Who Were The Two Eliminated This Week?

If the idea was to get rid of the weak links, oops!

Who Were The Two Eliminated This Week?

Dancing with the Stars got what it wanted with Tuesday night’s results: some additional mild controversy. It was one thing when the fun but modestly talented Kirstie Alley and the non-fun and even less talented Bristol Palin were outlasting Joey Fatone, but now both women have survived while two former champions were sent home in their place.

Season 2 champion Drew Lachey and Season 5 winner Helio Castroneves were the unlucky victims of this week’s double elimination. Drew, partnered with Anna Trebunskaya, got the news about halfway through the results show. When the pair marked as “in jeopardy” were Drew and Kirstie, Anna nodded her head in resignation, guessing correctly that since both had scores of 24 on Monday, there was no way her partner could be more of a viewer favorite than the bawdy ex-Cheers star.

Drew took the departure in stride, telling Tom Bergeron “I can honestly say I would not change a thing.  Everybody questioned why I would come back – I came back because this is fun.” One has to wonder, though, if he’s just a little bit bitter about not being included in the overall grade inflation this season. His performances seemed to mostly be on par with the other ex-champions, but the judges seemed unenthusiastic and he didn’t get the best time slots, going first in a two-hour show this week.

Helio, who partnered with the perennially unlucky Chelsie Hightower, was something of a surprise winner in Season 5, but that fanbase didn’t come along this time around. He was among those in jeopardy a week ago and was voted out this week despite a score of 25.5 that seemed like the judges’ effort to ensure his safety. But Helio made an unusually obvious mistake this week, tripping on Chelsie’s skirt as she dipped low to the floor, and it’s possible some of his usual voters were in no mood to cut him an additional break. He was in good spirits too, but someone who has already won the Indianapolis 500 a few times, and DWTS once, can afford to be OK with an early exit.

The other highlight of the night was the stars choosing next week’s dances for their opponents – and to even things up a bit, the weakest dancer in the scoring so far (Bristol) got to choose for the top dancer (Gilles Marini), and so on down the line. To make the scenario even more interesting, most of the dances will be novel to DWTS, even to the pros. For example, Gilles and Peta Murgatroyd  have been saddled with Bollywood, Apolo Ohno will be doing hip-hop, and (hilariously) 61-year-old Kirstie Alley, who can barely manage the jive, will have to somehow nail the Charleston.

When it came time for Sabrina Bryan to choose for Kirstie – either the Charleston or “rock,” she asked partner Louis Van Amstel for advice, saying she wanted to help Kirstie out. For some reason (sabotage?), Louis suggested the Charleston and the oblivious Sabrina went along, as Kirstie fell the floor in mock agony.  It might be real agony for her next Monday.

Are you indifferent to this week’s results, or upset? And how long might Bristol hang around?


  • Spank1returnz

    We all know that Bristol will stay on till close to the end. Thanks to Sarah, the tea party will keep here votes going regardless of how poorly and disgraceful of a dancer she is. Absolutely no talent and only in the game thanks to her MOMMY!

    • Michael Bristow

      Then why was Bristol invitted back? Could it be because she boosted rattings? Blame ABC for wantting better rattings more than better dancing, going up aganist NCIS & NCIS LA..Personally if I were Bristol, I would have declined since the judges treat her like dirt.

  • Eileen

    Again, ridiculous that Helio and Drew have exited before Kirstie and Bristol. Ridiculous. I guess the cry baby tape gave Bristol sympathy votes and having Max as a partner is what keeps Kirstie in.
    How can tripping on your partner’s dress ever be compared to terrible, poor, talentless dancing? They seriously need to change the name of this show to “Dancing With The Most Popular/Favorite”
    Drew looked a bit bitter, but Helio was his usual WONDERFUL self! It would have been sweet justice if Kirstie and Bristol were the 2 in the double elimination. But alas, no. One of them better be gone next week.

    • http://www.realitynation.com/author/charlie-toft/ Charlie Toft

      I thought the crying was going to backfire, because it just seemed so obvious that her complaining about Mark didn’t have any merit.

      Still surprising that two ex-champions didn’t have more fans willing to keep them around. But maybe a lot of the people who watched when Drew was first on have quit watching.

  • http://twitter.com/spicypants Spicy


    • Parvity

      It is painful to watch Btistool,or whatever her name is, and worse yet to see her mom get flashed on the screen,why?, I have no idea. This is really dumb,or is it great rating stratagy to keep her on? I would rather watch a hundred horrible performances by anyone, than watch one more of her crybaby,(boo hoo, you don’t like me) dumbass attempts to dance, I love everything about this show usually,especially Tom B’s humor, but if she stays one more week, I have to say bub-bye. Thanks for letting me rant on.

  • http://twitter.com/Lulu_0318 Stefanie McCarthy

    I agree that Bristol has the Sarah Palin Tea Party Block vote, which many fanbases have a block vote, but what they fail to realize in their quest to keep her there is that they are making her look like a joke. They are really doing her an injustice. Has she improved from her first season on the show, undoubtedly, but she is still way out of her league, and I really blame ABC for allowing her on an All-Star season just to boost ratings.

  • Sunshine Girl

    This is just bullshit. ABC sucks, they wanted controversy and they got it but unfortuantely it has turned my stomach and many others who watch can’t watch anymore. Hope your happy ABC you have made a joke out of this show.

  • Kmiller123452

    What a surprise,she was there almost to the end last time, felt sorry for Helioand Drew

  • Rdouvillier

    I still think it should be a vote to eliminate instead of to save. That way people with huge fan bases won’t have an added advantage.

  • Seagerdenise

    How can Bristol still be on She is no all star and she sure cannot compare nor dance next to all the others. DWTS has lost all credibility. Will not watch anymore.

  • Cshell1123

    If you dont like the results why dont you vote?

  • HoH8

    This Show Is Officially a TRAVESTY….Come On, REALLY…..that Palin brat is better then 2 past winners?…..What a RipOff !!!!!!……

  • SHdiff

    The blame only goes to Bristle and her agreeing to come back when she absolutely knows she is anything but an all star! She loves the contraversy or she would have said ‘no thanks’ to abc when asked to come back and create yet another political mess. Feel bad for the ones, which would be all except Pamela, that had to leave because of Bristol/Sarah/ABC’s nonsense. Too bad her reality show tanked or we wouldn’t have to be subject to this again! Good luck to all that are left with this bullshit going on!

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