RECAP: Kim Zolciak’s Real Hair Revealed!

And it sure wasn't what we were expecting...

RECAP: Kim Zolciak’s Real Hair Revealed!

The moment Real Housewives of Atlanta fans had been anticipating for years finally arrived last night on Don’t Be Tardy For the Wedding: Kim Zolciak momentarily abandoned her wig to reveal her real hair.

Yes, friends, she does actually have her own mane under there — a really nice, thick one, too. But what was more shocking was its style: She had The Rachel from Friends, circa 1995!

Even though her tresses looked like they’d just hopped out of a time machine, it was still a bazillion times better than those over-the-top hairpieces she’s been lugging around in the Atlanta humidity all these years. As my husband said when he passed through the room, “She actually looks like a normal person now.”

Kim’s wig stylist and personal assistant, who were both present for the reveal, thought she should ditch the wigs for the wedding. But Kim said it’s not what people have come to expect from her. “They think me NOT having a wig on my wedding day is actually an option,” she said.

And let’s face it: If she made certain that she’d have some “side boob” showing in her dress, she sure as hell ain’t gonna go without her gargantuan locks when she ties the knot.

Other highlights from the show:

– Kim and Kroy hired security guards, who come with reinforcements like German Shepards and guns and will protect their house from crashes and paparazzi during the nuptials. Kim asked how they’d get rid of helicopters, but apparently, they don’t have hovercraft, and therefore can only get rid of people on the ground.

– The homeowners — one of whom is also Kim’s friend and interior designer — were uninvited to the wedding because they’re in a big argument over money for services rendered.

– Kim got an email from her best friend and matron of honor. They made nice again, blah, blah, blah.

– The day before her wedding, Kim was sick with a fever of 102. But then she got to pick out a piece of jewelry as a wedding gift from Kroy. Money is no issue, he said. She chose a 40 carat diamond bracelet. Price tag: $400K. Amazing how she perked right up after that.


  • Kristinbreul

    Just an FYI, the top short layer is hers and everything under that is extensions. I own a salon that specializes in extensions and I also have owned a hair extension manufacturing company for 11 years. Her stylist did a great job on the extensions but bottom line is – THAT’S NOT ALL HER REAL HAIR

  • WeaveQueen

    I know the public don’t believe that’s her real hair. I know extension when I see them. I have 20 years in this game. That is not all her hair. She use extensions to make it look thick. People will do anything for ratings. Kim reveal your real hair with no extensions!

  • Gatorfouru

    kim throw the wigs out unless your a cancer survivor, like my dear aut, wear your own hair they are tacky and ridiculous