Glass House Episode 9: The End Is Near

Glass House final three will be decided by end of the week

Glass House Episode 9: The End Is Near

Things are winding down on The Glass House but emotions are heating up. And I couldn’t be happier for both.

You know, because I’m ready for the show to end and since there’s still a week left, it’ll be fun to see everyone melt down as they want to walk away with the prize money. But before I get really excited, let’s kill the buzz and get to this week’s recap.

At the beginning of the episode, we pick up where last week left off as Erica and Gene are being teleported off to some hotel in Burbank, and Jeffrey crying over his decision to send Erica to limbo.

After Jeffrey calms down, he admits to the others that he took some money during last week’s challenge. No one really seems to mind, so that was anticlimactic and I’m not even sure why I’m still typing about it.

Kevin gets a little birthday celebration and a tweet from his daughter. He cries, thus securing his Glass House season one win. Come on, you know he’s going to win. All the female viewers are so desperate for hot men on their TVs that a normal looking guy like Kevin qualifies because there’s no one else on that show to fill the void. And now that they know he’s a sensitive dad, it’s sealed. If he could just put on his police uniform, then the vote would be unanimous.

Ori chimes in and it’s time to find out who is staying and who is going this week. Erica and Gene are beamed back up and Gene is sent right back down. Erica is safe and re-enters the house.

Soon after, it’s time to find out who America hates the most this week. And since there are only five of them, Ori is only going to reveal the person with the least amount of votes. That honor goes to Mike. So he will be competing in the week’s challenge against the person the house votes to join him.

It doesn’t take long until we’ve got Jeffrey and Erica talking about the vote last week. Jeffrey decides Erica is trying to start an argument even though I didn’t read it that way, so they get into a pretty big blowout. It all sounds very high school. It’s like he just found out Erica said he was too gay to function and she just found out he voted for Regina George for Spring Fling Queen over her. So, so high-school.

It’s time to find out who the contestants want to go up against Mike in the competition this week. Jeffrey is voted to compete against Mike (he even voted for himself). Erica is voted to win a trip to Florida.

So it’s Jeffrey vs. Mike in the competition and one of them will bet heading into limbo. The competition looks really cool. There’s a giant doll house and it’s really nicely set up, but the game is too confusing to explain it to you so I’ll just tell you who wins. Jeffrey wins and is safe, so Mike heads to limbo.

So now the contestants vote for who is going to go into limbo with Mike. The outcome is a tie between Erica and Kevin and so Mike gets to make the decision. He picks Erica. As they’re about to head to limbo, Ori stops them and says America voted to let them spend their limbo in the house. This pisses off Andrea for some reason and she starts losing her shit.

To find out who is evicted, check out on Tuesday. There will be another live eviction on Wednesday. That means the final three will be decided by Wednesday and the final vote will take place next week.


  • carol

    What’s up with all the typing errors?I could barely understand what I was reading.I gave up on this show because it had become a popularity contest,instead of choosing the best strategic player.For Amer. to bring back dull Andrea over peppery Joy was unbelieveable.I didn’t like Joy,but she was a lot interesting than Andrea.So now I only read the blogs to see what has happened.

    • Branden B

      Thanks for calling that out, Carol. That’s what I get for typing late at night while nursing an illness. I’ve edited the post now that my mind is clearer.

    • Dale

      Possibly BC Joy was horrible starting fights all the time for no reason, and her fakeness with gene im glad that they are both out

  • Kim Gayheart

    there all about popularity.

  • Jakeosaer

    I am sure Glass House will be canceled, and it’s a shame. Their competitions are FAR superior to Big Brother, even if I despise the “America votes” aspect to everything. With a few tweaks, this show could give Big Brother a serious run for their money, especially since the producers of Big Brother seem to be hell-bent on destroying the last Shred of credibility that they have by meddling with every aspect of the game.

    • Dale

      The producer said they know that they have had a few rough spots and they know what dosent work and ABC is in full support of what they are doing so they might just get a second chance. I hope so because BB absolutely sucks

  • Kelsey Taylor

    the glass house is like .8 people watching when big brother is 5 million people watching… i have the live feeds for big brother and i love them and the show… the glass house is soooo boring to me… i dont think it could compete with big brother or survivor

    • Dale

      actually TGH has 3.5 mil people watching so its not that far off from bb