Buckwild Sex Tape Ordered To Be Destroyed!

Shae Bradley takes Jessie J. to court, and wins.

Buckwild Sex Tape Ordered To Be Destroyed!

That douchebag from Buckwild, Jessie J, the big dumb oaf who was Shae Bradley‘s slimy boyfriend on the show, was ordered to destroy all naked pics and sex tape footage that he has of he and Shae.

Jessie has been threatening to sell the video footage and naked photos and was even shopping them around to different porn agencies like YouPorn and Vivid. But Shae wanted no part of it. She was embarrassed and humiliated that these photos/videos existed and she never, ever wanted them to be public. I mean, who on this planet would even want anyone to know they actually slept with that rude, arrogant, doughboy? Ugh, I feel for Shae.

Anyhow, Shae took Jessie to court earlier this week and a judge ruled in Shae’s favor and ordered that Jessie destroy the sex tape footage and any naked pics Shae emailed or texted to him. If he doesn’t, he could be held in contempt.

Shae begged the courts to rule in her favor. “I haven’t slept, I can’t eat. It’s just disgusting. I don’t see how someone is allowed to just torment me non-stop.”

And what did Jessie say in court? “I don’t care what happens to her.”

The genius had no lawyer. He was representing himself.

After the ruling, Shae’s attorney told media: “He told her last fall he was going to ruin her life specifically in reference to these photographs and videos.”