about this was to hear joe ‘got his’ and janelle, too. they are ugly people. we do NOT want vets back. before these vets became our bb heroes they were nobodies. we grew to love them…because we got to know them in the game. we loved or loved to hate them based on who they were and what they did… the new HGs do not get that same opportunity when you throw the old into the mix. we never get to *know* them… we never get to love them…and we have no new bb heroes. you are killing a legacy by ignoring what made it so successful and addictive to us, the viewers. i don’t blame willie for losing it… this was probably just the final straw… (i mean… who can tolerate janelle’s whiney evil, anyway?) i’m surprised the rest of the HGs didn’t walk out in protest, but they (in the house) continue say what i just did… it wasn’t the VETS that made us love bb… it was who they were BEFORE they were vets…. nobody… and it was great.

  • Mo

    Poor Brandon trying to solicit a message of ‘Poor Willie’ omg so ridiculous -
    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall hearing Willie whine to Russell and Brandon about how mean the house people were to him. Whaaa!


  • Cookie

    I so blame Britney for him going ballistic. SHE was the one who told him the coaches were probably going to be brought into the game….she instigated that whole thing. I think Willie would have been okay either with another coach OR better yet….no coaches at all. That was the stupidest idea bb has had yet.

    • Mo

      It seems that Willie lost all self control when things started to not go his way. It would have not mattered what ‘game play’ was suggested – the point being in Fact, that if Brittney would have suggested these same game plans to Anyone in the house — it simply would never provoked the insane rampaging that ensued. Losing control to the point you are Name calling (Any 4 year can do that!) Headbutting other players (Are You Kidding Me?!)

  • Cookie

    I also believe that Janelle apparently from what she said cursed Willie out too during this whole thing. Why wasn’t she not thrown out too? It can’t be about the chest bumping because Jordan had done that to Russell. Did BB just want to get rid of him?

  • Bronxside

    I agree SuperPass is a waste of money between CBS and watching Showtime I don’t need SUPERCRAP BLOCKING THE JUICY STUFF

  • Gshort641

    I think Joe should have been reprominded also he said he was going down and provoke him into hitting him so they would kick him off and Janelle said Do it! Do it! Sounds a little crooked to me!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.budzikwilson Michelle Budzik-Wilson

    were is the Video of Willie head butting?

  • Halcasey

    I agree with some the coments, I won’t waste $30 on the live feeds again. It seems like every time I get to set down & watch I see more we’ll be back soon than action. CBS is going to lose a of viewers

  • Victoriawhite24

    i for one liked willie,i don’t agree with what he did but i loved him being in the house it was full of drama and i was hoping he would stay in the game.everyone kinda turned on him so i kinda think i would have felt the same way.Wait til Frank,Joe and Mike start running the show the HG will wish Willie was back because those 3 will Burn and lie to everyone in the house,Can’t stand any of them i hope Ian takes it all !!!

  • CBS’s Boston Robber

    I think Britney was doing Willie a big favor when she told him that the coaches might be joining the game (I always thought the more info the better). This way, if a coach did happen to join the game, Willie would have been prepared. But no, what’d he do? He mindlessly called a completely unproductive “we got to stick together” group meeting.

    I’ve noticed a big difference between Russell and Willie. I can remember watching Russell’s eyes and seeing pure psychosis–no wait, I meant to say, I remember seeing him thinking about what needed to be done, but with Willie, he doesn’t seem to know how to strategize because he goes straight into spontaneous combust mode. When he went to talk with Frank he was completely unprepared. He needed to specifically let everyone know that he didn’t make a homophobic slur, even though he did, and he also needed to say something about splitting the votes. But all he did was try bullying, and when that didn’t work, he began an angry whine (sorry ladies, but angry whines make me a little gassy). Plus, Frank was pretty impressive because he calmly sat back and kept feeding Willie rope. Too bad he’s on Team Barnum and Bailey (did you get it? Boogie literally dresses like a circus clown–ah forget it–maybe I should have used a Kirby wannabe reference. Hmmmmm!).

  • Tplodzik11

    Good! No need for that kinda crap Willie!! Growup idiot!! No class!!

  • BB101

    uhhhh no we didnt even get to c it happen yall cut the live feeds 4 HOURSSSSSSSS we didnt get anything so dont liie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live Feeds are censored to a certain point, all that is really uncensored is the sexuality and cursing THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jgoodwi1

    Joyce Goodwin I think production should bring back the first houseguess, Jodi who left unexpectedly in she really wanted to play the game and didn’t have a chance.

