Spencer and Heidi Say They’re Britain’s New Beckhams

The World's Most Hated Reality TV Couple are Clearly Delusional

Spencer and Heidi Say They’re Britain’s New Beckhams

They made a splash in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house, but are Spencer and Heidi the new Beckhams? If you ask them, YES, they are.

Even though they were booed every time they faced public vote on the live eviction shows, Heidi and Spencer, or “Speidi,” claim people everywhere in England are telling them they are the “new Beckhams”. What’s funny is the British gossip rags are laughing at them for saying such a thing.

In an interview with OK magazine Spencer said, “The Beckhams have been our idols since he was scoring goals for England. We love being the new Posh and Becks.” Heidi added: “I was obsessed with the Spice Girls. It was the first concert I ever went to. I loved Posh so much. To be compared to them is amazing and honor.”

Oh, so delusional. I wonder if Heidi spoke with her fake British accent when she said that? Ugh.

Although Speidi entertained the CBB audience throughout most of the 3-week stint, the couple’s public opinion spoiled after they refused to participate in numerous challenges and were downright cruel to some of the show’s other stars. They repeatedly said they hated their housemates and called them things like, “weirdos” and “circus freaks”. One time Spencer even said, “The only thing that would make me look twice is if they all died, and even then, I wouldn’t go to their funeral.”

Speidi has reportedly received death threats on Twitter since the show ended, and they say while in the CBB house they feared for their lives (huh?!). Spencer told The Hollywood Gossip: “We didn’t sleep much at all. I always had one eye open. We were watching them thinking they were going to try and kill us in our sleep.”

A little dramatic perhaps? Methinks so.

Spencer still contends he was simply playing a villain in the house, saying that’s what he was paid to do. “I can’t come all the way from America and not be the bad guy [because] that’s not what they cast me for.”

I still have a hard time believing he’s not a prick in real life. It just came too easily for him.

Do you think Spencer and Heidi are the new Beckhams of England? 

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  • Kungfuwomn

    No way more like the Bristol and Levi or Kate & John Gosselin!

    • Soozin2

      Now that’s a perfect comparison. lmao

  • bjo2298

    Heidi and Spencer did a great job and it was GOOD TV. They did what was expected of them and that was to be a villian. You make it sound like they didn’t participate but they did a lot of challenges and followed rules. A couple of the tasks went against their married convictions and even the British housemates backed them up. They could have done a lot worse but they actually liked most of the celebrities. They were just doing their job and to be fair they got to listen in on the British celebrities talking trash about them. No where did you mention they got second place! I hate articles written by someone who clearly did not follow the show. Speidi did an excellent job and yes, I believe a lot of Britians love them!!

    • spicy_pants

      Most certainly I followed the show. I wrote about them finishing in second place already. This article isn’t about that. You’re right though, they indeed have lots of fans who love them. I’m just not one of them. And yes, my commentary reflects that. :)

    • Lyndaperky

      Speidy both told interviewers right after the show , on Bit on the Side, that they do not like the HMs & then later added that they were playing bad guys. They were a walking contradiction. They said they are Christians & would not compromise that. NO real Christian would agree to act hateful or dance on TV like a stripper.