Sexy and Stupid: Are All Pageant Winners as Delusional as Dayana Mendoza?

Sexy and Stupid: Are All Pageant Winners as Delusional as Dayana Mendoza?

This week of The Celebrity Apprentice could be viewed as a throw away episode because nothing really new or significant happened with any of the characters expect for one women. However, this is one very important woman. Thus far the entire show has revolved around one simple, yet painstakingly tricky task for the producers: They have to get rid of Dayana without destroying the image of the Miss USA/Miss Universe brand, which incidentally Donald Trump owns.

Here’s the larger problem. The integrity of the entire Apprentice franchise depends on showing the audience that competent, smart, deserving people advance, while incompetent, slower and less savvy people get fired. Dayana was brought back to the boardroom seven times. That’s the most boardroom slams in Apprentice history. Every single person she worked with described her as “annoying, useless, disastrous and stupid.” Dayana was fired and it wasn’t nearly fast enough, but I’m sure her demise came without lots of private discussion about how to make her look partially intelligent or sane. Unfortunately for her, she still came off as batshit stupid.

On the upside, now Dayana can go back to being the beautiful, yet vacant face of an organization that showcases bombshell bodies that play host to empty seashell-esque brains. I’m pretty sure if you hold Dayana up to your ear and listen carefully, you can hear the sound of the ocean.

Obviously Donald Trump values beauty, but from personal experience on The Apprentice I know he also respects brains, so I’m surprised so many vapid women end up associated with his pageants. Maybe some pageant winners will be offended by my comments, but that would make them completely fucking delusional.  I’m sure some pageant winners are smart, but rather than speculate about the barometer used for gauging contestants’ intelligence, I offer you this video:

Caitlin Upton is the kind of woman who wins a title at the state level of the Miss America contest and Dayana Mendoza is the type of dolt who wins Miss Universe, so you have to wonder about the standards associated with these competitions. There are plenty of gorgeous women with brains to match their beauty. I’m waiting for those women to represent our country, let alone the entire universe.

Think about it. Dayana is MISS UNIVERSE. She was chosen as a representation of the most ideal woman in our whole solar system. Soak that in.

Does this mean we still only judge women by their physical attributes? If the most ideal woman in the universe is stunning on the outside, yet a total dud on the inside, that doesn’t f

are well for the standards we use to choose who represents all of womankind.

Some people will say “Who cares? It’s just a beauty contest.” The problem is these women don’t see it simply as a beauty contest. They see it as validation and accomplishment beyond its original intended meaning. They think winning these titles means they are automatically rendered smart, as if the crown comes with a brilliant new brain attached to the bottom.

Historically, beauty pageants have been perceived to be just about looks. Now they’re marketed to the public  – and the participants –  as much more. Miss America and Miss Universe winners are advertised to the world as the ultimate representation of a well rounded, complete woman. They try to sell us on the idea that the girl’s intelligence quotient is measured and scrutinized as much as her body. That’s why they have contestants answer bullshitty topical questions in the “interview” portion of the show.  Ironically this does more damage to their credibility, as so many of the contestants give shallow, rehearsed, inauthentic responses.

Instead they might want to consider running the contestants in circles around the floor of Madison Square Garden, along with a Westminster handler. At least we don’t have to lie about the standards for that competition.

Anyway, back to the Apprentice.

Clearly misinformation about what it means to win a crown got to one of these chick’s heads, because now we have Dayana running around Manhattan, complaining that 17 other accomplished, intelligent people are somehow marginalizing her and totally underutilizing her skills, when it’s clear to everyone watching that she doesn’t have any of these imagined skills. Is this the result of an overinflated ego, or is she just plain out of her mind?

Women like Dayana need to know that there’s nothing wrong with simply being beautiful. What’s wrong with just being pretty? Why does she also need to be regarded as intelligent? Not everyone is meant to be taken seriously as an intellectual, the same way not everyone is meant to be awarded for being attractive. There are many people who are both smart and sexy, but not every person on planet earth has to pretend to be both if they are not both.

Some people are smart. Some people are pretty. Some people are smart and pretty. Some people are a variety of both. Sane people know the difference. From this season of The Celebrity Apprentice, we learn few people on the show are actually sane, but we already knew that because after all, this is reality television. We wouldn’t have it any other way.



  • Sara Levinson Lieberum

    Whether or not Dayana is intelligent, she certainly brought a sense of class and style to the show. While bringing Lisa and Clay to the threshold of their sanity, she remained cool, calm and collected. I think she was underrated and dismissed by everyone she worked with. She actually had some good ideas and even though some ideas were useless, to discount her completely is irrational.

