Glass House Live Streaming First Impression

What did you think of the first hour of live streaming?

Glass House Live Streaming First Impression

ABC gave us our first look at life on the inside of The Glass House, and even though it was only an hour (yes, their idea of live-streaming is one hour three days a week), I think we've all seen enough to start making our first impressions.

I'll do a little run-down.

The House

The house is actually pretty awesome looking. I wouldn't mind living there. Or accidentally murdering a hooker in the bathroom (sorry, I think it looks like a Vegas hotel. Or nightclub. If this were a contest, the house might earn more points than the Big Brother house. But don't worry, that's about the only area that's winning.

The Host

OK, I don't know if that voice giving out commands and asking questions is actually the host. But whatever, it's LAME. It's like a constipated Siri, as she was called lovingnly on Twitter. She's no Chenbot. And why was she calling us fans? We've never even seen the show. We were curious masochists at best.

The Premise

I have no @#$%*-ing clue what I watched. I spent an hour trying to figure out what they were doing moving from room to room, writing stuff on glass marker boards and collectively blowing that dude from Toledo. I guess he's going to be the resident stud? It also just felt really staged. And they know they're on camera and are being watched, so they're all stiff and trying to make an impression. The effect just wasn't there.

The Cast

I thought seeing them live would be a little better than when we first saw them, but not so much. Still trying to figure out the hot one. Maybe it's Mr. Toledo? Maybe it's that cocktail waitress. Maybe not. I think I've picked out the token gay, the token douchebag(s) and the token slut. But I'm still trying to figure out the rest.

Did you watch the live streaming? What were your first impressions?



  • Richard H. Shores

    It is hard to properly critique as show based on a one hour feed.

    • Branden B

      Very true. But since that’s all the live streaming we get, that has to be enough to make some first impressions of the live streaming. We’ll have to wait for the show to start to really make judgments.

      • Richard H. Shores

        I think you will do a credible job critiquing Glass House!

    • Rdouvillier

      Reality Nation covers reality TV. Not JUST BB.

      • Richard H. Shores


    • Mappy

      Valid points Richard. My exception is the term ‘live feeds’. It was a live stream that was structured. I prefer the term live feeds to mean 24/7 with minimal BB manipulation.

      I am going to watch a few more times before making a final decision.

      And yes, it is possible to give an unbiased opinion even if you work for/with the competition.

      Do you work for ABC?


      • Richard H. Shores

        Mappy…I do not work for ABC…I am happily retired! :)

        And I agree with your comments!

  • Debbiekz

    I thought it was pretty lame! They still act like they are acting to me and if I saw that chick make that heart sign with her fingers one more time I was gonna have to turn it off! It was just so boring! What was the purpose or the point of the whole question thing? I don’t think I will watch it again.

  • Debbiekz

    I thought it was pretty lame! They still act like they are acting to me and if I saw that chick make that heart sign with her fingers one more time I was gonna have to turn it off! It was just so boring! What was the purpose or the point of the whole question thing? I don’t think I will watch it again.

  • Kc Campbell

    As a reality show fan. It sucked hairy balls. It reminded me of season 1 of BB…where everyone was very aware of the camera and always had their “best self on.” LAME.

    • Richard H. Shores

      Like some BB cast members do not pander to the cameras?

  • Eagle

    Where do you watch the live stream if you missed it.

  • Dgsswine

    I think BB should give up the Law Suit because so far Glasshouse is more of a chaos-house without the class-house of BB. It felt like a game show mixed with a dating show. So far I’m finding my waiting-for-BB time more enjoyable with BBUK and their unique wackiness. But even the UK show can’t compete with our great live feeds and the cozy conspiracies of BB. I am counting down to June 12th.

    • Richard H. Shores

      And you are basing this on a single one hour feed? Do not get me wrong, I love Big Brother, whether the US or UK versions, and The Glass House may turn out to be a dud. But to make judgement on a show that has not aired yet (or may never air if CBS gets their wish) is just silly.

  • Eagle

    Where do you watch BBUK. boy i miss everythang lol

    • Dgswine

      I follow Big Brother UK Fans
      Get all the Big Brother news here! Big Brother 2012 airs on Channel 5 nightly. I am NOT official, FOLLOW @bbuk FOR OFFICIAL ACCOUNT

      • Eagle

        Thank you

  • Jun Song


    “Or accidentally murdering a hooker in the bathroom”

    “We were curious masochists at best”

    Thanks for your take. I couldn’t see ANYTHING over here in Belgium, though it sounds like that was a blessing.

  • Cory

    The Cast
    I actually liked Ashley, but the rest of them seemed like recycled Big Brother contestants. Haven’t I seen that girl Erica on TV before? She was annoying.

    The House
    Is really nice! Actually, it’s kind of amazing. The house does not make up for the lack of everything else though.

    The Host
    That voice thing was so annoying! I can’t watch the feeds for The Glass House at all unless they change that robot voice. What the hell was that?

    The Premises
    It was so obvious they were just testing the waters with that irrelevant game, or maybe it was relevant to the show? If it was, I don’t get it nor do I even want to know why they are.

  • DaleMcClung

    I loved as of now unamed voice, its in the style of BBUK. As far as what they were doing they were answering questions to win the viewers votes

  • Razljaz

    It is difficult to critique the show based on 1 hr of feeds. The girls definitely showed their personalities, the guys are more reserved. My favs so far are Alex, Jacob, Mike, Erica. They stand out for me

  • JWinter777

    Couldn’t watch the entire show. It’s contrived. I hate being made to feel like a child. ABC quit wasting your money

  • Rick

    i have seen the movie i think it is very good thank you nicole lynn haha