Biggest Loser Episode 6: Leading By Example

The game is controlled by the role of dice this week

Biggest Loser Episode 6: Leading By Example

This week’s episode of The Biggest Loser was all about leading by example. So the episode is all about one person counting for a whole group.

When the contestants enter the gym Alison is in there waiting for them along with three giant dice with the contestants’ photos on them. Uh-oh.

Alison explains that the trainers will decide whose weight counts this week by a roll of the dice. So only one person from each team will be weighing in for their whole team. Yikes. Then the losing team will vote to send someone home per usual.

And while I was busy blinking, Gina and Bob started bickering or something. It almost sounds like Bob is bullying her but frankly, I don’t feel like reversing the DVR just to watch a sad woman cry at the hands of her sassy trainer. No thank you. Someone feel free to comment and explain what that mess was all about.

So anyway, back to what’s really going on. The pressure is on now. Which I guess means every one really needs to work hard since they don’t know who is going to be weighing in. Um, so why is this any different from any other week? Aren’t they alway supposed to be working super hard to lose the most weight possible? Hmm.

Oh, the kids! that right. There are kids this season playing at home. The trainers check in with the kids and the seem fine.

And now it’s challenge time. And the dice are there once again. Like the weigh-in, only one person will represent their team in this week’s challenge. The winner of the challenge wins letters from home for the whole team.

The dice lands on Jackson for the red team, on Gina for the blue team and of course for the white team it’s Danni (since she’s the only one on her team).

Danni wins the challenge again and the white team continues its winning streak.

And it’s time for all the blood, sweat, tears and screaming. Of course I’m taking about the last chance workout. Though I think Jill and Danni are playing games at some sort of kid fun dome. I was waiting on some guy in an animal suit to bring out pizza.

Meanwhile, the red team is boxing with Layla Ali. And the blue team doesn’t need any gimmicks.

And it’s finally time for the weigh-in. Danni will obviously weigh in on her own. So if she loses then she heads home. Dolvett is first to roll and his roll turns up Joe’s face. His weight will represent the red team.

Bob’s up and his roll of the die turns up Jeff. His weight will represent the Blue Team.

The Weigh-in

Red Team:

  • Jackson -1 lb
  • Francelina -7 lbs
  • Joe -8 lbs

Total: 2.68% (based on Joe’s weight loss)

White Team:

  • Danni -6 lbs

Total: 2.82 %

Blue Team:

  • Gina -4 lbs lbs
  • Alex -3 lbs
  • Michael -8 lbs
  • David -3 lbs
  • Jeff -6 lbs

Total: 1.82 %

The Blue Team loses the weigh-in and they have to head off to vote one of their teammates off the show. The team decides to send David home.

Do you think the Blue Team made the right decision?