CBS Still Trying To Stop Glass House

Judge won't rule on case until at least June 15

CBS Still Trying To Stop Glass House

CBS is still fighting the powers that be at ABC over the upcoming reality show The Glass House, claiming it’s a complete copycat of Big Brother.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the judge hearing the case rejected CBS’s request to have everything wrapped up by 5 pm today, instead saying he won’t make a ruling until at least June 15. The Glass House is set to premiere June 18.  CBS still could file a restraining order against Glass House production until the matter is solved.

As we reported earlier, CBS is trying to put a stop to the show because at least 19 former employees of Big Brother are apart of The Glass House production and crew. CBS claims trade secrets have been revealed and copyright infringement has occurred.

The latest move by CBS was a motion filed Monday requesting more information on the ABC show, including show outlines. ABC has until June 11 to provide supporting documents, according to the court documents.

“CBS undeniably has an interest in stopping the irreparable harm caused by Defendants’ ongoing misappropriation of trade secrets, infringement of Big Brother‘s copyright and other unlawful activity (including spoilaiton of evidence),” the latest filing states. “For these reasons, CBS intends to seek a temporary restraining order preventing the ongoing production and imminent airing of Glass House on June 18.”

ABC is not backing down, however. They continue to respond with their own court filings. ”It is preposterous for CBS to argue that a one-page outdated master control room schedule from an old season of Big Brother is a trade secret,” an ABC filing says.

The premiere of Glass House is less than two weeks away and ABC has even announced the cast. Will the show actually air? ABC has no plans to halt production but will a court force the network to? Time will tell.

Do you think CBS should just let it go? Do you think ABC has done anything wrong?


  • Razljaz

    I’m looking forward to this show starting, I sure do hope CBS loses and the show goes on! It looks awesome and I like that us viewers get to vote on everything. It’s gonna be a cool show!

  • Colette Lala

    CBS needs to get over itself. They weren’t the first and they surely won’t be the last. The fact that they’re all bunged up about it is more telling than anything else… it means they know their formula is stale. My hope is that Glass House lights a fire under Big Brother’s ass. We need new competitions, new twists, new powers, new everything. Everyone (the viewers and players) knows what to expect! And isn’t it like a famous Kelly Bensimon quote or something that familiarity breeds contempt?

  • Zach (Nickel-Liss)

    Major ripoff. The Glass House needs to be shut down. If not, I hope it fails. I would lmfao along with true Big Brother fans.

  • Sean Forsyth

    CBS, with BBUS, has been running the same formula in the same house with the same producers and the same casting creating the same show for far too long. The fact that they’re visually expending far more energy towards lawyering the fuck out of their competition, as opposed to actually changing their program at all, shows so much about them. I’m certainly on The Glass House’s side here.

    Recall that ABC looked into the Endemol format The Golden Cage a while back – around 2007, IIRC. The format is similar to Big Brother, but is considered separate by Endemol themselves. What’s to say ABC isn’t following up on that? And outside of that, CBS is grasping at straws.

    There need to be some massive shifts at BBUS HQ, and fast.

    • Jbrady1

      I don”t think Big Brother has anything to worry about,it is too impersonal and run by computers. I miss Julie!!!!

  • Dawnhealy

    I thought competition was good for the ratings, I’ll watch both shows It’s interesting to see the differences. I also watch survivor and if someone came up with a show like that I would be happy to watch that also.

  • Jgevans0206

    CBS is just scared that this will be better then there lame Big Brother that they keep showing us every year. Plus CBS didn’t have a problem when they ripped off the view with the talk did they of course not.

  • Michelle Daniel

    I can’t wait to see this show and will be watching and live tweeting every second of the FREE live streaming starting tomorrow. The stream is only an hour long on certain days but I’m going to be right there. Now please don’t let the fact some of the producers worked on the Bachelor screw this all up.

  • Summernights360

    the glass house show is not good they had copy so much of big brother one thing is to compete another one is to steal the show i wont watch it and i hope big brother fsns wont either