Biggest Loser Episode 8: Teamwork

Also, find out which two contestants are dating!

Biggest Loser Episode 8: Teamwork

The Biggest Loser theme of the week this week was Teamwork. That means the remaining contestants are going to have to depend on each other. Literally.

Alison tells them if the contestants loses 70 pounds as a group, no one goes home.

And then it’s time for a pop challenge. And the kids are back to take the quiz. The amount of answers the kids get right the less pounds the contestants have to lose. They got the contestants a 9-pound advantage. So thanks to the Biingo, Sunny and Lindsay, they only have to lose 61 pounds.

And during the workout, Gina is the only one not playing as a team. She even walks out of the gym when Joe pisses her off. Dolvett thinks she looks for reasons to give up. So he follows her to talk some sense into her. Dolvett pulls her aside and works with her one-on-one, which goes against the week’s theme. Ha. Good one, Gina. And way to enable, Dolvett.

And Jillian sees the Gina drama and decides she can’t let someone outshine her with the drama, so she decides to call out Alex for like the 100th time this season for not working as hard as she could. Yada yada yada.

And when Alex doesn’t give Jillian enough fodder, she heads over to Gina because she KNOWS she can get some drama spewing out of her. So Jillian gets what she wants and gets Gina to leave the gym again. And when Gina leaves, Jillian starts screaming at Bob and Dolvett.

At one point, I swear Jillian was even screaming at Jillian in a mirror.

So why was Jillian picking on Gina anyway? She’s been the Biggest Loser for several weeks.

And then I look away for a minute and now Jillian is in the kitchen shouting at Alex again. So at this point, I don’t even understand what the problem is and it becomes kind of laughable. I think Jillian might need a Xanax.

Can we please just get to the challenge? Yeah, let’s just go on to that. This week, “It’s all for one and one for all,” Alison tells them as they show up in Long Beach. They’re faced with 10 sandhills. They have 30 minutes to find green arrows and then they have to run to the end of a pier. If they complete the challenge in under 30, they get another 10 pound shaved off their 70 pound goal.

They finish the challenge with just six seconds remaining. So now, as a group, they have to lose 51 pounds.

Back at the ranch, Subway spokesperson Jared shows up with healthy subs from subway. And she still has that old pair of paints that he’s held up to his new body the past 15 years. Jared also tells them that the winner of Biggest Loser 14 will star in a new Subway commercial with him.

And just when I thought I was able to relax this week and watch the weigh-in, the constants head off to what looks like Malibu and they have to climb a pole and walk a wire by literally leaning on each other. The trainers are there instead of Alison. And then the contestants are put into pairs of two. Gina gets stuck with Joe and Jillian puts Alex with her. Basically they put people together who need to work as a team but have had trouble with each other in the past.

It was kind of fun to see Dolvett and Bob holding hands as a duo though. And it was also fun to find out that Bob is kind of afraid of heights. Who knew Bob had vulnerabilities.

In the end, I actually liked this challenge and I think they should do more activities like this. Now let’s go to the weigh-in.

The Week 8 Weigh-In

Danni -7 lbs
Joe -6 lbs
Jackson -5 lbs
Alex -3 lbs
Jeff -4 lbs
Gina -4 lbs
Francelina -2 lbs

About the time Jeff only lost 4 pounds, they all knew it was over. And it was. They didn’t even come close to their goal. So the red line decides that elimination. And this week it’s Francelina.

Showmance alert: Francelina and Jeff are a couple! During her elimination update, she shares that she and Jeff are an item. Earlier in the episode, Dolvett said as much during the trust challenge. That’s another one for the Biggest Loser, which has a much better track record than The Bachelor and The Bachelorette combined!


  • Debra Elgersma Ogilby

    we all knew Bob was afraid of heights. remember when they went to New Zealand and had to jump off that high tower?

  • Steveg

    At one point, I swear Jillian was even screaming at Jillian in a mirror.

    LOL. Yes, Jillian was a piece of work on the show. My wife and I were trying to figure out what illegal substance she might have been on or if it was that…um….time of the month. (Don’t hate me.) I felt bad for Bob and Dolvett wondering who this crazy woman was.

    It was also nice to see Bob and Dolvett bond.

    And yes, we also commented on Jared’s pants. Those pants have been around more than the sisterhood of traveling ones.

    I was sorry to see Francelina go, we keep hoping it will be Alex.

    Thanks for the recap.