Clean Up on Episode 5!

Clean Up on Episode 5!

There isn’t a mop big enough to wipe this shit up, but I will try. I temporarily no longer care about the men’s team because no one on their team is either amazingly great or amazingly awfu. Yes, the “handicapped” Lou Ferrigno was finally validated as a human being by winning as project manager. Yes, Penn is a bit of a condescending egomaniac. Yes, Clay is probably going to win. I really don’t care about any of this because there’s so much to talk about on the clusterfuck we call “the women.”

Dayana is useless and annoying and it bothers me so much that I’m distracted from paying attention to anything else. Every time words flow out of her mouth I actually become angry. Dayana incessantly complains she doesn’t have a voice, despite the fact that half of each episode is dedicated to clips of her pouting, whining and bitching that she isn’t being heard. DAYANA: We hear you. Now go away.

What makes it worse is we know there’s no way Donald Trump is going to let the producers make the winner of his Miss Universe pageant look like a total failure, so she must be even worse than they are showing us. Eek.

One thing that’s unusual about this season of The Celebrity Apprentice is that this year the strongest players are the most vocal. This is exemplified by Clay, Arsenio and Penn on the men’s team and by Lisa, Aubrey and Debbie on the women’s team. It’s rare for the smartest people also to be the noisiest, but that’s how it’s going down. Usually the loud mouths are the total asshats, but this season the balls and brains are aligned and I like it.

What’s redeeming about Team Twat: Lisa and Aubrey are smart, bitchy, articulate and fun to watch. Debbie Gibson is annoying like, at all times, but she’s starting to grow on me simply because she’s savvy enough to realize Lisa and Aubrey are the only other strong players. If Debbie forms and alliance with Lisa and Aubrey the three of them can Heathers-out those other bitches and go deep.

For those who hate on Aubrey: Yes, Aubrey is psychotically childish and self absorbed, but if I was the most valuable and youngest non-fuckwad on my entire team I’d be a bit full of myself too. I’ve been there, so I’m not mad.

What else can I say about these chicks?

Tia can be viewed as a class act for blaming the loss on herself and asking to be fired, but in reality she was just too scared to be torn up in the boardroom.

Patriiciiiiiia sucks on every level and it bothers me that she only protects Dayana because they are both Latnias. El grow up-o.

Teresa is a mute.

Next week Giudice finally speaks and there’s more fighting from both teams. Word.

 In 2007 Jenn was picked by Donald Trump to be on his hit television series “The Apprentice“. Her dominant personality, unwavering determination and off beat sense of humor landed her in 9 out of 14 episodes of the hit season of The Apprentice and an invitation to appear on Reality Obsessed, a show about reality fans favorite tv stars. She also is a host and face of Reality Wanted, the world’s biggest reality news and casting site. After the Apprentice Jenn became a news reporter for NBC.



  • Pablo Barrios

    I love your idea mistreating the others is right if you truely feel you are the best. Just kidding. That really pisses me off.

  • Geoffrey Kipnes

    it’s okay to be nasty and catty great role model jenn. Clay is a leader because unlike the nasty aubrey he has kindness and compassion.