Big Rich Texas: Episode 2 Recap

Cougars, crabs, squirrels and child abuse.

Big Rich Texas: Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Style Network’s Big Rich Texas begins with Bonnie, dressed like a ninja, rolling in across the country club floor for self-defense class. Melissa demonstrates how she’d fend off perps with her wrists, and Leslie stands in as an offender while Connie kicks her in the gut. It’s kind of metaphorical. Bon is the badass, Melissa doesn’t know how to fight properly and Leslie just stands there while people kick her.

After ninja class, the ladies find a shady poolside table while the girls catch some rays. An otherwise peaceful moment is interrupted by Dee shouting like a cranky trucker at Shaye to put on sunscreen.

On the couch, DeYanni justifies her irrational screaming.

Shaye needs to learn how important sunscreen is for preventing skin cancer, especially when you’re as pasty as she is.

And Dee, you need to learn how important not treating your daughter like crap is in preventing her from being strung out on cocaine, especially when your teeth are so big.

Cindy spots Tyler from across the pool and turns into a panting dog, salivating over a steak. Bon tells her that Ty is Leslie’s son but that information doesn’t seem to play a vital role in Cindy’s decision-making process.

When she snaps out of her smutty cougar daydream, Cindy invites everyone to a crab boil she’s hosting soon.

Next, at Bon’s house, Whitney is finally moving out. Albeit with a tattooed, body-piercer named Booger, but it is progress. In a really twisted sort of way.

Though Whit is 24 years-old, Bonnie doesn’t want to let go.

I’d say she’ll be back soon, Bon, but Whit packed her old cheerleading uniform and a photo album filled with baby pics. Not to worry you but I’m married and have 4 kids and my box of memories is still at mom’s house. She’s really leaving you. Like, for forever.

Next, Leslie has invited Bon to Terilli’s for dinner so they can discuss why Bon didn’t have Leslie’s back at the casino party last week. Why Terilli’s, Les? Because it already burned down once and you thought it to be better equipped for disaster?

Bon explains she didn’t want to get in the middle and professes her love for both Mel and Les.

In what would have otherwise been a smooth transition to the courts at Woodhaven, we’re given some photographic points of reference. A tennis racket, a golf cart, a bucket of tennis balls. And a squirrel sprawled out on concrete.

After Nikki and Whitney finish a quick match, they sit down with 15 year-olds Alex and Shaye, and 16 year-old Maddie. Nikki explains she’s tired because she was out partying with Alex’s mom, Cindy, last night. Alex asks, “Did you drink alcohol when you were our age?”

Nikki lost some brain cells while partying hard with the over 40 crowd and responds, “Yes, sometimes.” Shaye asks how Nikki got it. Nikki responds reluctantly, “Peeeeeple.” Maddie wants to know more, “Like who?”

Then Nikki lets her own childhood delinquency taint her understanding of an innocent line of questioning, “OK, what are y’all getting at?” The girls explain they’re just curious but Nikki and her tattooed tennis partner don’t believe them. But by the grace of God, a gust of wind knocks over some Garden Ridge greenery in the background and the conversation ends abruptly.

Cut to Booger’s tat shop, and the most terrifying doll since Chucky. But Whit and Boog don’t seem disturbed at all and play a game of pool while it creepily sits near them. Bon shows up carrying cupcakes with little skulls on top and asks Boog and Whit if they want to do some shots. She also seems not to notice the freaky baby that is about to come to life and stab everyone in the room.

Whitney kicks her mom to the curb, confirming Bon’s worst fear; Whit doesn’t want to hang out with her anymore. Bon, not to be bossy, but your worst fear should be that doll eating you.

Cut to Connie’s used clothing store where Leslie is dropping off some items for Con to sell. Les tells her that she’s changing her whole wardrobe and would like her help with styling, but not in her store, in a store with new clothes.

On the couch, Connie tells us what she thinks of Leslie’s wardrobe.

If there is anyone who needed a fashion intervention, it is Leslie. And we are talking emergency. 911. Now.

Said the woman who once wore this?

Connie wonders why Kalyn isn’t at the bakery, Leslie updates Con on her goddaughter’s recent decision to quit her job without having another one lined up. Kalyn gets defensive and tells Connie that she was miserable, but on a positive note, she was able determine that liking cupcakes doesn’t necessarily make it a vocational fit.

Back at Woodhaven, Melissa and Maddie chat with Kalyn about her employment status.

Maddie: What would you want your job to be?

Melissa: If you’re going to explore, you want to think about your top 5 things.

Kalyn: I like doing makeup. I’ve been scuba diving a few times and that was really cool. So, maybe something with marine biology. I like riding horses.

Kalyn, I think I know where you’ll be in 15 years.

Mel gets Kalyn a job on a ranch where she dresses like Daisy Duke to shovel horse dung. Leslie is less than happy. Not about Kalyn’s new career in the animal feces industry, but about Melissa helping Kalyn.

