Buckwild MTV: Jessie Boardman Kicked Off Show

You won't be seeing anymore of this guy, he punched a producer!

Buckwild MTV: Jessie Boardman Kicked Off Show

Remember Jessie Boardman (“Jessie B.”), the guy that Tyler got into a fight with on Buckwild: Episode 5? The one that was so wasted he could barely stand, tried hitting on Salwa and then got his ass kicked? Yeah, that guy. Apparently he was supposed to be a part of the regular cast, but he ended up pissing off producers and was subsequently kicked off the show.

As he tells it, he had just made an appearance in court in an attempt to win custody time with his son. He did not succeed. As he exited the courthouse, MTV Buckwild producers and cameramen rushed him and demanded he do an interview for the show, right there on the courthouse steps. He was still very upset about his case and so he refused. When a producer got in his face, he punched him. And that was the end of Jessie Boardman’s MTV career.

As for the fight with Tyler, he says he was so wasted that he doesn’t even remember it happening. “I was really, really, really intoxicated. I don’t even remember being there. It’s kinda like a first viewing for me, too,” he told the Charleston Gazette. He says he was passed out at a bar when ”they called me, lookin’ for me. I was passed out at a bar, and waitin’ for a ride home. They came and picked me up instead and took me to this party.” The party where Tyler beat the crap out of him.

Jessie B. is bummed he won’t be on the show, and he says he didn’t find out until the last minute.

“I didn’t know until it came out. Had no idea. They didn’t let us know what was going on. I was still filming two-and-a-half months ago. I was still doing pick-up lines here and there they needed to fill in places. They didn’t tell us anything. I actually watched the pilot for the show six months ago that looked way better than the show looks now. But then they also took me off the show.

“I don’t know how many of you all actually watch the show, but I have a thing with Salwa on the show where we got together and we hooked up. But then they cut all that out because obviously I’m not a cast member no more. So for somebody random to be with one of the cast members, it didn’t even mean anything for the show.”


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