  • Nicholas

    Live feed……that is a bold face lie! This is the first, and LAST, time I’ve purchased the “what is advertised as a 24/7 live feed”. Subscribers should SUE the network for “false advertising”. I am angered beyond what is logical that the responsible party (who claims responsibility for pulling the “live” feed) caused the cameras to come down. If there are issues with “live feed” then subscribers should be made aware of potential “down time” when the original subscription if purchased.

  • John decker

    i hope they show what he did ,not just tell us.

  • Tant

    When I signed up for super pass the term ” live and uncut” was why I did. If I had any idea that every move would be censored I would not have paid a dime for this. What took place with willie is exactly what I purchased superpass for. I will be requesting my money back. If all I am going to see is what they broadcast on the show there is no point in me having it.

  • Justbeingme0102

    Am upset cuz i pay to watch the fights, lie’s and all the other back stabbing stuff that goes’s on. I would like to be able to judge myself who’s a winner!

  • Mariah

    I was never a Russel Hantz fan but I did not judge Wille based on that connection. Although I am disappointed in anyone who would not see things through and who essentially messed up the game for others and took a spot from someone more deserving, I can still see how someone with anger issues can be provoked into rage given the surrounding circumstances. I don’t see Willie as a “bad” person and I do think that given the complete isolation imposed on him with no outlet and no contact with his everyday support system, it was more than possible to snap. I think the BB game is cruel and it is definitely not something just anyone can survive without emotional scarring. I hope Willie succeeds in overcoming the negativity from this experience.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MTUMS3RVHWZZLH5JCLBU7X5C5E Eileen

    What a big, bad crybaby!

  • Aubrey

    agreeing with Shannon-it should of been on live feeds-not screened-from what i have viewed Willie didnt do anything that any other player has not done-he was just more effective….he was the most interesting player in the game-now we are stuck with boring morons-whiney men…bring willie back…

  • Cynjim829

    They do this all the time !!! 24/7 is a line to hook us !!!!! then they give us sometimes only 14 hrs ~ sit back & say got another sucker again this season!!!!! LOL ~ SOOOO NOT FUNNY

  • dealoooo

    Worst BB ever!!! I thought production would’ve listened and learned from BB13 season. Evil Dick left early last year with no explanation (“its nobodys business why I left.” Really?) AND the live feeds cut. Now, Willie kicked out now and live feeds cut again? CBS gave a script to Julie Chen that repeats over and over, “Wanna be a fly on the wall …..?” I’m not interested anymore and since Willie left I haven’t logged onto live feeds.

  • murlut

    I am sorry, I have to agree with cutting the feeds during a violent situation. Can you imagine the families of those other people in the house. Willie’s temper was progressing to longer outbreaks and tyraids. Some of the the last footage shows him pacing like a caged animal. I have watched the feeds from day one. I personally like the arguements but I would never want to see someone having a complete meltdown and possibly injuring someone. What kind of person would wish for that. I do agree that the feeds didn’t need to be out for hours.

    Willie couldnt handle it. BYE BYE WILLIE

  • Sherry_anderson1960

    I normally have the feeds and am glad I did not waste my money this year…seems to me the feeds have been down more than they have been up

  • dealoooo

    Done with BB and live feeds this year. Ill check back next summer. For the love of gaad ….. Quit bringing back prior houseguests and change the Superpass advertising to….”livefeeds will consist of listening to Britneys love for her own voice.”

    • Guest

      BB redemption. Scrap BB14 and start casting a fall show…..WITH ALL “NEW” HOUSEGUESTS AND “REAL” 24/7 ACCESS!!!

  • Sharon2405

    My last time getting the live feeds….I’ve seen more fish then excitment….like
    Willie losing it and getting booted out…..I would of liked to have seen that…..Just think if we seen all the live feeds how many more people would join…..but as it is we see to many fish and trivia games. Boring…..

  • Joyfull2006

    i want to know EXACTLY what happened, not the rumor mill. its been written that he headbutted Joe, did anybody see this? because if it came out of joes mouth, i think we all know thats a lie. i’ve heard players on bb call other players all kinds of names, i’ve heard them make verbal threats and bb took them to the talking room to calm them down. i did not see anything that willie did to get kicked out. so show us some real threat. but if this is based on name calling, having a hissy fit, or “joes” word, i dont think he should have gone. i’m not convinced. so we need to see the full video.
    jordan (whom i love )chest bumped russell, she didn’t get kicked out.

