Celebrity Big Brother: Speidi Continues to Be a Pain in the Ass

If anything, read this because Heidi Montag has a bull penis in her mouth.

Celebrity Big Brother: Speidi Continues to Be a Pain in the Ass

It’s the morning after nominations and Paula talks to Big Brother in the diary room. She has finally come to terms with being nominated, but admits she would be disappointed to go home first. (Many fans are wondering if Paula is emotionally equipped to even be in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house after her meltdown yesterday, once it was revealed SHE was one of the nominees.)

Frankie and Razor find PASS and FAIL balls in a Randomizer machine, like the ones they use in the lottery/Bingo, with floating balls and all.

Housemates must complete a series of challenges which will earn them green PASS balls, and if they lose, red FAIL balls. After all the balls are achieved, one single ball will be selected from the Randomizer machine to determine whether they pass or fail at the end.

Heidi Montag Celebrity Bg Brother 2013

Shopping Task (determines their food shopping budget): To transfer objects mouth-to-mouth, down the line of houseguests until it gets to Rylan. Heidi flips her shit because Lacey will be recieving objects from Lacey, meaning Spencer and Lacey will be getting up close and personal. Heidi is pissed and does NOT want him to do mouth-to-mouth ANYTHING with the good-looking Banghard. She tells Big Brother in the DR that, because they’re married, Lacey should switch with a man. “I will not allow my husband to be mouth-to-mouth with Lacey….I’m not having it,” she complains. ”Heidi, Big Brother’s decision is final,” replies Big Brother. Heidi snaps back, “Okay then I will not be participating.”

Then she starts crying, omg.

Speidi goes back to the DR 40-mintes later and Heidi says they will “try” to do the task. Spencer then tells Big Brother that he is going to throw the competition. He says, “10 of them voted for us, I don’t care how many FAIL balls are in there.” BB tells them they will incur 10 FAILS each if they refuse to partake in the challenge. After an assload of bitching, they decide to comply.

Housemates will win 12 PASS balls per item successfully passed down the line. The items they pass around are:

Smelly boot, pig’s tongue, lard, sick bag, fermented duck egg (FAIL), fish, limburger (Spencer barfs), a bull penis (Paula dropped that nasty thing). The housemates earn 72 PASS and 12 FAIL balls.

Did you see Heidi take on the bull penis? OMG.

Heidi Montag Celebrity Big Brother 2013

Later, Rylan talks to Heidi about her plastic surgeries while soaking in the hot tub. She says she wishes she wouldn’t have been so public about it and that she’s now a “plastic surgery girl.” She also shares that she once “became [her] character” on The Hills but is more herself now and is happier than she’s ever been. Rylan relates, saying he went from being famous and liked on X Factor, to being famous and hated. Rylan says he loves how “intelligent” Heidi is. Funny, that word never came to mind with me..

Rylan gets called into the diary room. He must choose from chocolates in a box and eat them. There are good ones and bad ones. Some are hot, infused with chilis. Sweet ones earn PASS balls, while hot ones earn FAIL balls. “Oh fuck me! Oh fuck!” His first one is hot. the f-bombs fly! He earns 20 PASS, 4 FAIL balls.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Task

The next task REALLY pisses off Heidi because it’s even MORE mouth-to-mouth than the previous challenge. A tiny little ball held between the housemates lips is transferred to a container. They spin two wheels to see which two housemates will do the task. They do this multiple times until Heidi’s name finally comes up and she outright refuses to partake. They just continue on without them. 20 FAILS are earned since Speidi refused. The rest of the housemates win 80 PASS balls and 40 FAILS during the challenge. The weird thing is, the house actually supports Speidi, saying they took their vows in front of God and that they shouldn’t have to do the task. That would NEVER happen on the U.S. version!

Claire gets called into the diary room and she must enter a “red room” in solitary confinement. The longer she stays, the more PASS balls the housemates will accumulate. The room plays an old hit of hers, “5,6,7,8″ over and over and over and over. She tries to sleep.

Claire Celebrity Big Brother 2013

After just over an hour, the housemates release her (an option BB gave them). Claire earns 4 PASS balls for her time. She could have won 100 PASSES had she completed the task. Oopsie! Everyone is being too GD nice!

Rylan finds a stash of liquor at 1:30AM and he, Claire and Tricia hide some of it but share some with Ryan, Gillian, and Lacey, who are all still awake. They all hang out in the igloo and drink up! They mention how Paula will lose her mind when she learns they didn’t get her up to drink with them. Cheers!

Rylan Celebrity Big Brother 2013


  • DrDetroit

    HAHAHAH! Good STUFF, Spicy!

  • MaryUKtheScot

    Speidi are GREAT!!!

  • http://twitter.com/itsj0e Joe

    It’s weird. I still think Speidi is very superficial and shallow, but I can’t help but warm up to them a little. To me, which is probably different than everyone else, they seem rather genuine with their DRs and interactions with the housemates. I don’t know why I’m kind of rooting for them to at least stay. Not win, obviously. That would be a disgrace. I just feel like they do provide things for us to talk about, even if it is about being “servants of love” or refusing to kiss balls. Everyone else except for a select few has been very boring. Barely any camera time.

    • spicy_pants

      They are definitely entertaining! That’s why I kind of like Paula too.

      • http://twitter.com/itsj0e Joe

        That they are! Paula is nutso, but probably misunderstood. I think it’s awesome that you’re covering CBB Spicy!

  • Mon

    I am starting to think Spencer is the less of the two evils.