Big Rich Texas: Season 3 Finale

Engagements, Polygraphs and Big Liars

Big Rich Texas: Season 3 Finale

The Big Rich Texas season 3 finale begins in the bar at Woodhaven Country Club. Cindy has something she wants to discuss with Bonnie so she’s called a meeting. As we overlook the fact that real socialites would be lunching in a low crime area as opposed to boozing it up mid-day at an establishment surrounded by barbed wire, Bon places her order, “I’ll have a Bacardi and Diet Coke with 2 cherries.”

Cindy recalls Bonnie warning her about Leslie at the chili cook-off last week and has called this meeting to get the skinny. Bonnie doesn’t mind filling her in.

Leslie told Connie, and I don’t know if this is true or not, and you do not even have to tell me because it’s not my business, but she told Connie that you’ve been to rehab twice and that you were gonna lose Alex at some point.

Cindy is stunned and wants to make sure Bon knows the truth.

I did not. Go. To. Rehab.

We believe you Cindy, you drink in every episode so you’re either telling the truth or it was a super crappy clinic. But Cindy wants to prove it and vows to find the source of the rumor.

Cut to Ashley-the-transvestite-life-coach getting the update from Kalyn-the-grammar-snob-sniper concerning last week’s visit to Dan-the-Lazy-Boy-sectional-Dad.

It hurt a lot but at the same time it felt relieving.

Now Cindy is meeting with Leslie. So…another round of drinks!

Cindy: Did you start the rumor that I went to rehab twice and my daughter was almost taken away from me?

Leslie: Are you kidding me? That is absolutely not true. That is an absolute bald-faced lie.

Leslie commits to proving her innocence.

Next, Whitney arrives at Bonnie’s house and without saying hello she grabs a family pack of Kraft Easy Mac from the pantry.

Bon: Hey, what are you doin’?

Whitney: Comin’ to shop.

Bon: You’re going grocery shopping in my pantry?

Jason enters and Whit confronts him about not giving his blessing on the proposal, “I have a pickle to pick with you.”

Jason: I just don’t think Booger is husband material.

Whit: Why is he not husband material?

Jason: He pierces for a living. Um, I don’t think he can support him and yourself.

Whit: When you were married to her you were makin’ what, 200 bucks a month?

Bonnie: It was $400 a month.

Whit: $400 a month? He makes that in maybe a week.

Whitney, if your fiancé is pulling in $400 per week, that means his annual salary of $20,800 is only very slightly above the poverty line ($19,090) for a family of 3 (since we hear you’re expecting). If you throw one more kid in the mix, you’re officially $2,250 below the level of income that this country defines as poor. The good news is, instead of robbing mom’s pantry I think you can rob the grocery store without getting arrested so long as you file some government papers. I hope you voted for Obama.


Kalyn and Paul are strolling through lovely gardens holding hands. We take a quick break on the couch to justify the intensity of this 21-day relationship.

Even though Paul and I have only been dating for 3 weeks, we’ve been really close friends for about a year.

They pause in an opening just large enough for the camera crew to fit comfortably and Paul tells her, “I kinda want to ask you something.”

Kalyn: What?

Paul: Well, I was wondering. Kalyn Nicole, will you marry me? [down on one knee holding ring indicating he didn’t just think this up a minute ago]

She says, “Yeah,” and he twirls her around while viewers place bets on the longevity of this decision.

Cut to NYLO where the ladies, minus Bon and Les, have gathered to create a signature drink for Mel’s new swimsuit cover-up line launch party. Cindy has a bigger agenda.

Everyone knows I love a good cocktail but the real reason I’m here is to grill these girls about whose been spreading this rumor about me.

So she nonchalantly drops the topic into general conversation, “Hey, have you guys heard rumors that I’ve been in rehab twice and almost had my daughter taken away from me?”

Dee and Melissa look surprised, but not Cousin Connie, “[Leslie] told me while we were at dinner and I was like, oh wow, because I felt bad for you.”

Cindy gives them a play-by-play of her investigation to date revealing that Bonnie was the one who told her about the rumor and that Leslie claims “Bonnie is totally lying.” Cindy tells Connie that Les also called her a “total liar.”

