Interview with Cheryl Forberg

Insight into the Biggest Loser Kitchen

Interview with Cheryl Forberg

Want to know more about The Biggest Loser diet? Suzy and Missy chat with Cheryl Forberg, the nutritionist for The Biggest Loser! Cheryl talks about what we don’t get to see on The Biggest Loser, the kitchen! She also fills us in on what the contestants eat, and how they prepare their meals. That’s right, there is not a chef on the BL Ranch!

You submitted questions for Cheryl for a chance to win her new book, Flavor First. Here are the 3 lucky winners and their questions:

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  • Michynkrs

    I finally had a chance to see this! Thank you! & Thank you to Missy and Suzy for taking the time ALL SEASON LONG to bring us The Biggest Loser recaps and interviews!