RECAP: The Groom Steals The Show

Kim did a whole lotta bellyachin', but it was Kroy to the rescue!

RECAP: The Groom Steals The Show

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Thursday’s installment of Don’t Be Tardy For the Wedding offered a heartwarming glimpse at mother-daughter wedding planning fun.

And by heartwarming, we mean a total flippin’ train wreck. And that’s probably what many recaps will be about today. But let’s be honest: Haven’t we seen Kim get into screaming matches with people a million times over the years? In short, Kim and her mom argued, Kim’s mom threatened not to come to wedding, Kim hung up on her. The end.

To us, the real highlight of last night’s episode was seeing Kroy come out of his shell a little bit. Kim’s then-fiance has always been quiet and reserved on camera, but finally displayed a little personality and spunk.

As Kim’s 14-year-old daughter prepared for her homecoming dance, Kim and Kroy were both giving her the “don’t let your boyfriend be inappropriate” lecture. While Kim just offered the generic, “If he touches you, I will slap the sh*t outta him,” Kroy broke it down to specifics for Brielle: When slow dancing, make sure there are “at least six inches of air” in between your bodies. “When they play hip-hop, NO GRINDING.”

Later, as Kim went head-to-head with her mom on speaker phone, Kroy came in and defended Kim, which totally took us by surprise. He told her, kind of sternly, that her behavior was inappropriate and that she should be there to support her daughter. Not only did he have Kim’s back, he was brave enough to wade into “putting mother-in-law in her place” territory. Twenty points for bravery, Kroy!

Then again, he IS a football player. He’s got a helmet and protective gear should he need it down the road.