Next, we’re in the Woodhaven locker room where Leslie confronts Mel about meddling with Kalyn and getting her the job at the ranch. And just when we thought the blurred-out double birdie Mel shot was the end of this discussion, Melissa tells Les why she’s emotionally invested in helping Kalyn.

Contrary to what you believe, I really do have Kalyn’s best interest at heart. I see myself in her. I grew up very, very poor and I had tons of obstacles. And I was sexually and physically abused as a kid. If I can help her, I’m gonna help her.

Viewers were touched. We felt Mel’s pain. Really, we did. But raise your hand if you wondered why that led to her getting Kalyn a poo-shoveling job.

Seconds later, Melissa made me a lifelong fan when she admitted to Les, “I’ve been very ugly to you. I hear myself say things and I’m like, I’m not that person.” They agree to forgive each other and shake hands to being cordial in the future.

Cut to the suburbs where the crab boil is in full swing. Bonnie shows up dressed like a crab. She and Whitney undergo a secret mission to set the entrees free in the yard, about a five-hour drive from the nearest coastline. As luck would have it, the rescue operation is easily concealed as bigger drama heats up, courtesy of Nikki.

Nikki slithers over to Cindy and tells her about the conversation on the tennis court in which Cindy’s daughter, Alex, along with Maddie and Shaye, asked age-appropriate questions regarding alcohol. Nikki told Cindy, “I’m pretty sure they were asking us to buy them alcohol.”

Cindy grabs Melissa and Dee, the moms of the other two curious girls, and shares with them what Nikki has told her. They bring the girls in for a talk. Alex and Shaye explain that they were just curious and were not asking for anyone to buy them alcohol.

Alex: We wouldn’t just lie to your faces.

DeAynni: Shaye lies to my face on a daily basis.

Shaye: Mom, you need to calm down.

DeAnnyi: I’m fed up with the trickiness, the deceitfulness, I’ve had it.

Shaye: It was just a conversation…

But Shaye never finished that sentence because, reminiscent of last season, DeAynni hauled off and slapped the daylights out of her. Mel jumped in front Dee and blocked her from reaching Shaye again. Dee finally manages to physically pull Shaye from the house and as they make their way to the car, DeAynni shouts at Shaye, “You stupid idiot, I don’t know what the heck your problem is.”

Cindy follows them: You cannot hit that child.

DeAynni: It’s when I get her home that you need to worry about.

Dee promised via Twitter that there is a loving end to this saga with a lesson learned and she urges us to keep an open mind. I’ll do my best, DeAynni, but I’m pretty rigid on my views of child abuse and anything less than court ordered parenting classes will likely fall short of what I consider an acceptable conclusion. Just sayin’.

Based on scenes of next week’s episode, it looks like Bon ditches the crab costume to become an Indian and Kalyn visits Booger for a tattoo “in the vagina region.”

Do you think DeAynni crossed the line?


  • Jlmcquillan

    Yes. 100 times, yes, she crossed the line.

    • N Greeley

      Incredibly hard to watch. Dee should be ashamed of how she handled herself in a situation that was merely to discuss what happened.

  • Yvonne Crum

    Did she cross the line.. OMG.. is the pope a catholic.. i have never seen anything like it…the hideous woman smacking her and the calling her a stupid idiot. she should be in jail and all that didn’t protect that child from her are accessory to the crime… It may be .. “fictional”. but why do they use their names and all… it’s horrible.. how that child lives down that in school is beyond me.. it’s just the worst … my only memory of have of my mother is a slap so hard it chipped a tooth and i can still hear that slap.. she left shortly after that over 50 something yrs ago and i have never heard from or laid eyes on.. i am all the better for it… the foster system i grew up in had women just like her running them.. so that’s not always the answer.. just stop taking photos at parties with these scumbag people that are hurting their children mentally and physically.. wow.. i am worn out …..

  • Brandy

    Yes, she did. Sick of not saying anything either. It doesn’t matter how this this is cut, which is ridiculous, btw…this women is hitting her child in the face and degrading her mentally. This is absolutely disgusting.

  • Giap Christy Laura

    This is the SECOND time she has slapped her daughter, and that is after the tear filled interview they had last season. This is on national TV !~!!~!!! God only knows what happens behind closed doors. Dirty D needs to get her act together and STOP the physical and emotional abuse or there will be a sociopathic daughter in her future.

  • Rrcer30

    After watching this, it reminded me of the teen mom Amber who was charged for hitting her boyfriend in front of her child on a TV reality show – very similar. It’s got to be difficult for this teen to attend school and be the topic of conversation – you know the school friends watch. With all the dialogue on bullying – the girl gets it at home, on National TV and at school most likely..Wont be Surprised if CPS doesn’t check this home situation out. This is NOT good for the show – need to replace this family and get them some help.

