Biggest Loser Episode 7: Tough Love

Contestants now competing as singles

Biggest Loser Episode 7: Tough Love

The game changed on this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser and everything was just a little sweeter in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The Blue Team is still coming off David’s elimination from last week and cooking dinner when Alison walks in. And we all know this always means something. She tells the group that they’re going to singles. Each contestant gets a new color.

They’ll weigh in as individuals and the yellow line shows up for the first time this season, Alison tells them. The two people below the yellow line will be up for elimination. Bring on the gameplay. The blue team still holds the majority in the house, so things are going to get interesting.

And then it’s time for a Biggest Loser temptation challenge. They have 10 minutes to eat as many Valentine’s treats as they can and the person who eats the most calories gets a two-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Oh, and they can give another two-pound advantage to someone else in the contest. This is an interesting challenge.

And then the lights go out. So they can’t see what they’re eating and no one can see who is eating.

A few of them decide to eat, but it’s Alex who really over does it. She’s sucking icing off of her fingers, and gagging on brownies and at that moment I want nothing more than her to be sent home this week. But I know her shame from watching this episode is probably punishment enough. So I forgive her.

Jeff ate 270 calories. Francelina ate 1,150 and Alex ate 1,036. Francelina wins the advantage. So Alex was stuffing her face for nothing. Good job!

Then Francelina gives the other two pounds to Alex! So I guess it did pay off. Ack.

It’s time to check in on the kids competing at home. They’re all doing well expect for Biingo. He’s struggling from his injury and is depressed. Poor guy.

And then the players meet up with their trainers for the first time since going to individuals and the first time since eating those calories. Jillian is instantly irritated. Which is no surprise.

Then the coaches start dividing up the contestants to train and Jillian snatches up Francelina, Alex and Jeff (surely just to torture them all for eating the calories).

The contestants are off to their weekly challenge and the winner gets to bring a loved one to the ranch for 24 hours. They also get to pick one other person to have a visit from home.

And it’s a simple challenge. Just don’t be the first person to run to a spotlight in an arena.

Gina is eliminated first. Jackson is out second. Michael is out third. Jeff is out next. Then Alex. So it’s down to Dani, Joe and Francelina. Danni wins the challenge. Again. She gives her other win to Gina. Which I’m not sure of since she’ll probably be going home soon. Danni decides to give her own win to Michael. Smart gameplay, Danni!

During the last chance workout Alex continues down the path of becoming everyone’s least favorite contestant as she has it out with Bob and continues her generally bad attitude. She really pissed Bob off. And then there’s the whole thing with who she votes for to be eliminated this week…

And it’s weigh-in time.

The Weigh-In

  • Francelina -6 (with her advantage) / 2.76 %
  • Alex -8 (with the advantage) / 3.92 %
  • Danni -6 / 2.90 %
  • Joe -12 / 4.12 %
  • Jeff -11 / 3.41 %
  • Gina -9 / 4.66 %
  • Jackson -13 / 4.66 %
  • Michael -10 / 2.75%

Francelina and Michael are below the yellow line and Michael is the one who ends up getting voted off the ranch.

A few people started playing the game tonight. Jeff broke his word with Michael when he cast the deciding vote to send Michael home. And then Alex threw her vote to Francelina even though she shared her 2-pound advantage with her. Game on.