DWTS Week Seven Elimination

DWTS Week Seven Elimination

Power to the people much to the dismay of the judges. Jaleel White and Roshon Fagan found themselves in the bottom two when fans rallied around Melissa Gilbert after her underscored dance on Monday night.

The judges are good for one thing on Dancing With The Stars and that is controversy, year after year they manage to get people riled up and this year is no exception.

Unfortunately the judges leave victims in their wake and this week it was Jaleel White. His dance was a bit underscored to star

t with on Monday night. When judges clearly underscored Melissa and added insulting critiques fans came out in droves for her putting Jaleel and Roshon in the bottom two, even though Melissa was the lowest scoring dancer.

Jaleel and Roshon faced off in the dance duel doing a Rumba, neither one of them were particularly sexy and who could blame them under the pressure. In the end, judges choose Roshon Fagan over Jaleel White.



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