Glass House Episode 6: Drunk House

Drunk drama continues to be The Glass House's main theme

Glass House Episode 6: Drunk House

It took me abou

t five weeks, but I've finally caught on to what's making The Glass House function. It's alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

I'm not sure anything would ever happen on the show if they weren't funneling a constant stream of alcohol into the contestants. I'm actually starting to wonder if they found the cast at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings across the United States.

Seriously though, at least 80 percent of the drama that has happened on this show has bet set around a ridiculous theme party and a lot of drinking. For example, this week, Erika is drunk and makes a fool of herself by crawling into Kevin's bed and insisting he spoon with her. He rejects her and embarrasses her greatly.

Then they're forced to have a toga party and everyone gets drunk again and starts fighting over that pervious drunken incident. It's between Kevin and Erika but Joy and Mike love getting in the middle of it. And in the end, it's Joy and Mike who end up fighting over it. Joy's a drama queen and Mike's kind of a bully. So they're in heaven.

Another drunken moment finds Jeffrey, the gay guy, in a kissing contest with Erika and Joy. And we're not talking about an innocent little peck. We're talking full-on tongue wrestling. The disgusting kind that leaves a string of spit from one mouth to the other. Nasty. Kevin put the traumatic experience best: “I felt like I wanted to throw up, but I was really happy. I couldn't stop watching.”

The show just feels like a really long and horrifying weekend at college. The kind where all you're wearing is a red solo plastic party cup around your wrist and you wake up next to a guy, a girl, an albino and there's a dead T.A. in the dorm bathroom.

And all I can say is: Give them more booze, ABC.

Glass House drunk group

Glass House drunk Mike

Oh yeah, it's time to find out who stays and who goes this week. Andrea and Holly are beamed up from limbo and one of them won't be coming back into the house. Part of me wanted it to be Andrea because she's kind some outdated beliefs, but another part of me is kind of sick of Holly's terrible lies. But truthfully, I don't care which one goes. It's Holly. Good. Andrea re-enters the house and the game goes on for the week.

Up next is my favorite part of the week: who does America hate the most. This week they picked Mike (no surprise there) and Stephanie. Everyone in the house was surprised at Stephanie, but I wasn't. It wasn't going to be Kevin because he's the only hot-ish guy in the house. And Andrea wasn't an option. So there you go.

As the bottom two, they're also team captains so they have to pick their teams. Mike decides it's not a good idea to pick Kevin because if they lose they can both be up for limbo. So he avoids Kevin. He goes with Gene, Jeffrey and Andrea. That means Stephanie's team is Kevin, Joy and Erika.

Stephanie's team flies through the challenge and Mike's team stumbles. It's unclear if Gene and Jeffrey helped throw the contest, but if they did it shouldn't be a surprise. Not even to Mike. He picked players from the other side on purpose.

Team Stephanie finished the challenge in 11:37. Team Mike finished in 17:23. Stephanie won't be going into limbo and she wins a trip to Las Vegas. Mike goes into limbo. Who will join him?

While Andrea is the obvious choice to join Mike in limbo, Jeffrey hatches a dangerous plan. He thinks it makes more sense to guarantee Mike's elimination by putting himself in limbo with him. That way Andrea will have the chance to be in the  bottom two next week and she can be the next target. It's risky, but it could work, depending on how much America hates the other side of the house.

At the vote, it goes just as Jeffrey wished. He got all the votes, including his own. So that will be either a bold and successful move or the dumbest move in the game.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Jeffrey made a good move or a bad move by putting himself i

to limbo?



  • Invest43

    I really hope this backfires on Jeffrey and watch that side eat some humble pie!! (I am not rooting for team Jesus, I just don’t want it to be predictable)

  • George

    For drama purposes in the house, I really, really hope Jeffrey goes home! (Not that this house needs an excuse to have more drama, but still… lol)

  • Gldperl

    i hope jeffrey leaves

  • BBFanTGHHater

    Jefferys plan is going to work, voters ALWAYS vote out the losing captain…happened every week besides first when we didn’t pick captains and the captain quit. So…yea shows too predicable…BB has more drama in it’s pinky! 52 hours out of the house per week is just STUPID

  • Scotta1020

    I lov this show. I lov Jeffery but i would not goto limbo by choice

  • Seagerdenise

    Good decision…..I hope he is sent home…….

  • Rob

    Jeffrey should go home simply for the fact that he voted for himself to go to Limbo. Andrea’s beliefs are not outdated and right now, I’ll take the drunkenness of this house over the half scripted BS that goes on in Studio City.