Cindy, while I respect your factual approach to solving this mystery, you could soften the delivery a bit. It’s almost like you’re stirring things up for a finale brawl.

Suddenly Connie has a name for Mel’s signature cocktail and tells the bartender, “We need you to make a Les-lie drink.” Get it? Les. Lie.

DeAynni inspires his creativity, “Yeah, something to kick everyone’s ass because they’re full of sh**.”

Cindy recognizes her dilemma is far greater than her public association with Dee.

I know Leslie has had issues with the other girls before but she’s always been pretty straight with me and I’ve kind of had issues with the other girls myself. So, I don’t know who to believe.

Melissa’s big night is finally here and the ladies are getting seated for the fashion show. Les shouts to Cindy that she has saved her a seat but Dee hollers louder, “Get over here gurl, yeaaaah!” Cindy picks Team Connie.

After the hired models have strutted Mel’s designs, Maddie closes the show, sportin’ a face reminiscent of Ramona Singer’s infamous walk down the runway.

And the party begins. Everyone is drinking, congratulating Melissa, and celebrating friendship. Especially Whitney who darts across the bar to Kalyn and Paul ready for her weekly confrontation, “So I heard at the pool today that you’re engaged now.”

Kalyn: Yeah, we are.

Whit: Why are you tryin’ to steal my f****** thunder?

Kalyn: Your thunder?

Whit: Yeah, my thunder. I feel like everything that has to do with you is a competition.

Kalyn: Yes, I told Paul, you need to propose to me on this day just so I can compete with Whitney.

Whit: Yes, you probably did.

Whitney, shut up. This is baby fighting compared to what’s unraveling on the other side of the room.

Leslie: Why didn’t you want to sit next to me?

Cindy: I still don’t know what to think and everyone has still been filling my head full of so much.

Leslie: I actually went and took a polygraph.

On the couch, Les explains.

A polygraph is the same thing as a lie detector test and I took the liberty to have it done at my own expense to prove to Cindy that I had nothing to do with the vicious lies.

Connie approaches the ladies having a private conversation.

Connie: You’re a disgrace to our family.

Leslie: Are you kidding me?

Connie: No I’m not f****** kidding, you’re a lying f****** bitch. Everything that comes out of your f****** mouth is a lie.

Leslie: This whole rehab thing, you really think that I said that?

Connie: OH! I was standin’ with your stupid ass on the curb and you said it.

I thought you were at dinner when she said it but whatever.

Leslie: That is an absolute lie.

Connie: Nobody believes your stupid ass.

From the couch, Connie lets us know why she morphed into the likes of an angry Jerry Springer guest.

I am not going to let her ruin my reputation in front of my friends.

Connie, since commercial break you’ve used the F word 3 times, said “ass” and “stupid” twice each and “bitch” once. If this is your attempt to save your reputation, you must be auditioning for Redneck Island. Oh but you’re not done, you’re getting physical.

Connie moves in for the kill so the bodyguard jumps between Connie and Leslie. Connie’s sister even tries, unsuccessfully, for a piece of Les. Connie keeps hollering at the top of her lungs, carrying on and on. Leslie pulls out a document and yells, “Read this,” shoving it at Cousin Conn.

Connie throws the polygraph results across the room, still yelling like a tailgating female NASCAR fan. Dee doesn’t want to scramble for the paper so she asks Leslie, “Let’s just hear it, say it.” Leslie tells her, “Just read it.”

Leslie: It’s a polygraph. You’re the one that lied. Read it.

Connie: [unintelligible screaming with multiple, rapid bleeps]

DeAynni looks like a seal out of water floppin’ around trying to get her hands on the polygraph. Cindy has it and can’t unfold it fast enough for Dee. While they read, Bonnie heads to the couch to explain why it doesn’t matter what the results are.

First of all, polygraph tests are not admissible in court. This doesn’t prove anything.

What about the NYLO, are they admissible there?

Connie is screaming.

Burn it. I’ll use it for toilet paper.

Cindy is confused.

I don’t know who my real friends are and which of these women I can actually trust. I don’t know who is lying.

Bonnie is annoyed.

Leslie shouldn’t have attended. I don’t care what she has to say. I hereby evict her from the state of Texas.

Melissa is unsure.

