Casting Info and More on ABC’s “The Glass House”

Find out more about the controversial new show!

Casting Info and More on ABC’s “The Glass House”

Despite CBS holding a lawsuit over ABC’s head regarding their upcoming reality show The Glass House being too much like Big Brother, ABC is moving forward with casting and has released more information regarding the setup of the game.

Here’s what we have learned:

  • The Glass House will premiere June 18th
  • 14 contestants will compete to win $250,000
  • 10 episodes of The Glass House will air on ABC
  • One contestant will be evicted per week, with America voting to help decide who it is. There will also be opportunities to vote evicted contestants back into the Glass House.
  • America will also vote on what the contestants will eat, wear and and will decide where they sleep. Voting will be done via a Live Stream Voting System and daily voting.
  • Live streams are set to air Mondays for 4 hours from 8pm to 12am (PST) and again from Tuesday – Thursday at 12pm (PST).
  • After a challenge is lost, that team’s captain and one other team member will go into “Limbo”, where they will await to hear whether they are leaving for good or coming back to continue in the game. Team Captains will be those bottom two contestants who received the least amount of America’s votes that week.

ABC casting directors are currently seeking contestants for The Glass House. They will be doing a nationwide search for “dynamic, competitive, energetic and outgoing individuals with audition held in Los Angeles, Pheonix, Austin, and Boston. If you cannot attend these casting events, you can send a photo and an email description to ABC Casting information.

Are you loving it – or hating it so far? Any first impressions?


  • Melissa Zeigler

    I will have to watch it to see what my take on it is. It sounds great but will it play out like it sounds. Time will tell. I will always be a BigBrotherFan!

    • Richard H. Shores

      I am with you Melissa. I am willing to watch and if it does turn out to be a good show, I hope it shakes things up at CBS, because Big Brother needs to seriously improve…it has become stale.

    • beth heart

      I am with you Melissa :) ))

  • Cuggiebeth

    Big Brother ABC style that is what is sounds like to me!

  • Judy Price

    I’ll be watching, but I will also be watching Big Brother.

  • Dale McClung

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • Ashley F

    This sounds fun!

  • Tkself

    will they have it on late night like bb does on showtime 2

  • Richard H. Shores

    The Glass House is more like the UK version than the US version of Big Brother. CBS tried the UK version for season 1 and it was not well received and the show totally revamped by Arnold Shapiro/Allison Grodner starting with season 2. It is a different time and possibly The Glass House may succeed…if it doesn’t get canned before it starts. If the show is a success, it makes you wonder if it shakes up things for CBS and production of Big Brother.

  • Sean

    Why would they choose the streaming time to be from 8-12 PST. That means the people who live on the east coast would have to watch from 11-3. And only 10 episodes? Boring.

    • Richard H. Shores

      This is just a trial to see if the ratings would support renewing it for a full season going forward as they have stated in their press materials.

  • Icalltheshots

    I guarantee there will be no second season (if there even is one). ABC should have focused their efforts on bringing back The Mole instead, which was a unique concept as opposed to lazy copycat tactics. Also, The Mole already has a built-in fan base – almost cult-like.    Huge mistake on ABC’s part doing this crap instead. Furthermore, there’s a reason I don’t watch popularity contest type shows – they’re far too predictable. For instance, if they hypothetically cast a Jeff Schroeder on The Glass House, we would know from Day 1 who the eventual winner is. Boring, predictable and pointless to watch, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Richard H. Shores

      The Mole was a good concept, but the ratings were not that hot.

  • Sid

    I will bet anyone 10 bucks brendan and rachel will be trying out.

    • Kymcondon

      Oh God please don’t let ABC ruin this before it even starts

    • Tjwhyte

      lol no kidding enough of them already

    • beth heart


  • Kymcondon

    I am actually kind of excited to see how this will work. I love Big Brother but it was pretty boring last season not to mention having to see and hear Brenchel AGAIN!!

  • Pam Bevan

    I will always be a BB fan…ALWAYS..but it will be fun to see what this new show is like..The more shows the better if they are good..:):)

  • Rentbogo

    the interactive part of the show is patent pending by company where not paying, this show will cost ABC millions in law sues

  • Rentbogo

    this will be ABC real glass house for real and there are a lot of stones