DWTS Recap: Katherine Devastated By Fall

The judges keep playing favorites as we head into final stretch.

DWTS Recap: Katherine Devastated By Fall

Dancing with the Stars semi finals aired Monday night. The four remaining stars took to the dance floor for two full dances.

As with most weeks, the judges managed to outrage viewers with their inconsistency and favoritism.  Maria Menonous topped the leader board and for the life of us all we can’t figure out why.  Her Argentine Tango was beautiful to watch, but it did have a few technical flaws.  The judges didn’t care about those flaws and gave her a perfect score of 30.  Her second dance was supposed to be Jive, but it didn’t come close to living up to the standard of a Jive.  Again, the judges didn’t care and she scored a 29 out of 30.

William Levy also managed to received a perfect score long with several blatant “come on’s” from Bruno Tonioli.  William danced a Tango to open the show receiving a 28, but it was his second dance, a Samba, that was perfect.

Donald Driver delivered two more solid performances, but Len Goodman is still holding back that 10.  Donald should easily make it into the finals even though he is not at the top of the leader board.

Katherine Jenkins has been a good dancer from the very first week, she has amazing lines and her smooth dances are breath taking.  Tonight she stepped outside her comfort zone performing a Salsa that showed skin and jiggle.  Everything was going great right up until the very last move.  She was injured on the last move and had a big fall which ended her night on a very bad note.


As I promised in the video, here are the links to the Jive videos to compare to Maria’s dance tonight.  Judge for yourself and then let us know in the poll at RealityNation.com what you think.

Maria’s Semi-Final Jive
Donald Drivers Trio Jive  
Katherine Jenkins Week Two JIVE
J.R. Martinez Season 11 Week Two JIVE  


  • Bonbon9757

    I so agree!!! Judges favor Derek and they are making sure he is the final 2!!