Biggest Loser Recap with Matt & Suzy Hoover

The Hoovers weigh in on makeovers, breakdowns and the walkout

Biggest Loser Recap with Matt & Suzy Hoover

Everyone knows the First Lady is ripped, right? On last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser, the contestants got to meet Michelle Obama (and her biceps) for part two of Makeover Week. But it wasn’t all fun and games, because Chris had an emotional breakdown and r

esorted to binge eating. That ultimately led to her demise when she was sent home after gaining 2 lbs at the weigh-in.

Matt and Suzy Hoover, from The Biggest Loser 2, weigh-in on this dramatic episode.



  • Ilovecondiments

    omg – it was NOT public knowledge! RRRR!!!! Well, we don’t know what happened but still – you should have said spoiler alert! or something. Gees guys… :( Anyone watching this before the Arpil 17, 2012 episode – do not watch unless you want to hear part of what happens next week! Disappointed. :p

    • Rich

      Nope it was public knowledge.

    • Davisb

      It was public knowledge… just go google the Biggest Loser walkout.

  • Lisa

    Nice job on the video blog. I love that you never sugar-coat anything and you tell it like it is. It will be interesting to see what happened with the walk-off last week. Maybe it’s really not as big a deal as they want us to believe. So much drama…are we in junior high??

    Thanks for sharing your comments with us.

    -An Iowa Hawkeye life-time fan, Iowa farm girl who knows what hard work is…(there’s an idea!! Put the contestants to WORK on a real Iowa farm for four months during the summer!!)

  • Linda

    Please look at the camera

  • Theresa

    I don’t understand why you didn’t cover them at the White House? This was one my favorite Biggest Loser’s episodes since the series began!

  • Terry

    You guys are greatly entertaining in front of the camera, but I guess that’s part of the reason your personalities landed you on BL in the first place. And Suzy: You are just too cute! (I can get away with saying that because I’m an old lady.)

    I have way too many exercise videos (300+) so I don’t get to “work out with y’all” often enough on that one BL DVD. It would be cool if you and some other past contestants did your own DVDs.