The Biggest Loser NOT returning in the fall

Will the 14th season of the weight-loss show return in the spring?

The Biggest Loser NOT returning in the fall

The question we’ve been asking about what’s going on with The Biggest Loser 14 has been answered: NBC is not placing the popular weight-loss show on its fall schedule.

Instead, The Voice will begin its first fall run, taking the Tuesday time slot The Biggest Loser normally fills in addition to its regular Monday time slot. So that means three hours of The Voice and none of The Biggest Loser.

NBC says The Biggest Loser has been renewed and still has casting calls out for the 14th season, so it looks like it will return in the Spring, but when will it air? The Voice will get another cycle in the spring, so who knows where The Biggest Loser will fit in.

After lower ratings and a disaster of a season 13, speculation started flying about what was going to happen with The Biggest Loser. Hopefully this will give NBC time to figure out what direction they want the show to go in without actually canceling it. And according to NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt, that’s the plan.

“Producers are revising and refreshing the show and they needed more time,” Greenblatt said.

Will you miss The Biggest Loser in the fall?


  • JayLow1

    Whew, for a moment I thought I wouldn’t get to watch one of my favorite PrimeTime shows. Since my Hopper records all my favorite shows during PrimeTime, I just have to press play and watch my shows. The Auto Hop feature, gives me the option to choose to skip the commercials or not. It will always ask if you want to use it or not before you watch each recording. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me how Auto Hop worked, before I had the chance to use it at home. This will allow me to enjoy more of my programming, without the hassle of manually fast forwarding commercials.

  • Sabolton53

    Yes I will miss it in the fall but not if it was like Season 13. The producers focused it on the negative and not the inspirational part of it. I love the show when the trainers really get to the heart of things with the contestants. When they break through their walls. I find myself relating to some of the things that come out as I may have gone through them myself.

  • Patricia Calef

    What is there to revise? Just go back to the format used for all other seasons but 14. Its that simple.

  • MO

    Yes, I will miss it, but after this season, there is nothing inspirational to the show anymore. When it first started, I don’t recall anyone being that petty and spiteful. But I agree with one reviewer when they said to not focus on the negative part of everything. I understand that when you are that heavy it’s easy to be negative and down on yourself, but once the weight starts dropping off and you break through all your defenses it’s time to stop being negative, but the producers didn’t do that because ratings are what sells. Who wants a competition that’s only positive all the time, negativity is what sells.

    • Spodbilski

      I cant believe it not going to be on , I love that show and it helps me stay on track with my own weight .. I am so disappointed .. Hope its back on soon ..

  • Carla

    As long as they go back to the format that worked! They really need to return to the real focus of changing lives and not the game play….I miss the seasons where the contestants work together and support each other. Those are the seasons that I felt everyone was a winner and the one who won the money truly worked hard to change their lives.

  • Ralphnlorihyde

    I love the biggest loser. Every Tuesday night I look forward to it. It inspires, motivates, and kicks me in the rear to do better and get healthier. Please dont cancel the program. Also, I do need it 2 times a year so it will continue to motivate me. I need this to keep me “trying” and “on track”. Please bring it back for the fall season. Thank you!

  • Emma

    I am sooooo mad that they aren’t going to have the biggest loser on TV because i hate the voice and I don’t want to watch that on Tuesday nights. The biggest loser inspered me a lot. I lost 10 lbs during season 13.

  • Crystal Siers

    I love the show its the best show nbc has its a shame that they immature childish people stop the motivation the show brings. Please dont cancel the show it will hurt more than you know this show is changing and helping save lives,

  • Theresa Chicoine

    i have watched the biggest loser since it started and i believe that it should come back on you should do one again. i enjoy so much watching and being inspired by the show. Bring back Jilian she is great and so is Bob. …..Theresa ..Canadian fan…

  • Mkruser7

    So if I am understanding this correctly, because of the selfish spoiled brats of season 13 the show had to regroup, refresh and implement changes so they do not have another disaster season. Thanks so much season 13 for trashing what was an amazing show with your gross behavior. It truly amazes me that the show picked so many disgusting players, usually you have one person with behavior issues but this time someone did not do their job. I hope to see the show back in full swing with a cast of great players, this time grown ups. Please bring the show back and don’t let one bad season ruin a wonderful show.