  • Heather

    Finally….somebody GETS it! Thanks for this refreshing article. Trump clearly failed to grill Dayana like he did all the other contestants and gave his brand (Ms. Universe) special treatment and pass after pass over all the other contestants for a very, very long time. It was difficult not to think he was sleeping with her or at least held out hope. For those of you who did not watch each and every episode to date, Dayana remained cool, calm and collected (which was surely helpful to her in her contestant years) only because she was the one continually annoying and distracting everyone else….which required all the other participants stuck with her to not only do the task but to also “attempt” to manage her or at least keep her occupied enough to stop bothering team members. And to add insult to injury, all those other contestants, once in the boardroom with Dayana, had to tread lightly with what they said (i.e. requiring them to “manage” Trump as well) in defending themselves about her or face Trump’s wrath. Ask poor Clay from last week’s episode. RIDICULOUS and WRONG! What made it even worse is the fact that Dayana honestly does not understand how incompetent and ENTITLED (which is even more irksome) she comes off. She has made it soooo far on looks that she really believes Trump’s press about her so can shamelessly (which if she really understood, she would be embarrassed) act like she’s not the problem. She did NOT have good ideas. She had great writers/thinkers like Penn, Lisa, Aubrey and Clay who are talented enough to take anything and make something of it. At the end of the day, I really think we have to hold Trump 100% accountable for HIS embarrassingly poor management style. There is no other explanation on why she lasted so long. Trump fed Dayana’s monstrous ego (much like a spoiled, pampered child) – which culminated in her crazy comment to Lisa about how “We’re going to have to put you in line again in the boardroom.” or some other such crap. Dayana is not only incompetent but obliviously pushy about it. And Dayana was not pretty, classy or stylish with: 1) her many smug, smartass looks in the boardroom; 2) her beady eyed, squint face everytime she went off on some time waster tangent during the project; or 3) her continual pouts when she didn’t get her way. So I guess Dayana is indeed representative of Trump’s brand.

  • Nimrod

    Jenn Hoffmanm you are an UGLY Bitch who has no brains and no looks whatsoever, you are envious of Dayana and for your information, Miss America is NOT Miss USA, the latter is owned and run by the Miss Universe organization, Miss Universe, a title far fetched and way out of your league is something you can never ever get close to, so bashing Dayana is not taking you anywhere, Dayana is witty, smart, creative and nice, she is polite and her class and manners surpass you and your disgusting trashy background, Obviously Dayana was raised well by her parents and the only people who seem untalented and who are hideous inside out are that Fag Clay and that fat Bitch Lisa

  • Nimrod

    I quote Rafa Delfin – A pageant expert saying this about you

    (This coming from a former competitor of “The Apprentice – Season 6″ who never won a task and got fired during the 7th week, and years later would be banned from a posh hotel for tweeting about another guest. Now that’s stupid!)

  • Heather

    Nimrod (troll), It’s EASY to call names and label Dayana as “witty, smart, creative, nice, blah, blah, blah” without providing ANY concrete examples – so I’m calling you out. Name one idea Dayana had that didn’t require her team mates to actually develop into something. If Dayana is so gifted, why didn’t she have ANYTHING to contribute when Clay finally had enough of her and waited “indefinitely” for her to come up with something (anything) helpful to the last task. Why doesn’t Dayana EVER do any of the writing or even speaking? Why was the Good Sam executive unimpressed with Dayana yet had kind words for Clay and Lisa? If Dayana is such a great team player, why was she always passively aggressively pushing buttons resulting in confrontations that hindered the task and wasted precious time? Why did she smirk, smile and laugh every time she instigated a fight or sit in the corner and pout when she didn’t get her way? How is that effective leadership or good team work or even a display of class??? Finally, none of us care what some pageant “expert” (PLEASE!) thinks about the author. Is the “expert” still in jr. high or just not smart enough (like you) to actually respond to points made in the article?

  • Nelson

    Lisa Lampanelli should have been fired by calling Dayana a vulgar etnic Hispanic slur ( spic)..
    There is no room for bigotry of this kind just because you do not like them.

