New Glass House Commercial Airs on ABC

Watch the NEW promo spot!

New Glass House Commercial Airs on ABC

Viewers of The Bachelorette on ABC caught another glimpse into the upcoming reality show, The Glass House, which has been compared to CBS’ Big Brother.

The 30-second spot highlights the fact that viewers will be in control of the show, something we already knew, but ABC is doing it’s best to convince us the show will be a juicy one.

“In the Glass House, You will see every move. You will know every secret. And you will control everything. The next hit reality series will be directed by you.”

We see sexy women through window blinds, (like the movie poster for 1984′s Body Double or something) . . . silhouettes – and boobs - bouncing around . . .  then comes the drama. Someone listening through a wall (wait, a minute, I thought it was a glass house, can’t everyone see you?), a couple embracing and kissing (until the women shoves the man off of her) and then the word “CHEATER” flashes across the screen.


Then there’s more people freaking out as though they are trapped with a psycho chimpanzee in the house . . . “FRIEND OR FOE” held up written on a napkin . . . some guy throwing a drink (Clay Aiken?!) and finally “TELL ME WHAT TO DO” on a piece of paper. Then smaaaasssshhh! The glass breaks and the clip ends. Kinda seemed more like a thriller/horror flick (or a really bad trip) than a reality show to me. But I’m intrigued.

Watch the clip and judge for yourself. I have to say, my interest is sure perked…

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  • Jun Song

    Oh gosh. I smell an epic fail. You can’t try to be BB and be so complicated at the same time! BB works because it’s the summer and we’re all lazy and enjoy sitting back and watching train wrecks. I don’t want to “direct” anything! I will still check it out, of course. :)

  • DaBa

    Based on the commercial alone, it’s hard to tell if this is a reality show or a new drama. I hate the idea of a viewer controlled competition anyway because only the airhead crowd pleasers will win instead of the true competitors (i.e. Big Brother 11 winner Jordan).

  • Kaytee Young ♥bbfan♥

    This is definitely a BB rip off, and if they show it the same time as BB if they don’t get sued, no BB fans will watch it cause they’ll be worried about BB. I smell an epic fail, I refuse to watch it.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Hopefully CBS just wins the lawsuit, but if they don’t, I can’t not give this show a try. The only date that matters though is July 12th, and that’s what I’m looking forward too!!!!!!

  • Michelle Jones

    I’ll probably give it a try…until July 12th that is!! Big Brother has become more than show and the feeds for me. It’s the community!!!

  • Moj

    Does anyone know who sings the song playing in the trailer? I like that cover of “Every Breath You Take”.

    • Brooklynb2152

      Oh my god!!! I’ve scoured the internet trying to find this cover!!! It’s AMAZING!!! If you find out, please post it on here & I’ll do the same if I find it!!! Thank you :)

      • Moj

        I will, I tried to SHAZAM it but the app did not know the song. Scoured the internet also. Hope one of us finds it. Beautiful version. It almost sounded like it was going to go into a bit of a dance beat in the next chorus.

        • JG

          I was wondering the same thing. That’s how I came across this page. She sounds familiar. At first I thought she was Kelly Clarkson but then decided it wasn’t her.

    • Brooklynb2152
  • Jordanmikesell66

    The song is sang by Rachael Cantu

    • Brooklynb2152

      OMG, Jordanmikesell66!!! You’re pretty much my hero!!!! Thank you :)