Biggest Loser Recap: Rulon Gardner Walks Off Biggest Loser

After all his hard work

Biggest Loser Recap: Rulon Gardner Walks Off Biggest Loser

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On last night’s episode of Biggest loser, we saw Olympic gold medalist, Rulon Gardner, walk off the scale and leave the show. Rulon stated that he left the show for personal reasons, but I question his reasons… Do you think it’s possible that he left the show to get more publicity? Rulon also stated that he’s considering a return to competitive wresting…

Seems crazy to give up such an amazing opportunity, especially after so much hard work.



  • casey day

    I think what he did was inexcusable. when you try out for a show you need to complete what you started. with 10′s of thousands of people trying out for this show, me included, I think it was inexcusable! you should not be allowed to quit without some sort of penalty from the show.

  • Diane

    What I think is inexcusable is bringing back a past contestant and allowing her to compete for a great prize that should have been a reward for one of those contestants of THIS SEASON. Tara had her turn and won on her season. The remaining contestants of this season were cheated out of a reward that should have been theirs to take. Rulon would have won that competition if it were not for Tara. I would have walked off too. Call me or him a sore loser but that was JUST WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS! I think that loss was penalty enough. How would you feel if you were one of those 10′s of thousands who tried out, made it and then lost such a huge reward because of a contestant who had her place in the spotlight not only in her season but NOW in yours as well.

    • keiji

      Good Point.

  • debbie

    I think what Rulan did was absolutely justified. What were the producers thinking when they let a previous BL winner compete in the car pulling. Sure….let her compete, but she should not have been able to “take the prize”….. She had her year…and she did excellent. Talk about knocking the spirit out of the contestants on this years’ show. BAD CALL…boo producers !!!

    Also, I think the episode where Moses got voted off was total B.S. Please Olivia (yap yap yap), you never mentioned having children since the first episode of the show. Nice trump card….make the man feel obligated to leave the show so you can keep your butt there…. As if you were not healthy enough to leave the show at that point and go home (where you belong) and start a family. BIggest manipulators on the show….the twisted sisters. Shame on you Olivia. Moses needed to be there far more than you did at that point.

    I hope Austin takes it all….he deserves it. A very genuine, caring, young man. Saying that, I also think Irene is worthy of the top prize. As for Hannah and Olivia….. you win top prize for being the biggest phonies on the show.

  • Ann

    I think Rulan left because his ego got stepped on. Here he was, Olympic gold medalist, and he got beat on the racecar track by Tara. I think he felt humiliated, and I think he quit in a fit of petulant pique.

    That said, i agree with the comments about the producers’ decision to allow Tara to compete in that challenge. The current competitors have a right to know who their competition is. They have a right to start every challenge with their own internal strategies and strengths. Tara is a phenomenon; I’m a great fan. But it wasn’t her turn; it isn’t her season.

    And as for the purple sisters, I don’t object to Olivia’s chatter nearly as much as I do to Hannah’s. She is the most vapid, silly, self-absorbed contestant ever. I actually like Olivia; but wish Hannah would get eliminated just to end her incessant silliness.

    Bad episode. Bad call by the producers; bad conduct by Rulan; bad outcome for Kaylee. And Olivia is still hanging in there, blathering away.

  • JD

    I agree that Tara should not have won a prize. It wasn’t her season and it was a bad decision by the producers. However, Rulan acted like a child and should see a therapist for his obvious insecurities. Grow up Rulan – and do it BEFORE you compete for ANYTHING else.

  • Cdub

    There is a lot of speculation that he was kicked off the show for cheating somehow…

    • sickofstupid

      The speculation of him of engaging in illegal activities is true. It has been said by one of the contestants that he was asked to leave the show and that he would not be highlighted at the finale or at the end of the show that walked out of showing where he was at that time. Personally, after hearing all the crap that Rulon is being accused of, I am glad Tara came back and won a prize. At least she is a likable, moral person.

      • Chelsia Hart

        Whoa! Now we’re really curious!

      • http://aol Linda

        What did he do??? I’ve been serching the web to find out why he left since the finale when it was
        obvious to everyone that he was missing without a word said. What is the network trying to cover up??

  • Honeylv

    OMG. You all take this stuff toooooooo serious! Other a contestant walking off everything else is toilet food.

  • Michele from da Bronx

    There’s all sorts of information out there here’s a link to just one person who had inside info on why he left.

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  • Madeinhawaii

    I guess his motive was purely money and the publicity… I mean if he’s losing weight, he has no reason to walk off.

  • Andrew Rivera

    By walking off, he showed America he is a big loser. He was probably starving and immediately went for a XLarge Pizza with a Large Pitcher of beer and a whole cake for desert. Sad.