    • Mo

      Did ya forget there are cameras everywhere in that house, I doubt what Willie did or didn’t do was missed. Bad attitude is one thing, that would have never gotten him dragged out from the house – however touching some one, headbutting someone most Certainly would. You are giving Joe entirely too much credit that his word is anywhere near what was captured by the cameras. Good riddance to the maniac.

    • MoonChild

      That’s the sad part about a show that can cut the viewers out, there’s going to always be multiple stories flying around. Case in point, the incident with Willie supposedly mocking Wil being gay. I saw the video, and it was nothing like Frank was describing it. Then Frank later reveals he exaggerated that because he thought he was going home….so he wanted to gain votes. But of course the public is going to be quick to believe something negative when it comes to someone they don’t like. I mean, Willie already had a stigma attached to him being Russell of Survivor’s brother. I personally didn’t find him anything like Russell, but I did think with his annoying CoachBritney telling him the coaches may enter the game, finding out Wil was told he made homo slurs, getting into a fight with Frank, then Frank winning HOH nominating him, etc,….I believe he felt defeated in such a short length of time.

      I couldn’t remember hearing about Jordan chest bumping Russell during BB11, but not surprised she didn’t get in trouble for it. She’s a BB fave.

  • Mo

    I don’t think it’s fair to accuse Brittney for failing to control Hantz – is she equipped with psychology, psychiatric tools, I think not. Hantz’s behavior is Hantz’s – he is/was completely out of control. I don’t think it’s fair to ask a 5’1 petite woman to try and control a manic bull charging. Furthermore, nor should anyone is the house be subjected or responsible for ‘controlling’ anyone. Brittney tried to calm him, but essentially it is Big Brother’s responsibility for admitting psycho’s to the game – Errmmm.. don’t they have tests they have to pass before admitting them to the game?! All I can say is thank God he is gone, good riddance.

    • Mo

      It seems that Willie lost all self control when things started to not go his way. It would have not mattered what ‘game play’ was suggested – the point being in Fact, that if Brittney would have suggested these same game plans to Anyone in the house — it simply would never provoked the insane rampaging that ensued. Losing control to the point you are Name calling (Any 4 year can do that!) Headbutting other players (Are You Kidding Me?!)

  • Benblesed5

    Shux, I sure am gonna miss ya Willie, you and Russell are so misunderstood!! :o D

  • http://twitter.com/imntdedyt John

    Buh Bye Willie. Hope Big Brother comes out and apologize to the Public. I know for sure anything out of Willie’s mouth will be just excuses to justify his actions. Bastard oughta be Jailed for this assault.

  • http://twitter.com/imntdedyt John

    Buh Bye Willie. Hope Big Brother comes out and apologize to the Public. I know for sure anything out of Willie’s mouth will be just excuses to justify his actions. Bastard oughta be Jailed for this assault.

  • Tasha Savage11

    I’m so over big brother!! I wait all year just to watch old house guests??? Not anymore!!! Thus will be my first season in 10 not to watch bc I’m already suck of seeing past cast!!!

  • Tasha Savage11

    I’m so over big brother!! I wait all year just to watch old house guests??? Not anymore!!! Thus will be my first season in 10 not to watch bc I’m already suck of seeing past cast!!!

  • Cathy Outland

    crazy definitely runs in that family. if you ladies me a hantz, RUN!

  • PAAP

    Who gives rats behind what Mike thinks, its such a friggin’ weasel, and is looking more oxygenarian as time goes by, what a jacknut this one has truly turned out to be, that even a vision impaired person could even tell, as well!! One Big UGH to the Max, too!!

  • oon503

    don’t care

  • Chris

    So I just watched Big Brother tonight…. So I guess Willie got kicked out for violence in the BB House? I am not sure what happened during the rest of the day but when I see Chef Bob instigate already a very delicate situation what would you expect from a man like Willie but to lash out a little bit? It’s rough when you have everyone in the house (9 guests) coming down on you. This Question is directed to all of the Big Brother executives. You say that Violence will not be tolerated in the big brother house but you feel that those who instigate violence should be kept in the game? You feel that a man defending himself against a group of 9 is inappropriate? Remeber everyone, Willie never hit Chef Bob, he nudged him with his head, that was not a head but. And when chef decided it would be a good idea to get in Willies face and instigiate him further, it was quite pathetic really… Willie, Respect brother, I totally support you buddy. Big Brother exec’s, if you ever read these boards I would like a reply as this was a very inappropriate act of favoritism.

