Who Won Dancing With The Stars 2012?

Was it Katherine, William or Donald?

Who Won Dancing With The Stars 2012?

Dancing With the Stars 2012 wrapped up tonight with the crowning of the Season 14 winner. The mirror ball trophy went to NFL wide receiver Donald Driver and his partner Peta Murgatroyd.

Finishing in second place was Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas. Third place went to Latin soap hottie William Levy and Cheryl Burke.

The judges awarded their final scores of the season after the Top 3 took to the ballroom floor for their final dances. And to no one’s surprise, Donald and partner Peta, William and Cheryl and Katherine and Mark all earned perfect 10s from each judge.

After last night’s performances, the remaining couples were separated by only one point. Katherine earned 30s in each of her dances, while Donald and William each had 59 out of 60. Those scores added to fan votes and tonight’s scores gave us the winner.

Are you happy with the winner of Dancing With the Stars season 14?



  • Coupondiva

    I was rotting for William…. So I’m a bit disappointed

  • Catherine

    I think the judges should have 2/3 or maybe, 3/4 vote. Fans do not know dance usually, so they just vote for their friends. It shouldn’t be a popularity contest, it should be on skill.

  • Hilda Cancinos

    Wiliam was the best dancer. I cannot believe he did not win.

  • Mrs. Malik

    the one star and his partner that i didnt want to win…..won -.-

  • Daroregon

    The best dancers did not win. I agree with those who say it should not be a popularity contest. When the last 3 contestants are that close and the judges can’t decide, why not let them do a final dance-off. They dance free-style until the judges make up their minds and agree on one. Let the fans vote for who the Bachelor or Bachelorette marries!

  • Krys

    I can’t believe that David won… he was okay, but he was not the best! I think that the other two teams, along with Maria and Derek were much better that the winners. What the show needs to take into account is overall scores. The entire season decides who is the best couple… I also agree that the audience votes are far too heavily weighed. It’s not supposed to be a popularity contest, but a dance contest. Without viewers you have no show, this I understand, but what credibility does the show have when anyone can win?

  • Hrndz

    I was dissapointed …..William should have won. He was amazing, he gave it his all and he never gave up