Biggest Loser Recap: The Walkout

Who quit the show and who is in the Finale?

Biggest Loser Recap: The Walkout

Tonight the Biggest Loser opened on the controversy that's had fans talking for weeks now. The walkout. So who walked out and who didn't?

Certain to surprise some people, Conda and Jeremy were not the two people who ended up leaving the show. It was Buddy and Mark who packed their bags and headed home after they couldn't come to terms with the latest twist the show was planning to throw at them.

Right away we find out what's going on. Camera men are walking around saying things like “no one is mic'd” and people are refusing to talk to the cameras and there are bags packed all over the place.

A producer for the show goes to Bob's dressing room (where someone is … brushing his teeth??) to tell him the contestants have decided to quit the show because of producers' decision to bring back past eliminated contestants to give them a chance to win a spot in the show's finale.

Bob grabs Dolvett and heads over to talk to the contestants. At this point all five of them – Conda, Jeremy, Kim, Buddy and Mark – are planning to leave the show. Bob asks what's going on and Kim says something like “this doesn't concern you.”  And Buddy makes a complete fool of himself and starts throwing out stuff he thinks is philosophical like “we own us.” WHAT does that mean? I mean really? We own us? OK. You signed a contract, Buddy. So NBC owns you.

And now for the best part. Alison Sweeney comes in with an attorney and they pull each of the contestants in one by one to go over the contracts they signed that explicitly states that past eliminated contestants WILL return for a chance to compete in the finale. So there you go.

Conda, Jeremy and Kim actually remember that they could win $250,000 and decide they're being babies and will stick out the rest of the competition. But Buddy and Mark decide to hop in a van, go home and forefit all chances, winnings and future opportunities. Sorry, America, Conda isn't going anywhere this week.

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This has to be said. From the way this cast has acted all season, it's only fitting that this is how it ended for some of the players. Oh, and like Bob said, this twist is not some ground-breaking, earth-shattering new thing. It happens all the time. Season 5 winner Ali Vincent was home for six weeks, returned and because the first female to win the show.

The three players who decided not to quit meet Alison outside the gym where she tells them she's got some extra motivation for them. She takes off and returns shortly driving a brand new Ford Escape. She tells them the person who loses the highest percentage of weight at the weigh-in, will win the SUV. Oh, and the person with the least amount of weight loss will automatically go home. The other two will be the first two in the finale. The third spot, of course, will go to the eliminated player who returns and wins the chance to compete. We're not sure if Jeremy is eligible for that or not, since he was JUST released.

After a little montage of the remaining three contestants' journey (like anyone cares about this cast like that), we get to more good stuff. Who lost enough weight to make it to the finale?

The Weigh-in

  • Conda -10 pounds. Double digits in Week 16? That's crazy! Looks like she's going to be in the finale.
  • Kim -15 pounds. Whaaaaaaat? 15 pounds!? In Week 16 when you already weigh like 90 pounds? That's insane! Maybe Conda isn't in the finale.
  • Jerermy -10 pounds. Waaan waaaan waaaaaaaaahn. Looks like it's Conda, which should be fine with Jeremy since he's all but given her the title Biggest Loser all season long.

Jeremy is sent packing and Kim wins the Ford Escape and joins Conda in the finale. Before it's all over, though, Alison reminds everyone of the twist and brings out the 14 previously eliminated players. Of course there's no Mark or Buddy, but will there be a Jeremy. That's the question. Should be only fair, right? We'll find out next week.



  • Dale McClung

    In the preview for next week they show that Jerermy is playing for the spot in the finals. What about Condas bratty atitude about him not making it saying that Kim dosent deserve it? Out of the three of them Kim deserves it the most.

  • Kmzwick

    If I were Kim and Conda said that right to my face…don’t think I would have held my tongue. I really disliked Mark and wasn’t a fan of Buddy’s so bye bye! Wish Conda and crew would have followed and 3 contestants that were sent home could compete in the finale.

  • annieo555

    who do these people think they are??? they are given a chance of a lifetime to loose weight with awesome trainers. there are others out there that didn’t make it who would have been more then happy to stick it out.

  • Tbird2

    I love the show but all the controversy and arguing is a big turn off. The show is so inspiring, watching the change in everyone.
    what beartiful people they turn out to be. Lets us all know that a beautiful person is hiding inside each of us.

    The negative aspect does nothing to build me up, I would rather be fat and ugly than be so nasty spirited.

  • Iralb1

    I will not watch after last season I could not stand to look at Condas