Jessica Sent Home

Jessica Sent Home

In my opinion, this week’s Biggest Loser was the best episode of the season!  Not just because of the “Silent Dance Party” from John, or the agility demonstrated by Vinny with his “Worm” maneuver; but because of the growth that many of the contestants showed during a week that could potentially make or break them.

This week started off with a shocker for the players.  Their happy teams were going to be broken up.  I can empathize with them because when you are on the show, you get into a routine.  Once you are in that routine, anything that leads to a deviation from it is considered a distraction.  It was obvious from the look on the contestant’s faces that this was definitely not part of their routine.

Anna has been on my hit list as a trainer for most of the season.  Last night, she earned major respect from me, and her team, by calling them out.  She made a great point in saying that it doesn’t matter who your trainer is, you are the ones doing the work.  She is right.  Once you leave the safe confines of the ranch, you are on your own.  Your trainer doesn’t go with you, and many of the players will never hear from the trainers again.

I don’t mean to single out John, but the guy just reminds me so much of myself.  Last night he talked about going to the drive through and ordering different types of burgers so that it wouldn’t look like they were all for him.  I use to do the same thing!  Go to McDonalds, order two separate Super Value Meals, with different drinks of course, and then go down it all.

That’s the thing about obesity, what may seem appalling to those who have never struggled with it, is a way of life for some who do.  I’m glad he opened up about what he use to do because more people than we realize do the same thing.  The guilt and shame that come with “hiding” our food can be overwhelming.

All of the contestants struggled with the idea of getting new trainers.  Who can blame them?  They have built bonds and to have them taken away can be very tough.  Though they may not have realized it last night, getting their teams changed is only going to help them when they get home.  Bob, Dolvett, and Anna aren’t going home with them when they leave the ranch.  Once they do get home, they are going to have to find a trainer to work with.

This shake up taught the players to adapt, give up some control, and learn that THEY, not the trainers, are responsible for their outcome.

What started off as a rough week for most of the contestants ended up pretty dang good.  Here are the weigh in results.

New Red Team: Bonnie -7, Jessica -8, John -15

New Black Team:  Vinnie -12, Becky -11, Antone -16

New Blue Team:  Sunny -9, Ramone -16, Joe -15

The Red team lost the weigh in and it looked like Bonnie would be going home.  John had immunity and Jessica is Ramon’s girlfriend now so it looked like she would be safe.  But she wasn’t.  Ramon’s team voted for her and it was time for her to go.

I know Ramone isn’t happy, but in the big scheme of things, this was the best move.  It is getting to the time in the game where you have to start taking out the biggest threats.  Very soon it will go to singles and everyone is fair game.  By taking out some of the bigger threats right now, the players give themselves a better chance to be standing at the end.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens next week!

See you next week.