  • Ladyblue_1955

    I stopped watching when Jillian left. Don’t miss it at all!

  • BioHazard

    One of, if not the best reality shows that you can watch with your family, is educational, and is a true inspiration to MILLIONS!!!!!!! Don’t let the debacle of season 13 ruin the whole show. Be men/women, put your heads together and figure out a way something like that wouldn’t happen again. Personally, I think Mark planned to do it, as he no doubt thought he’d win the whole enchilada. I have a feeling he drug the weaker, sniveling Buddy with him right down the tubes. Those guys should be ashamed to ever show their face, ANYWHERE. There’s a twist like that EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Duhhh, had they NEVER watched the show before? Please don’t take what little bit of wholesome programming that’s left on TV.

  • NYOnMyMynd

    I LOVE The Biggest Loser. Those two hours on Tuesday night were the highlight of my week. I looked forward to it so very much. I was extremely irritated when it was shortened to one hour, and now for it to be postponed until spring is really disappointing. Don’t let the jerks of Season 13 ruin it for everyone.

  • NYOnMyMynd

    I LOVE The Biggest Loser. Those two hours on Tuesday night were the highlight of my week. I looked forward to it so very much. I was extremely irritated when it was shortened to one hour, and now for it to be postponed until spring is really disappointing. Don’t let the jerks of Season 13 ruin it for everyone.

  • Mary

    First off if NBC does not put Biggest loser back on they are total fools and another station should pick it up. What happen in season 13 was stupid and they should learn from it and go back to the earlier ones and put it back on track. They should have never let season 13 get to the point it did. Biggest loser is one of the best shows out there and my whole family sits and watches it and see how we can improve things in our home and our lives. When it first came out it was to help over weigh people and their watchers and then it went to drama. Please put it back on track and on TV minus the drama Fast. You have no idea how many people it has helped and how many people depend on that show. I do not think that The Voice is that entertaining to take that whole Tuesday night slot. If it does my TV will be turned off. Thank you

  • Youngatheart1024

    When one season ends I am already looking for the next season. It motivates me and I hope Biggest Loser returns. I wish I could go on the show.

  • RJ

    C’mon.I’ll take the Biggest Loser over The voice any day. Please keep Dolvett, too. I LOVE this show and have been waiting all summer for it’s return. Very disappointed in NBC. They are on a canceling frenzy…I’m about to jump ship.

  • Changeyourhealth

    I really hope the Biggest Loser come back soon. Every Tuesday night my friends and I would get together and watch the show. Please don’t cancel the show or postpone it because of a few people.

  • move on

    I will watch something else… very disapointed in NBC They ruined season 13 and now 14. NBC pack it up and move on you lost the best show and will lose so many of us that enjoyed it.

  • Cgreen897

    PLEASE don’t let my Tuesday nights be a disaster!! I have had to adjust the beginning of my week so that I can watch the real time viewing of The Biggest Loser! I had to readjust the last portion of season 13, when The Voice srarted snipping off of BL’s time, but it DID get me hooked on The Voice! Now I don’t see any indication that the show will premier this fall!!! What’s going on???

  • Constancegraham

    I Love the biggest loser show those two hour on tuesday night me and my daughter and 12 years old grandaughter we can’t wait for seven o’clock to see it when she have meeting to go to we record it we make sure we don’t miss it ,she are really upset that we can’t see the biggest loser show PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE bring the Biggest Loser show back on Tuesday Night for my Grandaughter and my daughter and myself

  • Allainmonette

    Why is Biggest Loser not coming back ? Oh thats right there isn`t any sex , drugs & killing !! We can not have a show with out those because , that is all anyone wants to watch THERE ARE A LOT OF US THAT LIKE TO WATCH SOME THING THAT IS DECENT & NOT DESTRUCTIVE TO THE MIND & BODY.

