Glass House Episode 8: Temptation Awaits

Player chooses money to leave game, sending eliminated player back in

Glass House Episode 8: Temptation Awaits

Just when I thought The Glass House couldn’t get any dumber, it starts rocking in a corner, playing with its own feces.

OK, I’m exaggerating. But just a bit. This week was one dumb move right after another. From a player choosing to leave the game for some money, to another risking his own chance at safety, to an entire day of the players talking in a terrible British accent. Oh and I almost forgot, there was a bumper to tonight’s episode that was just the players lip-syncing to Carly Rae Jaspen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Duuuuuuuuumb.

Monday night’s episode picks up right after Joy and Andrea headed off to limbo and Gene gets  a target placed on his back. He had lied to Kevin and Andrea before the vote reveal, telling them the other side said he was going to be voted into limbo. Then some other lies come up and the house declares Gene Enemy No. 1.

Then America votes for the contestants to talk in a British accent for entire day, which ends up being the dumbest thing America has voted for them to do yet. During that time, Erica and Jeffrey have a an argument and I couldn’t take it seriously because it was done in the accent and I mostly just wanted to off myself.

Luckily, that’s cut short and Ori calls them to find out who America decided to vote back in the house. And to no one’s surprise, America continues to shift their opinions of the contestants and send Joy home and Andrea back in the house. Oh, how things have changed. First America hated that side, now they love them. I blame Chick-fil-A. I’m only kidding!

The contestants are starting to get worried about why Ori hasn’t told them who America hates the most this week, so they know something is up. About that time, Ori chimes in and they find there’s a game set up. They find podiums with buttons inside glass cases. And their stones are all sitting on the podium.

Then Joy and Mike beam up. America apparently voted for those two to get the chance to re-enter the game. But before one of them can return, one of the others have to leave. So Ori starts tempting them with some cash. If they want the cash, they have to break their glass and hit the button. Then the player who got the most votes — Joy or Mike — will re-enter the game.

Stephanie realizes America finds her boring so she decides to break her glass and take $37, 600. So she has to leave and Mike gets to re-enter. Yes, more proof America has shifted. Or they just really hate Joy.

Now it’s finally time to find out who America hates the most. This week it’s Gene and Jeffrey. Again, no surprise since America has sided with the other side. They’re be the team captains and since Jeffrey got more votes, he gets to pick his team first. He goes with Kevin and Andrea. So Gene gets Mike and Erica.

During the challenge, the players have to privately transfer some discs, using a bayonet, into a slot. The team with the most discs win. BUT there’s another slot that will give the individual players money. And no ones will know who the person or persons were who decided to throw some discs into their money slot.

Jeffrey, actually decides to line his pockets! Yes, he put himself at risk for a measly $2,000 — maybe $1,300 after taxes. I told you this episode was dumb. On the other team, Gene plays the game as it was intended, but Mike decides to pocket some money himself. He ends up with $5,000.

So in the end, Team Jeffrey wins with 30 points while Gene’s team ends up with 23. Gene will head to limbo and either Mike or Erica will join him.

Things get dumber when Mike admits to taking $5,000. Even Kevin, Mike’s bro, gets pissed. So during the limbo vote, Kevin actually votes for Mike to go (but he’s secure that Gene will be eliminated). The surprise in this comes from Jeffrey, who votes for Erica to go into limbo, and his vote decides it. So either Erica or Gene will be voted out next week.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Glass House?



  • Renee Decourcy

    Mike actually took $4,000– not $5,000. Doesn’t make the show any less dumb, it’s one of the worst shows. Just thought I’d throw it out there!

  • Purpleblossoms2005

    i agree..i actually liked the show in the beginning, but the things that America is voting on is absolutely stupid and has no influence on the game whatsoever…most of it is never even seen on the episodes. Who gives a rats ass what accent they speak to each other in…i do think they did a decent job of casting though bc although unlike big brother this house has plenty of activities and things to keep them occupied each day there still seems to be drama in the house..but i think if there is going to be another season there is going to have to be a lot of tweeking from WHAT is voted on to HOW the voting even works..btw GO ERICA!!

  • addb

    The people are just not attractive enough to watch. That’s not a shallow statement its a reality of what television.

  • Sam Leighton

    Stephanie leaving for $37,000 was the smartest move she could have made. She’s already in the bottom 2 so she can’t possibly win.

  • Cindy

    I completely forgot that it was on, for the past 3 weeks, oh well!

  • Trevwoh

    if erica doesnt come back some shits gunna POP OFF

  • Voiceof911

    This is the dumbest show EVER! It doesn’t even come close to Big Brother. I hope this is it’s first and final season.

  • Wildinvegas

    I’m pleased to see we have sacrificed one person to waist hours of their time for these reports on Glass House so the masses can be entertained by a good and funny 4-10 minute read. I salute you sir!

  • Andrew Sloan

    The Glass House is so friggen stupid but…

    I like how it played the music at the beginning, Big Brother should throw in some actual music and not its classic drama/comedy music.

    Stephanie played it smart, at least she got some money out of this whole damn thing

    I could care less about Mike or Joy or Jeffrey or Gene or literally anyone else