Biggest Loser Recap with Matt Hoover

Biggest Loser Recap with Matt Hoover

On this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser, the contestants heads to the land of paradise to dispel the excuse, “You can’t lose weight on vacation.” Last night’s episode was smooth and relaxed with the Hawaiian feel. We saw the cast surf with Bethany Hamilton, weigh-in on Pearl Harbor, and elimination was even held on a huge ship! While Kim felt singled out and alone, it didn’t stop her from smoking the weigh-in, and landing herself at the top for weight loss. However, one the remaining teams still together, the purple team,  both fell under the yellow line sending home mom Kimmy.

Suzy Hoover is out this week, so Matt Hoover, from the Biggest Loser Two, recap this week’s episode.



  • Tamdihugs

    Hey, Matt… You are very remembered by a lot of us. Love you and Suzy, both. And love the re-caps. Thanks.

  • Steve

    Hi Matt, oh yeah, you’re remembered very well. I watched the first 2 seasons and then I started again on season 5, then skipped a mess of them and started on season 10. I have Netflix and have started watching them in order and I’m up to season 5. I use the shows as motivation, and believe me, season 2 was one of the best. You see, I kinda have this obesity problem. I’m 53, and started on 8/1/11 at 445 pounds. Currently I’m at 329. Diet and exercise, yup that’s the secret. My wife (who had lost 47 pounds herself and 10 pounds from goal) actually see you and Suzy every day. We have the BL workout with you two in it and will be doing it for 5 more weeks. Thank you for your recaps, I always look forward to them.