Glass House

The Glass House premiered on ABC in June 2012. Fourteen strangers were chosen to live inside the house and compete for a $250,000 grand prize. Viewer votes help decide which contestants are eliminated week to week.

The house of course, is made of glass and the show uses the “throwing stones” analogy a lot. Each week, viewers vote on their favorite players and the two with the least amount of votes are made team captains for the week’s challenge. The team captain from the losing team automatically goes into “limbo,” which is another way of saying up for elimination. The contestants then vote for one other person to join that person in limbo.

The two contestants then leave the house and America decides which one will stay and which one will go. The two contestants return to the house the following week and America’s votes are revealed.

Airing on Monday nights at 10 PM, the show also includes live uncensored web episodes that are aired on various days and times.

Glass House is hostless. Instead it features a robotic female voice that broadcasts throughout the house. The voice is named Ori, short for Oracle.

Before the show even air, the similarities to CBS’ Big Brother came to light. CBS even filed a lawsuit to halt production of the show, claiming that several former Big Brother employees were producing the show and using inside secrets. A judge did not rule in CBS’ favor and The Glass House aired as plan.

The ratings have not been that great so far and there  hasn’t been any word on whether or not the show will be picked up for a second season. The show has yet to name a Season 1 winner.

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