Which All-Star Went Home First?

DWTS isn't always kind to bombshells.

Which All-Star Went Home First?

Picking a favorite for the all-star Dancing with the Stars is practically impossible, given all the ex-champions involved, but it was simple to guess who had the biggest odds against them: Pamela Anderson, who finished only sixth the first time she was on the show, lasting just two weeks longer than Kate Gosselin.

After a tough first night on the dance floor, the actress/nude model/all-around personality was the first one eliminated from DWTS on Tuesday. She and partner Tristan MacManus had the lowest judges’ scores for their cha cha, and didn’t have enough votes from the viewers to compensate. Twelve dancers remain in the field.

Pamela didn’t seem too broken up about leaving, but then she’s never seemed all that excited about being on the show. More interesting was that an ex-winner, Drew Lachey, joined Bristol Palin as the dancers “in jeopardy.” This doesn’t mean he was actually close to being eliminated, but it’s something to watch.

Also, Pitbull and Justin Bieber each performed, and it’s a sign that our newest teen idol is getting long in the tooth that we can’t say for sure which one is closer to being finished.

ABC is scheduled to have these two-hour results nights for another few weeks, which seems like a major mistake for a show that’s beginning to show its age in the ratings. There aren’t enough ways to usefully kill time on a results show in even one hour, let alone two.

Comedy from the night: Kelly Monaco told Val Chmerkovskiy that she would have to work rehearsing around her General Hospital duties, and he seemed surprised that she worked in a hospital. When she explained about her daytime show, he said that he had to be cut some slack because “I’m half your age” (actually, she’s 36 and he’s 26). Also, Chelsie Hightower couldn’t understand how it is that Helio Castroneves speaks Portuguese when he’s from Brazil, and when told it’s because of colonialism and it’s similar to how the rest of South America speaks Spanish, she acted like she was being given breaking news. I wish I could say any of this surprised me.

Did you agree with this outcome?


  • HoH8

    Im hoping my Emmitt stays HOT, lol….i agree with the dumb 2hr results show…lucky i tape it and fast forward it…i always hate the singers on them so i tape it and watch it in 10 mins, lol……

    i see how they were able to kill the first hour with talking to the stars but they cant do that next week also, right….i cant believe that this is Maks last year….im gonna miss him the most…..☺….