  • Pinta22_82

    Wow, willie totally got a raw deal, for all those jamming bad about him, ummmm. He put people up, he lied, he got mad and expelled the issue, hmmmmm that’s what happens, its big brother, as far as I am concerned they call him a bully look at yourselves, bunch of sheep in that house this year, I already know it will be the rest of brits team on the block cause its an easy out.

  • Valenciarenne

    this was my first time signing up for the live feeds and it’ll be my last. Too many of these cut outs are not worth my money, I may hang in here a lil more, but yea. the feeds suck especially in the middle of what I might think is an interesting convo, but they don’t cut the boring ish.

  • Porkpiejohnny

    Britney rocks! She handled herself very well with that MORONIC CRYBABY Willie……….he probably wears little girl panties………LOL! I love how she told him to be quiet when she was talking.

    Dingleberry Willie is an EXTREME manipulator and deserves to be off the show. He would knife us all,including our kids, to get ahead in life.

    He has little or no conscience.

  • Bebe86

    I am so pissed that Super Pass cut the Feeds during this time! We pay to see this…

  • Steve

    I have had to work with someone exactly like Willy. Hothead and scary. Tension everyday. If you think that behavior is OK and Willy got a Raw Deal you are either Willy responding or someone who has never been exposed to people like him. Believe me, you would not want too be around him.. never knowing when a blow up will occur. His real self came out soon as he could not hide as a nice guy very long.

  • Stingray0046

    Honestly you can blame Britney and the rest of Hantz’s team for his blowup. They treated the guy like crap and should of just soothed the guy because they knew he was going out the door. Not only did they cut bait but they antagonized the guy which caused him to blow up. For stupidity reasons Britney deserves to lose Hantz and another player this week.

    • Porkpiejohnny

      100% pure hogwash……..period!

      In the early stages Britney was defending idiot Willie tooth & nail. And, if she chooses not to be around a known bully who enjoys harassment of others then kudos to her. Also,she is not responsible for soothing Willies,headstrong, out of control emotions.

      He was stomping around the house looking for trouble………whining like a little baby because things weren’t going his way……..LOL!

      Seriously, the guys a moron.

    • Mo

      Hogwash – Willie deserved and even Asked for what he got – announced that he was going to get evicted — so he Planned this whole charade. Good riddance lol what a jackass – these dumb-asses saying Willie didn’t get a fair shake, poor Willie mistreated and blah blah blah, Frankly haven’t a Clue what they are Talking about. – Talk to the hand. –

  • Kianahillier

    Brit egged Willie on, then tired to punish him the same way she punished Brendon, by telling all the hgs to ignore him. Recall, he had apologized and tried to make amends, but Brit was in a bad mood and decided to take it out on Willie. She had been on him for 24 hours of verbal abuse, and he took it, he apologized, he was decent in the face of her mouth.
    It was her fault. Why didn’t she coach her players not to vote against the house once Ash’s vote went south? That would have been the time to tell JoJo and Shane not to follow Willie down the anti-Frank rabbit hole. But instead, she was right there with the “team” vying for Kara votes to the end. She’s a terrible coach and a petty little person who does not have the experience to match wits with Jani, Boogie and Dan.
    Further, I recall Jordon chestbumping with no consequences, I recall ED pouring a drink on the head of a HG (an act that would be considered an assault outside the house), and a struggle over a lit cig
    causing the same HG to be burned.
    And Joe should not have skated on this incident – really skewed decision BB.
    Finally, I was watching the feeds when Willie was the DR door trying to get in PRIOR to the blow-up. Why didn’t someone let him in so he could cool off? Why do that to a person?
    I think CBS should give Willie another show, because he is SO fun to watch. Not the meltdown parts, that’s uncomfortable, but he is a passionate player.

    • Mo

      Hogwash – Willie deserved and even Asked for what he got – announced that he was going to get evicted — so he Planned this whole charade. Good riddance lol what a jackass – these dumb-asses saying Willie didn’t get a fair shake, poor Willie mistreated and blah blah blah, Frankly haven’t a Clue what they are Talking about. – Talk to the hand. –

  • dawnika

    i think bigbrother 14 is being unfair with kicking out willie.. i remember jordan got in pysical fight with russel in her season and she did not get kicked out from the show…

  • Blystonjason

    Stop putting the hantz family members on tv they are a bunch of fools!

