Rylan Clarke: Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Winner!

CBB 2013 Finale Night: Rylan beats out Speidi to win!

Rylan Clarke: Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Winner!

As Brian said, “Here are the housemates that brightened your dreary January!”

It’s the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Finale Night and it’s down to Speidi, Rylan, Claire, Ryan and Razor. The remaining housemates are in the living room where they will make their final pleas in 15-seconds or less.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Finale Night


  • Claire: She says she feels like she’s won already, just by making it to the finale.
  •  Speidi: Heidi thanks for votes, hopes they get more tonight.
  • Razor: Vote for me for being cleverest, smartest!
  • Ryan: He says there is one person this would mean the most to, and to please vote for Rylan.
  • Rylan: Rylan thanks Ryan, and says the show has made his dreams come true.

The Last Supper: Everyone raises a toast

Rylan’s Toast: He tells Razor he is a father figure to him. He has no father on the outside, but Razor is the closest thing he has to a dad. He tells Speidi, “What happens in the house stays in the house,” and that he hopes to be friends. He tells Claire that he adores her.

Claire’s Toast: “This has proved I can do things on my own,” that it’s outside her comfort zone, and that she is stronger.

Ryan’s Toast: “I never expected to like someone, then hate someone, then like someone, then hate someone.”

Heidi’s Toast: “This has been one of the worst and best times in my life.” She cries.”I’m a bigger, stronger person [after the show].”

Spencer’s Toast: “I thought I’d be the villain I’ve always been, it’s my opportunity to make conflict and this was the most challenging [show ever]. At my core, I really do care about everyone. These aren’t the people I was prepared to play against. It’s been difficult for me to be awful…” he chokes up and cries.

Razor & Rylan head out to the garden for a smoke and discuss whether or not Spencer was lying. Rylan thinks they are full of shit.


As the crowd cheers, “Get Speidi out! Get Speidi out!” Razor is told he is the next to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. He is told to leave. I’m like, WOW! I expected Ryan to go first. He wants Speid out next, and Rylan to win.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Finale Night Episode


The next eviction is announced and it’s Claire. “See, I told you?” she says as she hugs everyone goodbye. She says she’s still not sure if Spencer and Heidi are for real, or acting.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Finale Night


It’s Speidi, Rylan and Ryan in the Top 3 and we all know who is going home…Ryan. We’re right. He says he thought he would be first voted off, didn’t think he was as interesting as everyone else. He says Spencer was the laziest person in the house, Razor had the worst habits (snoring), and Speidi LEAST deserved a spot in the house.

FINAL TWO: Pleas to the viewers:

Speidi: “We should win because we’ve been put through most, are in a different country, it’s been hard, we learned a lot,” etc.

Rylan: “Big Brother is about coming into this house and being your real self, and that what I have done.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Speidi Evicted


It came down to the Final 2 and Brian took foreeeeever to finally crown the winner. But when he did, he named Speidi as runners-up and RYLAN as the WINNER of Celebrity Big Brother 2013! Wahoo! So glad Speidi didn’t win. I would have had a fit if they had, they didn’t participate in ANYTHING.

Rylan sobs as he is named the winner of CBB 2013.

Spencer says he loves the boos and that he wouldn’t have done his job if people weren’t booing him. The entire time they are interviewed people are booing, singing, and chanting…the audience hates them (it was a different sentiment on Twitter, UK fans loved them!). Brian tells them they were very entertaining, and that they kept us on our toes. When asked if they felt bad for Claire not getting a letter from home, Heidi turns the conversation back to her, saying she didn’t feel bad for not doing the task because she wasn’t willing to be separated from Spencer. So basically she never answered the question. Brian asks again. And again, they don’t answer, they simply say they regret nothing.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Winner Rylan Clarke


Rylan tells Brian he is honored to win a show that he loves so much. He says that Heidi and Spencer are made for one another (he wasn’t being catty either) and that he loves everyone in the CBB house. For his haters, he says, “For people who want to write about me, you’ve got me all wrong.” Brian asks him to describe Speidi in one word and he replies, “headache”.  Brian then asks, “Do you think you’ve changed your public perception?” Rylan says, “I’m just glad for my mother’s sake people are seeing what I’m really like. If they still don’t like me, fair enough.”

To wrap the show, Rylan’s mother calls in and tell her how proud of him she is.

Team Rylan! Congrats, Mr. Clarke, you are truly fabulous! (At least I think so.)


  • Patworx

    I can’t believe those spoiled douchebags got SECOND PLACE!

  • Markholman8

    Drop me out!

  • April

    What do they get paid? Is it more the longer you stay in the house?