  • Lyn9271

    The one show I looked forward to…. I won’t be watching NBC this season. The Voice I can certainly do without.

  • Lyn9271

    The one show I looked forward to…. I won’t be watching NBC this season. The Voice I can certainly do without.

    • Delynn

      This show has truly inspired me to lose 80 pounds – and it really helps to see the struggle of the contestants and then the success. I’m like you – who cares about singing, when there are so many shows out there like that. Put a show on that will really encourage people (and there are a lot of us out there) to keep up the program. I will do it (with my Lord Jesus’ help) but it makes it so much more fun and encouraging with the show. I was hoping they would put another one on in the summer.

  • Michele Maltby Heffernan

    Are you kidding? My daughter and I have watched every single season of this show from the very beginning…It has inspired us – made us laugh – made us cry. Please do not cancel this show – it is an inspiration to so many people. Just consider last season a bust and get back to the basics of the show…helping people who have trouble helping themselves but aren’t afraid to do it!!

  • Blondy40pa

    I really look forward to the biggest loser in the fall. It helps you stay on track through the winter weather. That’s when people need it the most. Please don’t cancel this show.

  • Cakwheeler

    The biggest loser not returning this fall is a very big mistake for NBC. I am disappointed that there is nothing to watch on Tuesday nights on NBC. Who really wants to watch another boring , no talent singing show. There is already several of these on tv now and I can’t stand any of them. Please put the best show back on!! I guess everyone will be finding another station to watch. Hopefully. Someone will put on a good inspiration show like the biggest loser

  • Randalsou

    I am So Upset About this !!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW !!!! It is Such an Inspiration to Me and So Many More Other People. My Husband and I do Watch Every Single Show.
    So Please do Not CANCLE :( :(
    Kathy Randalson

  • linda

    Are you kidding me . I watch this show from beginning to end. Just because a few idots were on the program, you should not take it away from all the people, that lookup to that program week after week. I even planned my day around that program so I would notr miss it. I think you are doing something that will hurt people very much.It inspired alot of people. Please reconsider this for all of us.

  • Busymom70

    Of course we will miss it!! That is a stupid question. My daughter and I look forward to watching it every week. The Biggest Loser has been a major motivator for us.

  • Guest

    I agree with all the other posts and NBC is making a big mistake by not putting Biggest Loser in the fall line-up. This is truly one of the best and most inspirational shows on TV. It is the only reality show I can watch with my son, as the others are filled with inappropriate behavior. I think it is sad that the few cast members of Season 13 had to spoil it for so many. I agree with another person, had they never watched the show before. Also, it was clearly stated in their contract as well. Hopefully someone at NBC sees all this and makes the right decision going forward.

  • Shelchic

    I like the Voice, but not three hours of it. They are going to beat it into the ground. I love Biggest Loser. Here’s the thing. I like the Voice, but three hours a week is too much. You should have kept the Voice on one night and Biggest Loser on another.

    • Dora

      I agree with Shelchic 1000%!!!!

  • no biggest loser

    I can’t believe that we won’t have a fall season of the Biggest Loser. My husband and I have watched this show every season and were looking forward to it this fall. We definitely WILL NOT be watching the Voice. Have to check out something else on Tuesday night I guess–not NBC!

  • Barbara

    crazyness reigns…this is a popular and inspiring show for ALL of us!

  • Maggyjiggs1

    Yes, I will miss it. The show did the right thing by bringing Jillian back but now they need to go back to the format where the team that wins the weigh in each week gets to choose who to send home from the losing team. This will amp up the competition and get rid of the whiny manipulative people because the peoploe on the other teams won’t hesitate to send the manipulators home. That was the biggest problem in some of the last few seasons. Jeremy’s sister was a pain in the ass and I can’t remember the contestants name a few season’s ago that was on Bob’s team but she was a bitch…I tuned her out for half of the time she was on the show. I want to see the hard competitors who earn their spot on the show and are there to get healthy. Of course there will be some game play because everyone who gets on the show should do what it takes to stay as long as they can…that is their best chance at success in the weight loss, healthy life choices and to win the prize but you don’t have to be a bitch to be a success…look at Tara!

