Recap: Red Team Sends Courtney Home

Recap: Red Team Sends Courtney Home

This week was an interesting week on The Biggest Loser.  The show started with a challenge that had a prize with a catch.  In a game of pure chance a disc would be dropped down a giant board and was lucky enough to have the disc land on their name would get to go home and see their family for a week.

Sunny was the “lucky” contestant who got to go home with Bob for a week.  Did I mention that in addition to getting to go home, Sunny would be the only person on her team whose weight would count for her team.  The fate of her team was squarely on her shoulders.

After Sunny left the teams had their first challenge.  The challenge was to fill a container with orange pop.  Oh yeah, in order to get the pop in the container, the contestants had to navigate through a bungee cord obstacle course holding two cups of pop. As usual, the Black team looked in control.  But as the challenge went on the Red team closed the gap, and in the end, they finally snapped the Black team’s streak.  Blue team finished dead last again.  It is looking highly unlikely that they will ever win anything.

I have to wonder how long it took Sunny to decide that maybe this challenge wasn’t as fun as she thought it would be.  Bob was on a mission to make sure that Sunny delivered and he gave her daily beatings.  From pushing a pick-up truck to carrying bags of feed up stairs, Sunny was working out old school.

Product placement this week was by Subway who fixed Sunny and her son a nice little breakfast sandwich.

Going into the weigh in, I was seriously wondering if any team will ever beat the Black team.  Only one way to find out.  Let’s get to the weigh in.

Red Team:  Vinny dropped 10, Jessica dropped 6, Ramon dropped 7, and Courtney lost 6.

Blue:  Bonnie dropped 4 and Becky dropped 8.  By dropping 8, Becky ensured that Blue team would stick around another week.

And now the Black team:  John dropped 12, Jennifer dropped 8, Joe dropped 7, and Antone dropped 4.  I think they Black team gambled the Sunny was going to pull through and held some weight.  What, it wouldn’t have mattered.  I think they just figured that they may as well hold some weight to pad for next week.

Here we are with Sunny; it is all down to her.  In order to keep her team safe, she needed to drop 7 pounds.  It didn’t look good because she hasn’t had those numbers all season.  She gets on the scale and drops 14 freaking pounds!  Black is safe again.

The Red team had to send someone home and they chose Courtney.  In her after shot Courtney looked awesome.

I don’t know what it is about this season, but I am bored.  Hopefully they go on an exciting trip or get some interesting challenges.  I almost wonder if it isn’t because the Black team is just so dominant.  The contestants are doing well but there isn’t really anybody who jumps out and gets me to really root for them.  Maybe next week.