  • Texastornadotigger

    After his brother describes himself as the best player to play Survivor (a legend in his own mind) Willie has just shown he is the stupidest player in Big Brother history becoming the second moron kicked out…knew it would happen, he thought himself so good as HOH when he wasn’t the one who won it, it was given to him to try to bolster his poor image. The smart moron proceeded to blow it big time and then throw a tantrum of near epic proportions. Saw that he would collapse as a poor sport really early in the show, fortunately, I don’t read the spoilers!

  • Mo

    Just out of curiosity, went over and read Willie’s tweets while watching the BB show tonight. Willie, Russell, and Brandon are Twisted!! The negativity, anger, boasting is insane!! Talk about showing your true colors, it was Ugly!!
    Might be a good idea for the current house Guests to get restraining orders from these people, especially Willie – Wow, they on the Warpath. Creepy and Scary!
    Thank God he got dragged out of there — Good Riddance!

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.mcdaniel.33 Susan Mcdaniel

    wish dr would’ve let him in. joe push willies button, joe knew what he was doing. my opinion…don’t want any1 to get hurt. houseguest need to take 1/2 the blame for willie living

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.mcdaniel.33 Susan Mcdaniel

    we need a twist to get drama back, miss wille for drama. cbs was right to cut feeds.

  • crcr20041976

    No I don’t think Willie should been kicked out he was trying to defend himself from what frank was saying about him and joe calling him a pussy

    • Mo

      Hogwash – Willie deserved and even Asked for what he got – announced that he was going to get evicted — so he Planned this whole charade. Good riddance lol what a jackass – these dumb-asses saying Willie didn’t get a fair shake, poor Willie mistreated and blah blah blah, Frankly haven’t a Clue what they are Talking about. – Talk to the hand. –

  • BeReal

    Nice to see Janelle SMOKING and sucking down wine and beer…. CLASSY….. Great mother…. Use to like her, but that’s gone…. She tries to fit in with 20 year olds… GROW up Janelle…. Also love hearing there OLD stupid stories of what happened years ago…. Guess the NEW people don’t matter this year…. It’s all about the useless coaches…..

    • Mo

      Such criticism, sounds like a personal problem lol

  • BeReal

    Janelle BEGGING boogie for a beer…. UNREAL…. i’m sure her husband is sooo proud of her…. She’s NOT thinking one brain cell about her child….

  • Mo

    The Hantz family needs help – socially inept, violent and egotistical. Not what mainstream America wants or needs to see on National Television, Especially a game show lol – unless it’s alligator wrestling preface away from people on a nondescript channel – or anger management intercession program, but then they’d be a liability – Good Riddance to the Hantz’s.

  • Mo

    Willie Hantz was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving this morning … just DAYS after he was kicked out of the “BB” house for attacking one of his co-stars.

    According to law enforcement, Hantz was arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM for OWI — operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Hantz is from Louisiana.

    Hantz was kicked out of the BB house on July 20 after attempting to headbutt Joe during a heated exchange.

    In his mug shot, 34-year-old Hantz is still sporting the mohawk haircut he gave himself while inside the “Big Brother” house.

    Hantz is the younger brother of “Survivor” villain Russell Hantz.

    Hantz is still in custody.

    Go Figure ..

  • Schonna0831

    Joe and frank embellished a lot of what Willie said. Then, they all jumped on the bandwagon against him. Janelle trashed Boogie from the start and then she started on Willie. She is the biggest liar in the house and she especially likes to lie about her conversations with people saying things that she never did say to the people one on one. I googled her and saw her mugshot and other court documents where bench warrants were issued for her. She isn’t allowed to go within 100 feet of Macy’s because she shoplifted in there. She is not a very classy person. You can put Jimmy Choos on a pig and it is still a pig. She really disgusts me now and I liked her before this season.

    Brittany is a joke for a coach and I still can’t figure out why CBS brought her in as she did NOTHING on her season. She also is at fault for Willie’s demise.

    My point is that Willie didn’t respond in the correct manner; however, he was being alienated and lied on and provoked. CBS let it get too far. Joe should have been evicted as well because he was the one who had his fists up first. Willie should have been held accountable for his actions, of course. But, they were all laughing about driving him over the edge. Joe bragged about taking all of the nicotine patches to add to Willie’s stress. They were all saying Willie was a bully, but they were all emotional bullies in some way…

    I hope Janelle crawls back under the rock from which she came after this season is over.

  • jdsoule

    Frank, Boogie & Joe also Brit had a hand in getting Willie riled to no end. As far as Joe he put up his hands looking for a fight. I think he should of been out too. He is a health hazard to all HG who eat his food. you are lucky no one got severly sick

  • Yeah

    yeah willie is a big jerk