  • Erin Vogler

    Hello..CPS where the hell are they now? They were so fast to jump on Amber from Teen Mom for hitting Gary the father of her daughter what about this monster? I can’t stand this woman and if she gets off and Amber did not then there is something very wrong with the system..I want to see this woman pay for what she did to her poor child on the show it made me cry for that poor thing. I am not one to post on these sites but this one I could not help myself, I want and will do all that I can to see that this monster pays for what she did if I have to call the network direct I will…Shame on that woman, maybe she is so mad all the time because she has to look in the mirror daily and see that ugly mug looking right back at her..What a pig she is…

  • Jcah619

    No parent has the right to smack their child around anytime they dislike something they did, but because it’s on TV and they are rich CPS isn’t going to get involved. As for Kalyn, Leslie, and Tyler make a new name out of user and abuser. Those three aren’t human beings.

  • Sharon

    she is now a repeat offender of committing physical AND emotional child abuse on national TV. It gave me chills when she said to Cindy that Shaye should wait what will happen when they come home. If CPS doesnt act here its a failed system. This is just not acceptable behaviour anymore. That kid is scared like crazy. Did you even see even her sister turning on her. Just sad and NEVER acceptable.

    • emeraldcity1966

      I cant even watch this show any more .Something has to be done about this.I dont think i will be able to sleep tonight after seeing that. I have a little 12 year old girl i could never treat her that way. I dont even think she likes her own daughter and the sister didnt help she turned on her too. I think we all need to report this .So sad.

  • Sarah

    If she will talk to her like that and get physical with that, not only in public, but on TELEVISION then I can only IMAGINE what she does to her behind closed doors. Very upsetting. Her husband needs to man up and stop this. She should be turned in.

  • emeraldcity1966

    If this woman gets away with this we need to contact the producers of this show .How can adults look at this abuse and do nothing about it. She needs to be arrested for abuse. They have all the proof they need on tape. The film crew are just as guilty as her for letting this happen , but i guess it makes for good tv. Totally sick to my stomach after watching this. Someone has to step in to save this poor girl from this abuse.

  • emeraldcity1966


    • Littlefootbrown

      great..thanks for the details..unfortunately cps in america are terrible..taking children from loving families while the poor abused babies and children get left to rot and die…go USA..nothing will get done…Shaye will smack her mum down one day..Deyanne is nothing more than a bully..put her in a room for 20 mins with me..a 38 Year old woman…please…

  • All

    Why is the Style network supporting an abusive mother???!!!!..Dee continuously attacks her daughters verbally and physically. ( and thats only what we see on camera, imagine what happens to these girls when their not filming) America does not tolerate these actions, especially towards children. We have laws to protect them. Why aren’t the police being called? Style needs to have this mother arrested and separated from these poor girls its disgusting. America needs to fight back for these girls if Style wont.

  • Khakijack

    So, mockingbirds imitate sounds they hear . . . do squirrels imitate body posture/actions? Perhaps he’s just reenacting all the arrests in the Woodhaven (neighbor) hood.

  • Namba1


  • bonwhitduh

    I find nothing wrong with this y’all are all northern pussys the girl is 15 and needs a ass kicking or has everyone forgot last season where she snuck off to a collage party -.-

  • Littlefootbrown

    This woman is soo freaking ugly inside…i was scared for Shaye when i saw it..Her daughter could clobber her and Deyanni shouls wstch it..i cant wait for that episode and i hope its sooner rather than later..Shayes wellbeing is clearly in a poor place… Come live wuth me honey…Ill take on your bully mother.xxxKirsty

  • Shay Jones

    I just finished watching this episode and I’m completely disturbed by Dee’s behaviour towards her 15 year old daughter. She slaps her daughter in the face in front of Melissa, Cindy and Cindy’s daughter like it’s an everyday thing to her and proceeds to drag her daughter to the car while she berates her and belittles but the worst part is when she says “I don’t know if this is your idea..” and then you hear Shaes sister Amber pipe up and say “it’s her idea” and continue to bash her along side her mother!! The worst part was when Cindy comes out to make sure Shaes is alright and Dee says “Look she’s breathing, shes alive and fine, it’s when I get her home you have to worry about” like where is CPS and the Producers of this show to think it’s okay for a Mother to treat her child like this and do nothing about it?? It is sickening to watch the dynamic of this Family and to watch a Mother and a Sister gang up on a Young Woman like this, it makes you wonder what is worse at home to worry About and if the Father joins in on this mistreating of his daughter and really just how bad it is for her!! Being a Mother of a 15 year old daughter myself it makes me feel so bad for Shae and No mother should treat any of their children like this and this poor girl is going togrow up and have trust issues and worry about how the world is going to treat her and think it’s okay to be treated like this when it is so wrong!! I wish I could go to Texas and find Dee and treat her exactly like she treats Shae and see how much she would like it and it would serve her right!!