What Caused The Biggest Loser Walkout?

Find out what made contestants angry enough to leave the show

What Caused The Biggest Loser Walkout?

Update: Week 16 Walkout

The show descriptions of upcoming episodes of The Biggest Loser reveal a little more about the drama that allegedly ended with two of the final five contestants out of the contest.

Spoiler Alert

For this coming Monday's episode, NBC says “This week, a surprising turn of events shakes up the competition …” which we already know. But according to the following week's description (April 24) two of the three finalists will be announced this coming week. Which could mean either one player is eliminated before the walkouts or there were more than two exits.

Here's the April 24 preview:

“The stakes are higher than ever when all the eliminated contestants return to the ranch to compete in

a fateful, four-part challenge. The challenge winner will secure a coveted spot as a finalist, and the chance to compete for the $250,000 grand prize, along with the other two finalists revealed in last week’s episode. It’s a fight to the finish with each player fiercely determined to get back in the game in a competition that will put their speed, knowledge and endurance to the ultimate test. In the end, the third finalist of season 13 will be revealed.”

Regardless of what happens with finalists, we at least know what the twist was that upset the finalists enough to stage the walkout. All the previously eliminated players return for a chance to compete in the finale. That means someone sent home week 1 or 2 could end up with the grand prize.

Source: Reality TV Magazine



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dale-McClung/1759998440 Dale McClung

    They have done this twist before but a bit earlier in the competition, i can understand the contestants being upset but they only have guaranteed two people in the finals and always have had some twist revolving around the third seat. Most likely one of the contestants who was eliminated the most resent will get the last seat anyways because they have more knowledge and are better able to compete in physical aspects of a challenge.

  • Poohgirl

    They have done it since the beginning. I am not sure they did it the first season but for the past quite a few seasons they have done that. If you are a fan of the show you know its a given. I think it is completely fair!

  • PattyT

    Whatever. I’m done with this season. Too much whining and ill will. I watch this show for inspiration, not drama.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dale-McClung/1759998440 Dale McClung

      I agree this season has been the season of whiny contestants. Its a game for Gods sake

  • Grandmamichelf

    Last season Ramon won the marathon after he had been eliminated and took the 3rd place in the finals. Guess they didn’t see that. Bunch of spoiled brats this year. I’m tired of them all.

  • Olliebug

    It was in the contract before they started that it was going to happen

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4TRX2TQ2Z3GKOR2J3F64CMAXCA margaret g

    This has to be the season of discontent for sure. I can’t stand the people who complained all the time from day one. You know who they are. None of the three left are worthy of the prize because of all the ill will during the season. I hope all three lose and either the brother or sister who were treated like dirt when they returned to the ranch wins it. That would be justice. This is the last season I am watching this show. Maybe they should interview longer before they take on some of the contestants. Make sure you are getting people who will fight the good fight but in an honorable way. The back stabbing this season was just disgraceful.

  • Texas

    I agree with their decision to walk out. Anyone would be upset if sitting in their shoes. To work extremely hard, be away from your family, friends and life, have your life exposed to all of American and all the while still sweating it out to the finish line only to be tripped during the last few seconds of the race. A twist in the middle of the game wouldn’t be so horrible, but not during the last two episodes. They may have signed the 100-page contract, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind and stand up for what they feel is right!

    I didn’t like Bob this year!

    • Seadan1967

      They were GIVEN this incredible opportunity. They new what they were getting into. They need to stand by thier word. They are not The Biggest Looser, the are big f’n baby loosers.

  • Poohgirl

    @ Texas: Are you kidding me? They brought back ALL the eliminated contestants on the very last show and Ramon came back as the final 3! They have brought back contestants in the show every season for the past several seasons. Ali won her season when she was brought back as the eliminated player. It doesn’t matter if they bring them back before makeover week or after! If you are a fan of the show you know it WILL happen regardless as to “when”. And I thought both Dolvet and Bob rocked this season! I didn’t care for the cast much though.

  • Seadan1967

    Biggest Loser is a great show, these big fat baby contestants were GIVEN this great opportunity, they knew what has happened in the past and what would happen this year. Its a GAME, if they cant play by the rules and want to walk off like big babies who cant stick to thier word oh well. They will be hearing about this for a long time to come. I feel sorry for thier families and children who will hear how thier parents are quitters.

  • Florenceann06

    No, it’s not fair. But it’s the game. I thought it was very childish to quit for that reason. It’s not like quitting changed the outcome.