Biggest Loser Video Recap: The Hoovers Clash On The Walkout

Do you agree with Suzy or Matt?

Biggest Loser Video Recap: The Hoovers Clash On The Walkout

After a dramatic and action packed week last week, this week's episode of The Biggest Loser fell short.

All of the past contestants were brought back and battled to win a spot in the finals. Redoing their initial challenge from week one, Jeremy won, winning the final 3rd spot to join Kim and Conda

in the finals.

But not to worry, there's still plenty to talk about on this week's video recap! We revisit the walkout controversy because Matt wasn't able to properly state his opinions last week due to some technical difficulties with Skype.




  • Rebecca Sorrells

    Love you guys & your discussions, banter, recaps! Even when you disagree you are sweet about it! And Suzy, you & I are in the minority. I agree with you that there had to be something much bigger than what we were shown to have caused Mark & Buddy to walk away. Something smells fishy & I don’t think they deserve all the flak they are getting over this!

  • Lisa

    I see both of your views…I think we’ll learn more once the show is over. Not sure what to think about it.

  • Sherry

    Obviously, we don’t know the whole story…but what really bugs me is that by quitting, they robbed two others of a chance to compete. Also, I really hate how Mark acted like he was so above it all by bringing God into the mix. What about honoring commitments? I would have respected that much more. I don’t think this was about “doing the right thing” at all. It was all about him being selfish. He is like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. He seemed so ungrateful for all the ranch provided for him. I’m sorry to be negative, but his attitude just really rubbed me the wrong way. That being said, he did lose a lot of weight, he worked really hard for that, he looks great, and I wish him all the best. I just wish he would say thank you to the trainers, nutritionist, medical staff, etc… who helped him get there.

  • Kristy

    I just recently found this website and I have to say that you two are my absolute favorite thing about it. I always loved your story (I didn’t see your season live..watched it in reruns) and I love your vlog. How could anyone say anything bad about the two of you (as you said so in this vlog)?
    Anyway, way to disagree with class but I have to side with Matt here. Why quit? They signed the contract, they committed themselves to the show, so backing out makes them look small. It’s a shame.

  • Brcrider2272

    When you make a contract isn’t there a moral obligation to fulfill the terms of that contract unless there is something illegal or immoral that occurs? Especially people of faith should have a strong sense of keeping faith with their commitments to whomever, and if they enter a contract it should be honored to the full extent. I would have preferred for them to display their faith in themselves and their Christian beliefs in a more positive, constructive way and stayed on to the conclusion of their contract.