CBB 2013: Lacey Nude, Speidi Booted From Basement

Lacey caught without a towel and BB makes Speidi move back into the house!

CBB 2013: Lacey Nude, Speidi Booted From Basement

It’s snowing on Day 12 inside the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house and housemates kill the boredom with a little snowball fight.Lacey, Gillian and Ryan hurl snowballs at one another while Speidi watches from a distance, quietly cheering on Lacey. “Get that toadface!” Heidi whispers as though she is talking to Lacey, and she squeals with delight when Ryan is hit in the face.

Although they don’t cook, Speidi is complaining about the housemates cooking breakfast. They talk about how unsanitary the others are. (Sound familiar?) They saw someone stick their fingers in the eggs, then lick them, and they are grossed out. Spencer imagines “all the bacteria in their fingernails.”

Speidi is called to diary room by Big Brother. She (yes, they have female Big Brother voices in the CBB 2013 house) asks,  ”Spencer, Heidi, are you ready to move out of basement?” They both shake their heads fervently.  “No, the only thing that keeps us here is the basement,” says Heidi. Big Brother responds, “Big Brother needs the basement back – and you need to participate in tasks. Are you ready?” Spencer snaps back, “You’re not asking us, you’re telling us.” BB asks, “Anything else you’d like to say?” Spencer responds, “It’s not appropriate for television, so ‘no.’”

Spencer and Heidi clear out basement, pouting. “I don’t want to bring dog photos. I don’t want people seeing our dogs,” complains Heidi. “I’ve never hated people so much in my life.”

When they return upstairs, Speidi asks for Razor’s double bed back. He obliges but later grumbles about their special treatment.

Rylan is feeling inquisitive and he plays with the vending machine, “Big Vendor,” that doesn’t work. But soon after it becomes a talking vending machine, and much like the ZingBot, it pokes fun at each housemate, asking them what their talents are. “I will run them (their talents) through my system,” it says. “I found that Rylan and Claire have talents. I do not recogognize talents in others.” Housemates are then told by Big Vendor that they have a task to complete.

TASK: Rylan and Claire are appointed team captains and they each split up the housemates. Each team must learn a song and perform it, singing and dancing, and Big Vendor will decide whose is the best. The winning team will win vouchers for alcohol and food.

In the diary room Rylan’s team jokes about Heidi’s singing career – or lack thereof.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Big Vendor Task

The teams begin and Claire’s team is up first. They sing a happy, feel good song. They do quite well and have great energy. Claire is a good singer as well. I wish I could say the same for Rylan, but I have to say, this is the first tme I heard him sing and I wasn’t impressesd. He looked fabulous performing though. He made it how far on X Factor?! Rylan’s team sings “Tragedy” by the Bee Gees, which was also performed by Claire’s group in the 90s, Steps.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Rylan Sings

Somehow Rylan’s team wins (I disagree with that) and they are rewarded with the food and drinks. They enjoy them in the igloo, sharing with the losing team.

As they are all sitting around talking, Speidi talks about their life in L.A. “All we do is lay on the back all day. We’re not bragging…” says Heidi. When Tricia asks about their relationship Heidi says it is rock solid. Forever. Longer than forever. Then she tells everyone, “People pay millions of try and break us up. It happens all the time.”

Later in the bedroomTricia ponders who will be evicted this week. “Speidi are probably loved on the outside. We’re probably the assholes. It’ll be Lacey,” she guesses. Meanwhile Spencer tells Lacey (who’s not nude yet) he thinks either Claire or Rylan will go home.

The show ends with Heidi being pissed that Lacey is naked in the shower. She is so uncomfortable with other’s sexuality.

And yes, I found a pic of Lacey nude for ya. You’re welcome.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Lacey Nude In Shower Oops