Five Ways To Improve The Biggest Loser

As NBC pauses the show for a revamp, we make our own suggestions

Five Ways To Improve The Biggest Loser

The news recently broke that The Biggest Loser Season 14 would not start in the fall.

NBC has decided to pull the weight-loss competition show from the fall line-up to give the network time to revamp the show that has seen steadily declining ratings the past couple of seasons. It seems there are a couple really easy fixes to improve the show. Here are five:

1. More red line weeks. After a certain point in the show when everyone has learned how to workout, start sending people home who lose the least amount of weight. Keep the game fair. If the show wants to get back the heart it once had, this would be an easy way to do it.

2. Make it more interactive. Ask America to vote on stuff. Maybe a vote can decide what kind of challenges they’ll get to play in. Or hell, ask America who should go home. That would definitely get fans going. At the end of the season, ask America to vote a fan favorite. Other shows do all these things. Get with it, NBC!

3. Nix the couples/teams. Go back to individual players. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of husbands and wives and the cousins. I want to see only complete strangers competing against each other.

4. Stop putting the trainers against each other. Or at least get two trainers who don’t act like babies. Bob and Dovlett are great, but they have NO dynamic. The show is lacking the dynamic Bob and Jillian  had. They competed against each other but seemed to have a strong relationship. I’m sure people are expecting “Bring Jillian back” to be on this list, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I’m sure she’d help get some viewers back, but it’s not her the show is missing, it’s the dynamic.

5. This one is almost too easy: Cut the show from two hours to one hour. No show needs to take up two hours of anyone’s life. Ever.

So those are just the easiest five suggestions. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Please let us know in our comments section how you’d improve The Biggest Loser!



  • Heather Evans

    I think they need to start with the Yellow Line right from the start. It would stop the “Anaconda” problem they had this year. They voted out players that lost higher percentages because of clicks and refusing to admit it. I was sick of the whole ” he isn’t pulling his weight and trying”. They voted Roy out because he wasn’t “fully in it” yet he lost a higher percentage then the people voting him out. Half way through, move onto the RED LINE. I agree with cutting it to 1 hour and stop with the consist “commercials” within the show.

  • Alllisonsattic

    Your number 3 above is my #1 thing they should got back too!! Go back to singles from the start…no relationship/family couples…that is where they need to start. I agree about the yellow/red lines needed more..that would help with making it a one hour show instead of would cut out the need for the voting at the end..I can really bypass that part myself…Notice there was no marathon at the end this year…I actually miss that..shows how far they have come to me…AND ….I do like the idea of america voting for types of competitions..they did that in the past one year…I liked that…choose a competition from the past that you would like to see back….I just want a good show that motivates and focuses on weight loss….NOT drama!!!!

  • Drmacmn1947

    They need a new immunity rule. If you are the highest percent of weight loss for the season to date, you get immunity for another week. We want to see success not game playing. Also, I like Dolvett but bring back Jillian or someone like her. We need a female trainer and a good, tough one.

  • Anne Mc

    I think once someone is voted off they shouldn’t be able to come back.

  • Im JILLin’ on my couch

    This article says bringing jillian back isnt neccessary but i think it is. But i do agree that this show is missing the dynamic of bob and jillian with bob and dolvett. But i think. Bringing jillian back would bring alot more people because lets face it, this show grew up with bob and jillian and to take one of them away is like taking away harry potter and replacing him with someone else. Some people may watch the show but only because ron and hermoine are the same people (or in this case bob is still there). But i also think dolvett should stay too but TBL really needs jillian back. Other than that i think these suggestions are spot on. :D

  • candidulce

    I agree with having the viewers vote for what competition they do. It would make things more interactive.

    I do not think bringing back Jillian will help matters if she does not want to come back, but maybe having a female trainer would be better. The whole male versus female dynamic is always a plus.

    I don’t mind the two hours. I actually work out while watching it, so the two hours keep me going for two hours instead of slowing down.

