MTV Buckwild Mugshots: Who’s Been Arrested?

Which cast members are truly the wildest?

MTV Buckwild Mugshots: Who’s Been Arrested?

We know the cast of MTV’s Buckwild is most certainly wild, and sometimes buck naked, but which castmembers have been arrested – and what for?

It didn’t take much digging around to find a couple mugshots of the Season One cast, but a couple questions were raised. Did Shain Gandee really get a DUI like he said in Episode 8 of Buckwild? And, are the underage MTV cast members drinking freely on the show?

Buckwild Salwa Amin Mugshot


July 2012: Salwa was arrested for disorderly conduct after police witnessed her “screaming and yelling at a man walking into the Vista View Apartments at 4 a.m.” The charges were later dropped. Pretty sure she wasn’t sober, but there’s no mention of alcohol. No word on if the arrest will make it on an episode of Buckwild.

Buckwild Tyler Boulet Mugshot


February 4, 2012/June 11, 2012: Tyler was arrested twice in 2012, the first time at the age of 19, for an unspecified misdemeanor, and the second time, aged 20, for Minor in Possession. If Tyler isn’t 21, then why are MTV filming him drinking on every episode? I thought they were all over 21, apparently not. Tyler will be 21 June 8, 2013. But how often do we see him with a red Solo cup? We even saw him in a nightclub on Buckwild episode 4, drinking and sluttin’ it up with the ladies.

Buckwild Shain Gandee Mugshot


??/??/??: Shane CLAIMS to have a DUI or two under his belt, he said so on Buckwild Episode 7, when his beloved Ford Ranger died.  He fondly remembered his truck, “Well Ranger, you’ve been fun. A few threesomes, a DUI…” However, I cannot find a mugshot nor can I find anything about an arrest. Was he pulling our leg?

Do you think Tyler is drinking illegally on the show, and do you think Shain actually got a DUI in his Ranger?

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  • Keith Kimorrison

    Sorry to hear about the death of Shane from Buckwild. He was a humerous person and he made the show fun to watch. RIP Shane

  • Chloe Harding

    I love Shain and it makes me sad to think about a hilarious person like him gone. But he’s in a better place. Who knows? He may be makin heaven more fun! R.I.P Shain Gandee we will remember you my awesome cousin

  • Emily M Denson

    and im srroy if i cant speel that good but im going try my best hi im emily24 from bowling green ky im a big fan of tyler boulet and the tv show and i want say im srroy for the family and friends who new shain i was a big fan of his to and my heat braking where i heard the new’s love always with all my heart and god bless have a good day from ur true friend emily and some day i hope i can meet my dreams and the people i want to really meet some day hope they come true for me some day and my dream is to be in a movie and be some thing that mean’s some thing the world some day and happy 4:20 lol

  • Truthteller

    So I guess Gandee was nothing but a liar.