Both Leslie and Connie are adamant that they didn’t start this rumor, maybe neither one of them did. But at this point, honestly, I don’t know who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Leslie is done.

If a certified polygraph can’t convince them that I’m telling the truth, let these girls believe what they want to believe.

And Dee still has really big teeth.

Season 3 closes as viewers around the world shout, WHAT DOES THE POLYGRAPH SAY?

I have your back. Click here for the report regarding alleged lies about Cindy. Click here for the report regarding alleged lies about Jason.  




  • Big Rich Texas Fans

    Thank you Merritt! This was good and broke down the details well. After watching again, I do believe these women are going way over board with Leslie. I admittedly got caught up in the drama as well. I see now why you think Cindy gets the trophy. She realizes she doesn’t know who to trust and she sees like a caring person. Do not believe she was in rehab or Leslie said those EXACT words. Cindy has owned who she is day one. After watching this entire season I would like to see Kalyn get the trophy. I hope the others do not try to manipulate Kalyn against Leslie, because she stood by her all season. Leslie did her best to help Kalyn. I’m putting LesLIE to rest for good. Her blog today spoke true class. I can’t speak for everyone, but my opinion has changed about Leslie. The producers are smart to assist Leslie with a bodyguard. She needs one in TX.


      Yeah, I would be reallt surprised if they turned Kalyn against Leslie but I feel like Kalyn is so eager to please others, she may get mislead. I saw the previews where Whitney claims that Leslie “manipulated this poor little girl”. While, I am usually a Whitney fan, I am not at all pleased with the way Whitney exploited her through the season to make herself look good. If Whit had enough sense, she would carry on without Kalyn and find other ways to get publicity. I also can’t believe she blew off her own mom after her relentless support of her upcoming nuptials.

  • Turtle21973

    cant find the polygraph examiner any where under the Texas association of polygraph examiners and when looking by his License number it comes up with a name but not A.D. Skip Ensley!

    • Bridge & Tunnel

      Clearly you didn’t look hard enough: — he’s listed in the Texas Assoc of Polygraph Examiners’ membership directory.

      • Curious

        I just want to know why the last name Leslie goes by and the last name on the polygraph are different? Isn’t she Leslie Birkland? Who is Leslie Bereiter?

  • Nikolinajavor

    I just watched the episode, I don’t believe Leslie is hundred per cent, but in saying that I don’t believe she started this vicious rumour against Cindy. At the beginning of the episode Bonnie said that Leslie told her this at dinner, during the fight however Bonnie says the she was with Leslie at the curb while Leslie told her this. Unless Texas has some restaurant called Curb then idk.

  • Another fan

    Connie’s behavior was that of a woman with a lot to lose–because she lied. I doubt Connie will offer a polygraph.

  • sarah

    i love whowver writes these

  • Laurie Larsen

    I watched the reunion and I tell you the women’s immature behavior towards Leslie has really turned me against this show. I will not return to watch, if there is a season 4. Jason claims he is a defender of women and that is his reason to go after Tyler, yet on the show he calls Leslie a douche. Seriously if these women watched this show and think their behavior was acceptable and to encourage the younger women to act like this, what a sad state we are in. Time to pull the plug on this show to stop this behavior.

  • Shonique1

    what was vivica looking at she didnt hear the drunk come on to tyler and lied and said he was being rude to her she lied

  • Dfwgirliegirl

    Clearly these wannabes are delusional. First, they think Jason is “oooo and ahhhh” worthy (GROSS…wash and cut you hair dude, you are all sweaty and yuck) second they belong to some broke down country club. Notice that there are never more than the handful of cast members at events, fitness classes, etc.

    Tyler was being rude to the drinker? She is way too old, wanting to come across as some cougar, and coming on to him. He clearly was just turning her down. Tyler gives me the willies and the drinker seems kinda fun…but Sweaty Jason was in the wrong all over that one. Maybe he couldn’t cleat see thru his sweaty bangs.

  • Xxxcruzzinxxx

    I think this show is total trash. Bonnie is immature and ridiculous and she needs counseling. Whitney is pure trash. Leslie seems to love attention and there is some real dysfunction with these families. Please take this trash off the air!

