Contestant Explains Why He Chose to Leave Show

Contestant Explains Why He Chose to Leave Show

The second episode of The Biggest Loser Season 13 airs tonight and it will be without contestant Ben Shuh.

Ben was the first person to be eliminated this season and that happened only because he asked to be. His decision sparked a lot of criticism among his fellow contestants and viewers, but Ben explained himself to The Today Show.

For him, it was all about his family. He has a wife, nine kids and one on the way.

“I never went out with the intention of winning a show or winning money or anything like that,” he explained. “For me, it was to go and get healthy, and figure out why was I so big, and how to exercise right and eat right. And so I went into the elimination room. At least three of my teammates had said they really didn’t feel like they had anything to go home to, and I felt like I had everything to go home to.”

Understandable. Since leaving The Biggest Loser, Ben has dropped 75 pounds.