The Glass House Season 2: The Little Engine That Didn’t


The Glass House Season 2: The Little Engine That Didn’t

R.I.P. The Glass House

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when everyone is buzzing about the upcoming Big Brother season…who will be cast, what will be leaked, etc.

In the meantime, ABC’s Big Brother wannabe reality show The Glass House quietly packed up it’s things in a bindle stick and hopped a train to nowhere.

So if you’ve been wondering (probably not) whether or not there will be a Glass House Season 2, the answer is, no. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, all Glass House social media accounts are dusty graveyards and if it were to premiere in mid-June like Season One, surely we would have heard some sort of promotional jabber.

I think this year Big Brother Canada filled our time in the late winter, and perhaps if that hadn’t existed ‘The Glass House Season 2′ may have had a better chance.

But probably not.


  • Rob

    That’s too bad. GH may not have been the best show on TV, but it was refreshing seeing all new people, who were regular people. The show needed time (the same way BB did) to develop. Hopefully BB can learn a thing or two and get back t its roots.

  • Cory Patrick

    That show was horrible, it had potential but it just came off as completely fake. You’re the weakest link, goodbye!

  • Jul P

    Unlikeable people, all playing to the cameras. A tinny voice, talking to the house people. That tinny voice having them do ridiculous things. Fake angers, set-up sexual situations, phony feelings. Block voting that angered almost everyone. All this, and more, made this “reality?” show doomed from the start. Bye-bye.

    • Rob

      You just described Big Brother

    • gaborrr

      What about a Moose Voice? :D

  • Robin Paddock

    Funny thing, I met some of the folks from Glass House that I HATED on the show.. and they were super nice… I think the show just stunk.. good premise, bad execution.

  • Alex King

    the problem was Primetime Alex Stein Number 99 (who was on the grind, all the time) went home too soon.

  • Ann

    The show became boring very fast and there were too many smart people cast. They needed some dumb ones and another villain or 2 to balance things out.

  • thedelray

    only thing great about the show was Primetime Alex Stein Number 99 because he was always on the grind. Put him on big brother!