    • Heather

      When has Ms. freaking Universe ever had to suffer any sort of bigotry in her entire life? Even someone normally RATIONAL like Dee was literally transformed into a Dayanabot just because she’s insanely hot. I would be more inclined to believe that Lisa is jealous than that she’s a bigot….but guess what? Not everybody who disagrees with Dayana is jealous. That’s too easy of an out. Was Arsenio also bigoted towards Dayana when he chose Aubrey (who brought him to sunglasses and a mini-breakdown at one point) over Dayana? And not everything is about poor, poor Dayana’s “language barrier” either. Lisa and Clay both gave Dayana plenty of time to talk and express her “big” ideas but all they got was SILENCE……….. Oh but you’re right – fire the only competitor with ideas…and let the idiot “victim of bigotry” run the company into the ground. That makes so much more sense.

    • Heather

      And if you actually watched the show, Lisa didn’t make the comment until she gave a radio interview AFTER the show – - so was not even part of the boardroom discussion or something Trump could use to fire Lisa.

      • Viv

        Wow, Heather! I don’t have time nor the interest in reading ALLLLLLL your ranting on Dayana. We all get it! You don’t like Dayana for the same reason Lisa admitted in the beginning.

        All I have to say is that beautiful women have it harder than the rest of us because they have to work extra hard to prove themselves. She was NOT fired from the start because she was NOT as bad as the bitches claimed she was. She brought in more money. She won her task. Aubrey & Lisa kept losing & Aubrey brought the least amount of money. Or did you NOT see the episodes?

        Oh & for the record, Dayana was kidnapped in Venezuela! And that’s how she was able to maintain poise AND class with that beast Lisa.

        I’m not as stunning as Dayana yet, I loved watching her on C.A.

        • Heather

          Actually, I was defending the author from some jerk on here who actually called her the c word, etc. The posts were so obscene that the moderator removed them – - leaving what looks like 1 big rant on my part. Sorry but I don’t agree. Beauty helps more than hurts. There are lots of studies. I’m no Dayana but attractive enough. It’s only opened doors for me. “NOT as bad as the bitches claimed…” Wow – great endorsement.

      • Viv

        Another thing… Dayanna speaks English beautifully with ONLY THREE YEARS to learn it. Try speaking Spanish, French or Russian fluently within 3 years you idiot!

  • JT

    Most of what came out of Dayana’s mouth was a complete embarrassment. Sadly Dayana was probably never told when she was wrong or made no sense most of her life. It looks like she was coddled & sheltered so much, that she really believes that she is smart and has good ideas.

    In the cold light of day her stupidity could no longer be hidden or managed by her team. I feel bad for her in a way, since she will go through the rest of her life really thinking she is smart and that the world just does not get it.

    Let this serve as a warning to parents out there, give your child honest, yet constructive feedback. Please do not tell them that everything they do is wonderful their entire lives. You wil create a delusional idiot like Dayana.

  • Manny

    I bet many people defending Dayana here, will insult her many times, like Lisa, if they have to work seriously with her. She is stupid because she doesnt know anything about many things and she wants to give her opinion, sometimes an opinion with no sense.

    I think the nose job affected her brain.

  • Zion663

    Dayana never been smart. Since her reign, she showed how stupid she was. Look for “Dayana Mendoza in Guantanamo” and you’ll see. Here some interesting links

  • Nina

    I agree with this. She is a very stupid girl based on what she appears on the TV show and i totally agree with what JT post:

    “Most of what came out of Dayana’s mouth was a complete embarrassment. Sadly Dayana was probably never told when she was wrong or made no sense most of her life. It looks like she was coddled & sheltered so much, that she really believes that she is smart and has good ideas.

    In the cold light of day her stupidity could no longer be hidden or managed by her team. I feel bad for her in a way, since she will go through the rest of her life really thinking she is smart and that the world just does not get it.

    Let this serve as a warning to parents out there, give your child honest, yet constructive feedback. Please do not tell them that everything they do is wonderful their entire lives. You wil create a delusional idiot like Dayana.”

    And I will add, people will better to go school and learn and get more intelligent… She is now concerned in a huge scandal in France with l’Oreal… The fashion world is just a world of sharks.

  • Merce

    She is just a lucky girl ! There are plenty more beautiful girls like her in Venezuela, she just met the right person at the right time. Her french influent family helped her a lot to gain to title of Miss Universe back in 2008… Instead of travelling and living in Europe, she can come back and help poor people in Caracas…

  • Rlee Davis

    Dayana is certainly smart, sexy and beautiful, but each of these three are judged and compared to others in the viewers’ own experience: obviously she cannot be compared to Einstein( or anyone else in either of the two remaining category, since I am the one making the comparisons), but it must be obvious that she is all of the above. And, a good representative of/for women. (spoken from the point of view of one who sincerely appreciates her).