Did Jillian Michaels’ departure cause ratings drop?

Did Jillian Michaels’ departure cause ratings drop?

As we reported earlier in the season, The Biggest Loser ratings have been down since popular trainer Jillian Michaels departed the show. And that’s still the case.

Is the drop just a coincidence or have people stopped watching since Michaels left? The trainer herself seems to think so.

“I know if Bob [Harper] had left and I’d stayed, the ratings would bomb in the same way,” she said, according to TV Guide. “Since I left Biggest Loser, I have honestly not heard the end of it about how much people miss seeing us together.”

Fans who miss the two trainers together can see them in a reunion on Michaels’ new show The Doctors Nov. 17 when Bob makes an appearance.



  • Pem1205

    I, for one, have not watched at all since Jillian left, and it is the first season I’ve missed since the show started. It’s just not the same, although when she left a few years back and was replaced by Kim, I still enjoyed the show. I did think she left to start a family and was surprised to learn she is on another show?

  • rhondaRlm4hope

    Face it. Jillian is why people watched. Nobody really wants to watch a bunch of overweight people whinning about their live.It’s like Jillian tells them how it is.

  • Albilderback

    I have tried to watch since Jillian left, but it’s just boring now. Bring Jillian back and people will start watching again.