Who Was Evicted on Celebrity Big Brother 2013?

Who received the least amount of public votes?

Who Was Evicted on Celebrity Big Brother 2013?

Day 16 inside the Celebrity Big Brother house and it’s snowing. It’s snowed so much, in fact, that the live eviction night was done from the BOTS studio with a very small audience. So who was evicted Friday night, and was it a double elimination? Read on!

The show is still all about Speidi (and will be until they leave) and Big Brother captures some hilarious moments with them in the house. Spencer talk to Claire about music and Kylie Minogue‘s name comes up. Spencer thinks she’s British. Claire fills him in. “You know the show ‘Neighbors’? She was on it when it first started.” Then she adds, ‘Have you heard of Pete Waterman? (producer)?” Spencer and Heidi look blank and Spencer responds, “Is he in Pink Floyd?”

Secret Mission: Angel & Devil

Ryan is chosen by Big Brother for a secret mission. Razor and Rylan are also in on it. Razor plays and angel on one shoulder, while Rylan plays the devil on the other. Ryan must return to the house and do what one of them says. “Get Claire to tell you a joke,” says Angel Razor while Devil Rylan says to NOT laugh. “What do you call a donkey with 3 legs? A wonky!” He laughs ridiculously hard. He goes around the house doing silly things to and with the housemates who are surprisingly not suspicious of him. He hugs Tricia and complies with a request of Devil Rylan, saying, “That’s not a canoe in my pocket!” 

Secret Mission Celebrity Big Brother 2013

They complete the task. As a reward, Big Brother has planned a little party for the housemates. But Heidi, Spencer and Gillian will not attend – they were caught talking about noms, which isn’t allowed, but it didn’t seem like such a big deal to me. As the others eat and drink at a special party thrown by Big Brother, Heidi,  Spencer get a crash corse in cockney from Gillian which included learning about jellied eels (WTF!) and other bizarre food, cockney music and slang.

In the bathroom, Rylan accidentally drop one side of the towel and he’s washing his face (was he dying his facial hair black?) His darling little tush, exposed. Naked, with boots on. Watching him scramble to cover back up was hilarious.

Rylan Celebrity Big Brother Naked Bum

Finally, on Day 16, we got to see Speidi finally bond with other houseguests, after hearing about heartache in the other’s lives. Heidi regrets things she has said, and both Spencer and Heidi feel bad for the way they’ve judged the others. They hope everyone stays and they go. For the first time they actually seem genuine.


Ryan, Razor, Tricia, Claire are all named SAFE.

Speidi, Gillian, Frankie, Rylan are told they are NOT SAFE.

And finally, the housemate with th fewest votes is…GILLIAN.

C’mon, you didn’t think Speidi was going home now did you?



  • http://twitter.com/itsj0e Joe

    I want it to be Rylan vs. Speidi in the final two. That would be a great ending. I’m not sure anyone else rival the entertainment these two have given us. No matter what though, Rylan is definitely winning. It’s his game to lose. He has been great.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

    Heidi and Spencer have carried the show this season, they deserve to win