Is Jillian Michaels a Lesbian?

What do you think, gay, straight? Does it matter?

Is Jillian Michaels a Lesbian?

We’re counting down the days until Jillian’s last appearance on The Biggest Loser. But why is Jillian leaving the show? E! is reporting that Jillian is ready to get married, and is in the process of adopting a baby! This is big news for such a mysterious woman! In an interview with Ladies Home Journal, Jillian hinted that her partner could be “male or female.”

I love that she keeps us guessing! What do you think, gay, straight? Does it matter?



  • casey day

    it doesnt matter, she is a great person gay, straight, or whatever! good for her


      Jesus don’t you have anything better to do then try and out someone, By doing this you could destroy plans she might have made IF IT WHERE TRUE.. any WAY YOU NEVER OUT SOME ONE NOT READY ITS A Code in the Gay community, and by her silience she TELLING “TO MIND YOU OWN BEEs WAX, Bud out of my life”,Sorry your life is so boring that you have to talk about more interesting people…
      BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER we love Jillian for beening Jillian and being able to help so many other people.

      JILLIAN What ever your plan s R I SAY KUDDOs,girl grab life by the horns, GO 4 IT “LIFE IS SHORT”
      GO 4 it all girl you deserve the very best…
      anY wAY IF SHE WANT YOU TO KNOW ANYTHING she would have told you more…so shut up on the guessing games…

      Biggest Loser über-star Jillian Michaels has helped millions, literally, with their personal and lifetime goals. Michaels, 37, just gave an interview to Forbes, where she talked at length about her latest self-help endeavor, a book called Unlimited, and the chat (as well as the book) is filled to the brim with very basic rules in life like imagine, believe in yourself and achieve.

      Very Jillian-type lingo. But what are Jillian’s own personal goals? Hmmm, she never really talks about that much, does she?
      Well, her friends are blabbing:
      TWITTER: Follow @theawfultruth

      Read more:

      Exclusive! Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels to Adopt and Get Married Soon?

      Remember my name DRAGONLADY.

  • simon

    she’s BI

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  • Michele from da Bronx

    Those of us in the “know” already know the answer to your question. Not sure why that was a topic of discussion on reality nation but since you threw it out there I’m gonna inform a few of you that read this. Jillian Michaals private life isnt that private at all. Those “in the life” have known for a long time along with knowing the super sucessful partners she has had. She is NOT Bi! She is a PROUD ,STRONG & SUCESSFUL Lesbian. Not sure why the title of this topic needed to be what it is.. What difference does it makes? In progression, Jillian has landed a spot on the show THE DOCTORS as a health consultant. She wants to devote time to having a family and after spending years in the lime light she’s ready to do just that!

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  • Shanmc

    straight, but I love her either way, LOL!

  • Brenda8151976

    Definitely gay, but no, it does not matter.

  • Pem1205

    Don’t really care about her sexual orientation (I once heard her say she could fall in love with either a man or a woman, so I guess she’s bisexual) but am wondering why she’s on the Doctor’s show after announcing she was leaving BL to adopt a baby?

  • Sabolton53

    It doesn’t matter but I think gay.

  • Anonymous

    Not a huge mystery. She says in her book that she’s bisexual (actually she said she’d been in love with both men and women, which is the same thing IMO)

  • Rajah_peavey

    Yea it dose Matter and its okay I have many friends that r gay strait and bi and I would never date them cuz there my friends and Im strait so y would u put such stupid news on here its not a big of a deal. Just making my point

  • Jaysun

    She is as bent as a Candy Cane, so she’s a DYKE!

  • wiggens

    No it dosen’t matter whether shes lesbian,straight or bi.
    Lets worry about problems that really need to be worked on. like taking care of all the homeless people in the USA.

  • mark voorhees

    she’s dyke and will also prove to be a pedophile and wouldn’t doubt if she ‘s already involved in orgies you find this intimidating? or Homophobic? as you gay les fanatics call it. I was married twice to these butch types and they were the most conceited, violent, conniving,cowardly,cruel, and hypocritical of all human beings, their whole life is nothing but a violent lie. the truth of the matter is lesbians and homosexuals are actually heterophobic it is impossible for them to love anyone, at all. all they know is lust and lust in nothing more than rape and murder. Vice ,you know ,sex crimes , yeah there really is such a thing , vice is the root word for vicious,! vicious is violent ,brutal,cruel, dangerous-it means to be full of vice,people filled with lust are actually vicious and violent people,. If Jesus didn’t speak it there is no life in it- it will die. there is no life in a lie, someone else is there and we all know where he is going, we just don’t want to follow him there, the death there is eternal

  • Lorena Silvia Muñoz Sandoval


  • Lorena Silvia Muñoz Sandoval