RECAP: Top 10 Moments From Kim Zolciak's Wedding

Was there a nip-slip? Did Kim spit or swallow?

RECAP: Top 10 Moments From Kim Zolciak's Wedding

Things have certainly come full circle for Kim Zolciak. Seems like just yesterday that she was a chain-smoking, wig-wearing, breast-baring, potty-mouthed, tactless mistress on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

To be fair, Kim abandoned the smoking and mistress situation, but brought the rest of those lovable qualities into her marriage with Kroy Biermann, which finally played out during Thursday's season finale of Don't Be Tardy For the Wedding. And while the tone of the night was their obvious love for one another, it wouldn't be a Kim Zolciak wedding without a little ridiculousness and a whole lotta drama.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from the show:

1. Kroy sparkles. We bet if you asked the high school aged Kroy, he'd never imagine himself getting married wearing a sequined bow tie. But if you're gonna marry Kim Zolciak, you're gonna be wearing some bling, best believe that!

2. Does Kim spit or swallow?
We kinda wished she'd swallowed when she brushed her teeth right before the wedding. In order not to get anything on her face, she stood up almost straight and let the most huge, disgusting string of foamy white stuff drizzle out of her mouth into the sink. That's all we'll say about that.

3. Football players don't cry! Oh wait… When Kroy delivered his personal vows, he couldn't get through them without sobbing. After he committed himself to Kim, he also presented her daughters with rings to signify his devotion to their entire family. Awwwww.

4. From tears to f-bombs.
After that emotional ceremony, Kim summarized the tenderness its proclaiming, “We're f***in' married!” We love the f-bomb as much as anyone, but good grief. Too bad Kroy couldn't have gotten Kim a helping of couth as a wedding gift.

5. Kim changes outfits. Not only did Kim hold a wedding, she conducted a bit of a fashion show, changing outfits three times during the reception. Each outfit was tackier than the next, beginning with a 40-pound wedding gown that barely covered her areola and ending with a skin-tight, backless, lace jumpsuit featuring plenty of side boob. The combined sequins and rhinestones from said outfits could likely cover an entire football field.

6. Dog eat dog. We were hoping we'd never have to see that dog cake again, but we should have known better. When Kim presented it to Kroy, the look on his face was priceless. He smiled, but if we could read minds, we're certain he was thinking, Damn, babe, that's tacky, even for you.

7. Kim's dad likes hooch(es). During the reception, Kim's dad helped himself to many Maker's Marks and Diet Cokes. As we used to say in Kentucky of its bourbon whiskey, That Maker's will make a mark on ya! And it did. Dad proceeded to talk about and leer at all the fine women at the wedding, then danced with some young ladies while his wife was busy doing something else…

8. Urine, or you're out! Kim said from the get-go that nobody was allowed to use the bathrooms in her house — not even her own mother. So when her mom and aunt refused to use the $5000 outdoor porta potty Kim rented, all hell broke loose. Mom: “If I have to burn the house down, I will!”

9. NEVER wake the baby!
Despite the multiple meathead security guards, Kim's mom and aunt were let into the house to ensure a fight somehow got into the house and used the bathroom. Mom and aunt got into a loud argument with Kim and Kroy. F-bombs were unleashed and the argument was loud enough to wake up baby KJ. This whole thing could have been avoided if she had just let her own MOTHER use her bathroom.

10. See ya, mom! Instead, Kim decided mom's request and the resulting fight was worth kicking her mom out of the entire event, and she had security remove her mom and drunk dad. Other family members were so disgusted b it, they left the ceremony voluntarily. Kim and Kroy went on like nothing happened, and Kim talked about not needing drama in her life. But still, that's her MOM.

And they all lived happily ever after…

What do you think of Kim and her mom? Should she have just let her use the bathroom, or was her mom wrong not to abide by the rules on Kim's special day?



  • Jasmïne LâJolîïe Càméérounaiïs

    She is so spoiled!

  • AnnieO555

    don’t watch the show and after reading about this woman glad I don’t what a biotch.

  • Kaceyc2005

    Let your own mother in to use the restroom you spoiled asshole!

  • Di

    Actually, sorry to say, but her mother is an a’hole!!! Yes she was drinking but she’s ALWAYS an a’hole!!! And jealous of her daughters youth and beauty, like it or not!

  • Gatorfouru

    i am sure in that huge mansion of kims there were several bathrooms her mom could of used…not the one next to kjs room…didnt understand that but still if my mom were here she wouldnt even have to bathroom would be hers to use…and i give this over the top ridiculous marriage a year, tops