Cheryl Tiegs Slams Apprentice for Bullying

Cheryl Tiegs Slams Apprentice for Bullying

If you watch The Celebrity Apprentice, then by now, you know former model and actress Cheryl Tiegs was the first to hear Donald’s Trump’s “You’re fired.”

And it sounds like it was no skin off her teeth.

“It was very mean-spirited,” Tiegs said on The Wendy Williams Show. “I didn’t like bullying in high school, let alone as an adult.”

What Tieg, 64, hated about the show is what keeps viewers tuning in. However, she thought maybe she could add a little class, she said.

“I’ve built 12 companies in my life,”  she said. “I’ve been on the cover of Time magazine three times, not for my beauty but because what I was doing was newsworthy around the world. I’ve worked with teams all my life, but I’ve been nice and I’ve been kind. I wanted to bring something to ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to let America know that you don’t have to be backstabbing and mean-spirited in order to do a challenge.”

I’m with you, Cheryl. But nice no longer sells. Sadly.


  • goober

    I would love to see a program that shows business people working constructively in teams, and getting things accomplished. I think a show like that would get high ratings. But the media are determined to show nothing but trash and people with personality disorders.