    I am a HUGE fan of eliminating the couples ideas. It give the contestants more reason to group together. I loved that the purple team were two girls that did not know each other this last season. It created a different feel that was relieving to the whole husband wife, cousin, friend, etc deal. When at an individual level, it brings them closer as a group and also causes them to hit that bottom quicker which is good because that is when they start to realize how important this is to them. Or not in some cases.

  • Semperfidani

    I would like to see contestants who waterload, or gain, automatically fall below the yellow line. They do that on TBL Australia.

  • Fabsupjenn

    Tell Bob to quit saying super crazy stuff – that line last year about cutitng off the gals hair was way to far with my 3 and 6 year old in the room. I turned it off that night and for the rest of the season after that.

  • Seia0214

    I agree we need to focus on the cast not the trainers. More individuals not couples. More info on nutrition.

  • Sherrikennedy

    Leave all the drama out. Focus the show on the weight loss. Sending people home should be more about weight loss and less about who is friends and who is not.

  • Candle_flickers

    I like the two hour slot. You can’t fit a week into an hour. I want to see less game play and more workouts/nutrition.

  • Annekong

    Bring dr h back,bring bob Harper back,apologize to Jillian and bring her back,ditch whoever decided to fix what wasn’t broken…so they broke the show that worked,give us contestants like Sam and Tara and ally..they inspired people who could relate.this show was motivating until it became a big brother knock off…bring back the motivation and motivators.

  • Laurelmiles

    Have GOOD PEOPLE on the show who really want to loose weight and be helpful and supportive of one another…………if you have anymore spoiled brats like on Season 13 who want to walk off – LET THEM!! (and bring back contestants who really want to participate in a positive way.) Who cares? They don’t deserve to be there anyhow. Maybe you need some new people in your casting department………..?

  • Michelle

    I like the show being 2 hrs…I think it’s worth the 2 hrs. And I think having America’s input is a bad idea. Because then it gets like American Idol where you vote people off ‘just because.’ I think if you don’t take the weight off and you goof off…you should go home. Last season was awful and I agree about the trainers/contestants against each other. That’s NOT what the show is about. It’s about losing weight and putting your heart into it.

  • Dpparsley

    I think that they should allow everyone to finish no one goes home along they way they still can win prizes at the end the winner gets $500,00 they all need to lose let the entire group finish could be interesting
    have more interviews when the winner is announced maybe a follow up show similar to survivor everyone is interested in how the other contestants did

  • Lnicely

    I am sick of screaming brides and singing shows and dancing shows a little goes a long way.
    The Biggest Loser maybe needs a brush up and it’s sad that the babies had to walk out and spoil
    A good show. Dee

  • faithful fan

    I agree with many of these posts as far as the game playing goes. The viewers who come back to this show are people who like the concept of changing people’s lives for the better. The seasons that were the best are the ones where there was genuine concern for each other between the contestants. It is not about back stabbing concept to stay in the contest. There is plenty of that out there on they other reality shows. I honestly want to stop watching when I see some selfish contestant who is only in it for the money, not to save/improve their life.

  • taylor1s

    I am sorry but Dolvett is not helping Biggest Looser. His what and desire is there but as mentioned many times there is no cohesiveness with him and the rest of the cast. Show more of how the contestants are taught how to do their diets, and how it works into their daily schedule of training. The quick hint given just before commercials are vague, elaboration would be appreciated. Like most people, I feel the return of Jillian would be a big boost but not the overall fix. I Bob leaves the show is doomed for total failure. Reduce your costs from the world wide traveling, keep it local to the US and show its phenomenal, beautiful and wonder. The Drama between contestants gets old.


    I love your ideas! Especially having the public vote off some contestants. I think there are some contestants over the past few seasons that are so incredibly irritating and need to just get off the show altogether! I actually quit watching last season because of Conda.

    I also think that even though they are competing for a prize, they need to take the “game” out of it. It defeats the purpose of the true goal.