  • Kelmul

    I’m not surprised after the disaster they produced last season. They need to re-group and figure out how to pick their contestants better. I’ve watched Biggest Loser from season 1 and this past season I stopped watching the most disgusting, ungrateful, spoiled adults on what was once a motivational ground breaking show.

    NBC actually handed Jeremy money for being an a-hole, not for being an inspiration. Biggest Loser has lost it’s class. It joined the ranks of Jerry Springer this past season – shame on NBC.

  • Delynn

    One show people can truly be inspired by. Please, please bring it back. But as a show with integrity and fair game playing – this one doesn’t need to go the way of Big Brother or Batchelor, etc. We need some good quality, inspiring shows on tv.

  • Crstnsouza

    I was waiting for September to come and watch the Biggest Loser. Me and my daughter are very disappointed on NBC. This was the best show the had. Last season was awful, but come on……to cancel the show !?!?!?!?!?

  • Arlene S

    Conda ruined everything – they should have kicked her off the show when she started her crap. We looked forward to watching Biggest Loser. Really – Conda is the Biggest Loser in the whole wide world – we do not like her at ALL. I hope she gains 300 pounds !!!!!

    • Need Motivation

      Arlene…you are SO right!!! Conda should have been removed from that show in the beginning and there would not have been all that turmoil. Don’t make the fans suffer because your staff chose the wrong people for contestants and then didn’t have the good sense to remove them!!!

  • Julie

    We miss Jillian – please bring her back. We hated Conda and her crappy attitudes. Please bring the show back – we miss BOB !!!!

    • Joyce

      Julie, the show will be back in the spring with both of the guys and Jillian. Google it you will find it’s going to be different and helping some unexpected people.

  • Joyce

    Yes, going to miss it. I’ve been waiting. I understand why it’s taking so long but I think they could’ve started working on the changes for the next season as soon as Conda opened her mouth. She definitely ruined the season. Including “this” White House in the show helped ruin it as well.
    Looking forward to a good season with the three most awesome trainers!

  • Sandy

    Many people stopped watching Biggest Loser because of Conda and Kim. The show should not have allowed that to happen. Hope they get it figured out and start producing a show that helps people change their lives. If we wanted to watch Jerry Springer we would tune into his show.

  • Jinyogi

    Love the Biggest Loser. I am so disappointed it is not going to be on this Fall – I really look forward to it.

  • Kim

    Biggest Loser was my favorite show, very inspiring. Please bring it back.

  • Margie Ann Stiltner

    this is so uncalled for people was looking forward to the biggest loser ,i for one don;t understand how you nbc han;t puttting it on this fall. a show that help people and you have no time for it .shame on you . no one likes the voice. it helps no one . get biggest loser back.

  • Margie Ann Stiltner

    put biggest loser back on,

  • Margie Ann Stiltner

    this comment is from me too .get biggest looser

  • Margie Ann Stiltner

    n b c you should be off air .a show to help people and you dis air it .shame on you.

  • Margie Ann Stiltner

    come back biggest loser

  • Margie Ann Stiltner

    nbc shame on you a show to help people and you don;t air it . ON WITH THE BIGGESTB LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Sue

    Love Biggest Loser, The Voice is just another singing show. Bring it back, please

  • Sue

    Love Biggest Loser, The Voice is just another singing show. Bring it back, please

  • Guest

    Well i agree season 13 was a whole bunch of babies but The Biggest Looser was one of two shows on TV that we continued to watch on a regular basis. Sure hope season 13 didnt ruin the future of the show but i guess i could be using my time better doing other things and could save alot of money by not having to have TV. Biggest Looser was a great show hope it returns and will miss it this fall.