  • Xxxcruzzinxxx

    Also Connie clearly has something to hide or she would have jumped at the chance to prove she told the truth! Makes me sick, really.

  • Vickie1227

    I cant believe how low class these women are. Leslie is the only one who displays any dignity, and seems to be the only one who doesn’t scream obscenities at every turn. I think she is getting a, bum wrap. Hold your head up Leslie! And Jason it’s a foul mouthed bully who has a spoiled, mean spirited step daughter.

  • Jannygriffin

    I think the ladies are plain mean to Leslie. Bonnie is disgusting!! And all the other ladies add to it! Connie is the one who lied and she should own it!!!

  • Natalie

    The fact Connie wouldnt take the test.. I no longer like or trust her. By her taking it, she could have further made all viewers realize Leslie was lying.. By NOT taking the test… She proved the SHE is the one lying. Ive never liked connie from the start and now I really don’t like her. Poor Cindy though…She is probably regretting being on that show lol.. but I will say.. I am not gonna be watching next season if Leslie and Kalyn aren’t there. I was all about Bonnie and Leslie, now that that ship has sailed. My interest in sailing too.

  • Amber

    Ugh, the women on here are literally just like middle school girls–I would know. The only reason they’re all buddy buddy is because they have someone to pounce on–and that’s Leslie. The fact that Leslie lied about a handful of things is not okay, and the women have the right to be a bit cautious around her. But they hit an entirely new low; they were legit total bitches. I’m so over Bonnie (the wannabe bimbo blond who acts 20 years younger than she truly is), Connie (a disgrace to HER family for lying to Cindy about what Leslie allegedly said), and Cindy (the biggest female drunk I’ve ever seen and the most backstabbing “friend” I’ve ever witnessed).

    Leslie filed an incident report–not a police report. When a 30 something year old man attacks a 19/21 year old at Leslie’s freaking ENGAGEMENT party and starts spewing threatening words, I’m pretty sure it’s okay to file something.

    Honestly, these women are just awful, immature, and complete bullies. At least when Pam was around she was a real bitch; the left over are annoying. But I think we all know how this will end: they’ll eventually stop being such close friends because Leslie will move on. They’ll look for someone else and the whole situation will happen again.

    Point one for wealthy Americans.

  • Ultrachange

    i AGREE. They are all so immature but Lesile and her Goddaughter. It was a lynching. Jason shame shame shame. Beat up on Tyler for CallingWhitney a bitch. Look how many time they called Lesliel names. What a shameful show.

  • QAF

    I have to say, I think Connie is lying about that Cindy rumor. However, I do think she was wrong to gave filed that incident report, which is actually a police report, in some states…not sure about TX. Anyway, Leslie was wrong to have filed it saying that Jason hurt her. Not once did Jason actually touch Tyler. Had Tyler filed the report, it wouldn’t have been an issue. I think the main issue was Leslie filing it as though she was Jason’s victim, especially after he replied (not condoning Jason’s behavior). I think all these women are classless-Bonnie is a professor, yet she acts like an immature college student, Whitney is too despicable and immature for words, DeAynni needs to have her mouth wired shut, Connie shouldn’t have started the rumor, Cindy needs to stop the drinking. Melissa seems to be the only somewhat sane woman there.

  • jenny

    Please do not bring this show back for Season 4.

  • Bee

    It’s just a show and if they didn’t have drama no one would watch it. The more outrageous the higher the ratings and the longer the show stays on the air.

    • Harri

      when did rehabgate happen?
      at the time it blew up, leslie had pretty much extracted herself from the pack and was doing a good impression of avoiding them: did someone keep it in reserve?
      could rehabgate be an invented show plot, to revive flagging ratings and ensure another season?

      which makes me wonder if leslie was a total plot device from start to finish? someone for pam to loathe in in the early days and for bonnie to flipflop over (nothing like a will-she-wont-she)
      and later to take up the mantle of most hated… whilst being the angel of mercy and redemption for her own little borrowed bitch?

  • Carol

    I just watched the reunion show and I think that Leslie is the only mature one on the show and I think Connie is the one lying. Watch her when they ask her about the lie detector test. It is a face of a person afraid of what was just said. All the woman have lied on the show do they not watch themselves when the shows air. Grow up women and look in your own backdoors.