Who Will Win Biggest Loser 12?

Who Will Win Biggest Loser 12?

Well, another season of The Biggest Loser is in the books.  This week’s show determined who the finalist for $250,000 would be.  In a new twist, the winner of the marathon would become an instant finalist.  Not a bad deal, but I think that the people who last the entire time on the ranch deserve a shot at the money.  I had picked Jess to win the marathon but her boyfriend Ramon ended up taking it and becoming a finalist.

Joining Ramon will be Antone and John.  John has been my favorite all season and I have said time and time again that it will be difficult for Antone to win because of his muscle mass.  John is still my favorite but this week it looked like Antone has lost a ton of his muscle, which could work in his favor.

Losing muscle is bound to happen at this stage of the game.  The contestants will be pulling as much weight as possible and muscle is bound to go.  As far as this week’s episode goes, it was emotional for me.

I remember going home and being thrust into a new world.  To many it seems like the contestants on the show have lost weight but are still basically the same.  I’m not sure how it is for these contestants, but when I went home it was the hardest part of the whole competition.

Let me put it this way.  Although you change significantly on the show, you basically return to an unchanged life at home.  Your friends probably haven’t changed, your job, and even your favorite restaurants remain unchanged.

This is the make it or break it time.  Those that can manage the change have success.  Those who don’t, struggle.  I hope that the players going home adjust quickly to their new lives.

So, next week it all ends for this season.  Expect to see amazing transformations and a tight battle for the big money.  My pick is still John and I think Vinny can take the at-home prize.  In fact, I hope he does.  Sunny is also going to be right there for the at-home prize.  In any event, it’s going to be fun to see who is crowned The Biggest Loser this year.

See you next week.