All Stars Cast Announced

Trump gives 13 losing contestants and one past winner another shot

All Stars Cast Announced

When Donald Trump returns with The Celebrity Apprentice in March, he’s bringing 14 past contestants back with him. The latest show to offer an all-star installment, Trump says he tapped some of the brightest (and surely the ones who make the best TV) past contestants for the return.

The All Stars Cast:

  • Country music singer Trace Adkins.
  • Actor Stephen Baldwin.
  • Actor Gary Busey.
  • Magician Penn Jillette.
  • Rapper Lil Jon.
  • Former NBA star Dennis Rodman.
  • Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider.
  • Actress Marilu Henner.
  • Singer La Toya Jackson.
  • Actress Claudia Jordan.
  • Reality star Omarosa (who competed in the first season of The Apprentice)
  • Actress Lisa Rinna.
  • Playboy model Brande Roderick.
  • Poison lead singer and past winner Bret Michaels

“They’re all very smart, and I think they learned a lot from their last go-around,” Trump told The Associated Press in an interview. “This time, some of them will change their game to fool their rivals — some for better, some for worse.”

What do you think of the returning cast? Who do you think is missing from the list?


  • Daniel Sherriff

    I’m disappointed in this cast. The female cast is pretty weak and about half of the male cast is fairly weak as well. The only players I’m happy to see back are Bret, Lil Jon, Brande, Dee, Penn, and Marilu. Everyone else, well, I wouldn’t truly consider them all stars.

  • Deanna

    Same people….again? Why? Hmmm.. I guess between Dancing with the Stars and Apprentice that the barrel of ‘has-beens’ is scraping rock bottom. I hear Bow-Wow needs some money, they should toss him a bone… a bone, get it? ;)

  • Adam Alamillo

    Marlee Matlin :/

  • Dean Brown

    Will be interesting to see what Brande is like without the influence of Annie Duke!!

    If they’re talking people who made great TV though, how can they do this without Nene Leaks!!

    • TruthTeller

      I agree Nene Leaks would be great TV, but since she quit during her season she probably wasn’t “asked” back.

      • LetsRockOut

        Nene still gets great exposure from the Real Housewives franchise and is currently a cast member on NBC’s The New Normal. She probably didn’t have time to do the show.

        As for Omorosa … she is literally the only cast member from the non-celebrity runs of the show that anyone actually remembers. She was good television.

  • Lazyfan

    This cast pretty much sucks. There are a few all stars, but most of this is padding. And I get that most all star casts end up with a little bit of fodder/padding, but the amount here is inexcusable.

    They either should have kicked out Bret and called it a second chance season, or waited a couple years for celebs to need the spotlight again. Sadly, most of the great people have pretty much said they would never do it again.

  • MySay91

    Who the hell is Claudia Jordan? Gary Busey is a train wreck-La Toya is famous for being another mentally unstable Jackson-Lisa Rinna has made a second career out of reality shows-Omarosa? I need to puke now. Think I’ll pass on this season.

  • Rosemary

    These are the “stars?”Girl…

  • Chris

    Omarosa? This is tremendously exciting!!!!

  • Andrew Sloan

    Aubrey O’Day
    Lisa Lampanelli
    Marlee Matlin
    Nene Leakes
    Star Jones
    Annie Dukes
    Cyndi Lauper
    Sharon Osbourne
    Meatloaf (for the fact that Busey is also on this season)

    And the fact that previous winners are coming in as possible mentors is complete crap. All the celebrities already know how to play the game. So specifically bring back Joan Rivers and John Rich to compete again.

    As for the people who should not be on this season:
    Stephen Baldwin
    Dee Snider
    La Toya Jackson (She is the only person to be fired twice already, so give me a break)
    Claudia Jordan (Not only did she come in 13th place her season, she also is not a celebrity)
    Lisa Rinna (Granted I would like to see her actually compete, she was the 2nd fired in season 4 and did nothing to give her another spot back in the game)

  • TruthTeller

    Magician Penn Jillette is back? I’m surprised to see him since he did so much trash blogging about Trump during his season.

    Oh-Noarosa again? She must have some good info on Trump since he is keeps paying her off by putting her on camera. No one else can stand her and no audience likes to watch or hear or even think about her!

    From this list I would say that Trace Adkins and Lil Jon will be the final 2 with maybe Lisa Rinna and Bret Michaels making it to the final 4.

  • Rueben

    Maria? :(