  • Mrsmillie53

    well great. the one show i looked forward to and they take it off. now what am i going to watch on tues. evenings. none of the replacements thats for sure

  • Need Motivation

    I LOVE The Biggest Loser. It motivates me. I like The Voice too but if I had a choice, I would most definitely choose The Biggest Loser for my Tuesday night slot!!! Please do NOT cancel this show. There are so many people who are motivated to lose their own weight because of this show. That’s something The Voice cannot do!!!

  • Suefails01

    I looked forward to watching this show every week this was my favorite show please bring it back

  • Moejoe_63

    why not in the fall I was really looking forward to seeing it because I really love the show so please do everything to bring it back on tv for I have watched every season of it since it aired and will continue to watch it when it is on

  • Lee

    I love watching the biggest loser.. I don’t really care any other reality shows. I am little sad that The Voice is its time slot..Nothing against the voice, but I have no interest in watching it.. I may not have a weight problem, but they do inspire me.

  • Plsimmons

    I miss the biggest loser show . It helped lots of people. that bunch of people that was there hurt the biggest loser show last season. forget them and go on with the show . Just make sure you don’t get people like that last bunch . I will not watch the voice. not a good show.

  • Squejicks

    Oh no!!!!!! I love the biggest loser!!!! I refuse to watch The Voice then… Sick of all those music shows anyway!!!! Bring back Biggest Loser NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AAA

    I miss The Biggest Loser. It was entertaining and sometimes informative and in general positive about people and second chances. The Voice is of NO interest to me–it’s repetitive and a rip off of American Idol, which is passe.

  • Cathy859

    I think there was cheating going on in season 13, and I do not miss it one bit. They should have thrown all the cast off. Instead they give it to Jeremy. What a waste of time, I didn’t watch the last of it it sickened me.

  • jewleyp

    What happened was a disaster and the contestants were very aware of all that could happen since they all ” were big fans of the show” prior to appearing. Everyone involved should have been sent home! The most disturbing of the selfishness was the Youth Pastor involved in “keepin it real”. Sad!

  • Alex Fleury

    I love Biggest Loser but the PRODUCERS turned it into a soap opera !! Turn the show back into a show about losing weight and getting healthy and it will return to pulling good ratings. And give the people at home Diet and Workout tips instead of wasting time showing the contestants temper tantrums.

  • Moss011104

    i think the biggest loser has been the best show ever EXCEPT for season 13 with conda and kim and all the nonsense that was allowed — PRIOR to that season everyone was wonderful -you grew to love everyone as a family –season 13 was the worst but bring it back i think the producers THOUGHT the nastiness and cat fights and drama would boost the ratings but it did the opposite —we cried and laughed and rejoiced with the contestants –this is not supposed to be a nasty selfish show but a loving supportive show that people at home will feel motivated to get off their couches and gives them hope they too can do it i lost weight because of the biggest loser as did millions —bring it back please

    • pat

      there is not much on tv as it is to enjoy, so please don’t take the biggest looser off. take off big brother and put biggest looser in its place

  • Mrsfawno

    I am so disappointed! I enjoyed watching the biggest looser, and couldn’t wait til the next week. The inspirations of the contestants, made me and my family want to be healthier as well. Please bring the show back to both seasons!! By the way The Voice is nice but I know there is room for health and fitness!

  • Suedenise

    I miss this show, it is a great incentive. Love watching the transformation and the coaches are great to look at too.

  • Gettoney

    Well, I hope NBC changes its mind about letting The Biggest Loser go! This season (14th) was way, way better than last season. You can’t kill a show just because of one bad season. Those people should have been put in their place last year or shown the door. Please reconsider! This show is a must for those that want the help they need!

  • Leave Comments

    I hope they FIRED the casting people who cast season 13. I have not watched the show since and have no desire to watch it anymore and it used to be one of my favorite shows.
    That season was so horrible and ugly it made me not like Bob and the other trainer and I was just disgusted with the entire crew who let those brats behave like that. I lost respect for the whole crew of the show.